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I am 49 and heading for 50. This is about me, the highs and lows and a lot of stuff re weight loss, so follow me and see wha I am up to !!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Where did the weekend go

Hopefully all the mothers that read this blog had a great Mother's Day. I did remind Vince the wonderdog that I was a mother, even if it is to a little dog that is as cute as a button. It is always a hard day as it reminds me that I won't experience motherhood, there are worse things. Maybe I had a mountain of children in a past life. All things WW going well. I have been meticulous in my tracking and food, if I have been out have got copies of the menu and all good, the scales this morning have gone down. I do find the weighing every few days beneficial, particularly when the week is either very good or very bad - it does inspire. Vince has a vet appointment tonight for his needles, I may or may not get to the gym but we will go for a walk. Made a wonderful spicy red lentil soup which is low in points and divine, today made a Vietnamese Chicken Salad with a lovely dressing of brown sugar, soy, lime and fish sauce. I do get bored easily with my food. So all going well, focused on what needs to be done, my heel is still horrendously sore, mainly when I am sitting down or lying down in bed and get up - hopefully the podiatrist can sort the matter out for me. Gym tomorrow night so will work on the rower, it was harder than I thought it would be. Have a good day. Martine

Saturday, May 8, 2010

There is always someone worse off than yourself !

Yesterday I bumped into a lady who had just lost her 46 year old husband, he died whilst riding his pushbike to get exercise, she works in a law firm like me. I went up to her and offered my condolences and noticed she was wearing his wedding ring on a chain around her neck - today is his birthday. We chatted for a while and I told her the lovely comments I had heard from people about her husband and how happily married they were. She said she just cries all the time, I can't stop thinking about her and how we all complain about the small things in life that aren't important and there are people in a worse situation. My grandmother is in a bad way, we are just waiting for the call, luckily for me when I saw her last (she lives in Broken Hill) we had the chat about death, but I am very upset and didnt turn to food when I wanted to. Work has been stressful and I am frantic so I am not happy about that, we have 2 large family law matters on. I have nibbled on the lollie jar on one of the solicitor's desk a bit. Now the back is sorted out and lo and behold and much to my absolute frustration I now have foot problems, the heel is causing me grief. It is either a heel spur or plantar fasciatis. I have an appt on 17/5/10 with a podiatrist so at the gym the treadmill is not happening. I can do 10 minutes on it but no more, so the positive out of all of this is now I am on the rower, don't like it and find it hard but am determined to build up to 15 minutes. Once the foot is right I intend to do 15 minutes on each Bike, X-Trainer, Treadmill and Rower, now the time is sorted out and keep building up the levels and intensity. I must admit to being a bit irritable by not being at the gym and as I have said numerous times before, the fact is, the gym keeps me focused and calm. So the 2 weeks off not going to the gym due to the back has been a good experience. I have at least got the iphone organised and the ipod downloaded with Hamish and Andy and Jillian Michaels, please post comments of any other good podcasts you know. I listen to a lot of music and so find at the gym prefer a podcast. Went to my WI on Friday, missed the previous week due to work committments. I chose to not weight, quite frankly I couldn't deal with a gain. Lucikly my leader Di (who has the patience of saint) understood. I noted on the WW website under meetings that this was noted on Di's meeting (Brighton on a Saturday morning plus she does WW at Myer Lifestyle).
Di who runs our meeting is one of our most motivating and influential Leaders who currently holds Diamond Leader status
So it is good to know I am in good hands. The plan this week is to just committ 100% with every spare opportunity to exercise, the more exercise I do the more calm and focused I am. Without the exercise I find that I am too obsessive with Weight Watchers and over analyise it all, with the gym, Weight Watchers is really secondary (of course I track, plan etc) but concentrate on getting my exercise in etc and the bonus points that go with it - doing this seems to work. I am determined by my birthday to make more progress than I have done previously and am determined to get off my ass and do it.
Today Vince the wonderdog and the absolute love of my life is at the groomers and being given the once over, wash, blowdry, nails done - it is impossible for him to look any better than he already is. Obviously, he is a surrogate child.
So today I woke up, I thought right, get down to it. Focus on what you want to achieve and put your heart and soul into it. Time to stop fluffing around.
Last weekend I caught up with Tania, Tina and Kazz, we went for a walk and down to Semaphore, Kazz has a heart rate monitor and so I am determined to investigate and find out a good one to buy, I think this is the next step in the weight loss journey.
Must go, the washing is about to finish and the house is a mess, I need to get in and clean plus cook some meals. Love to you all !! Martine xx