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Monday, December 31, 2012

The last day of 2012

Well today is the last day of 2012.   I will give a brief overview of what has been happening.   Started the new job, absolutely adore it but so busy I don't know where to start. My boss is great and understands the amount of work that I have to do, that makes life easier.
I am still fluffing around with my weight, the year has ended and I have made no progress.  Saying that I have been going to my weight loss coach with girlfriends and we are sorting out a lot of emotional stuff and the year has ended with me having a lot of new knowledge on nutrition.   Saying that, the thing is I know what to do, the right balance of foods and taking via my fitness pal has helped.   I just have to start the year by tracking and focusing on my food intake.  So tomorrow that is it.  I turn 50 at the end of August 2013 and want to at least be a bit further along.  I currently feel like a fat whale.
I was going away with M - for those who remember he is technically my "friends with benefits" that has lasted 16 years, it is more than that obviously.   We were going to Melbourne, it was a chance for me to decide what in the hell I am doing.  He doesnt want committment or a relationship but I do know he loves me -he has the issues and admits it.   We get a long great, but I am a doormat for putting up with it - just because we get along famously doesnt mean I have to give up my dream of a committed relationship.
My friend Jo who now lives in the USA came over during the Christmas break with her partner, he proposed on the spot they met and told me he had meet his "dream girl".   It got me thinking, after a chat to him at the international airport, it has got me thinking. 
M has rung and he is quite ill with some virus (foot and mouth) and has ulcers etc all over him, his dad is a retired GP and so he is quite contagious, the trip is cancelled until Easter - I am devastated as I thought it would be interesting to see how it would go being away with him.  I thought this trip would allow the universe to tell me what to do, I know what to do - I need to walk. 
So next year is nearly here, I am planning a night at home.  These are the things I wish to achieve:-
  •  Save more and be more disciplined with my finances
  • Track more regularly and try to lose 15 kilos in 2013
  • I know work will be stressful, so exercising 3 times a week to cope with that.
  • Put myself first.
I also want to blog daily, I find it theraputic.   This year has not been a bad one, i ended up with a job I love, M asked me away (a miracle in itself) and I find myself looking at 2013 and know that I can make it a good one, change the things I dont like and perhaps go online and find a man, one that is not committment phobic. 
So tonight I am staying home with the wonderdog, Mr Vincenzo Dally who is the love of my entire life - my father says I shouldnt talk to him all the time, but he is my little guy who happens to be a dog (although treated like a child).
So the year is ending, I am going to wake up tomorrow full of positivity, the year is what I make of it, I need to change some things - it is up to me to do it.  
I am hoping that the year is good for you too.
Love Martine xxx