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Friday, October 23, 2009

I get a mention (name only) in the WW Mag

Hi everyone I have been a bit slack with the blogging, I normally do it during the day but have been busy at work and haven't got around to it at night. All okay with me, WI tonight at WW so have no idea how I will go, I think I might be in for a gain as I haven't tracked all well (naughty Martine !!) and have had a few too many jelly babies and lime sundaes from Donut King ! One of my facebook friends has mentioned that my name is mentioned in the WW Magazine this month for their blogging section, just a quote from me, but exciting. Popped into WW at lunchtime to have a look at the mag, mine is at home next to the bed awaiting to be read ! Di my new leader and I had a chat, I was honest when I said I hadn't tracked and my mind wasn't as focused as I was a bit rattled that my beloved leader Don resigned. She was great, she did say she was concerned as I obviously was inspired by Don. Saying that, I do like Di and know she has got quite a few people to goal and is great, luckily I am around the corner as well from the city WW meetings and their is a good leader there called Toni (who I have mentioned in my previous posts that has lost 73.4 kgs without loose skin). So I may incorporate both. I have a enlarged node on my neck, at present have had some tests and a biopsy, luckily it is just inflammed but the inflammation is coming from my chest and so x-rays and a CT Scan are in order, nothing too major - so that has been on my mind as well. Luckily, my anti-depressant medication has kicked in and I am feeling my normal happy self. My work situation is changing as at Monday and I am taking on another solicitor at work, so it will be interesting to see how it goes. Luckily, he is a great person and so hopefully we work together okay. I must admit, I am pretty much in a groove with WW - I am not thinking about it 24/7 but am in the routine of what I need to eat. Exercise is definitely an area where I need improvement, the weather in South Australia has been glorious, so there is no excuse. Will report in tomorrow on my WI.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday again

Well I am still in shock over my two great losses over the two weeks, namely 1.6 and 1 kg. Even more exciting is that TOM arrived on Sunday so my 1kg loss from Friday is even more exceptional. I don't think I have done anything too different, so I suppose my body is catching up. Went out to dinner and the movies on Saturday to see Julie and Julia with Meryl Streep. A wonderful movie particularly if you are a Meryl fan or a foodie. I might start reviewing different foods and recipes and food books but trying to think of a good name for a blog for it. Sunday worked like the devil and note the energy levels were much increased. My car is in the crash repairers this week so will be walked lots of places, so hopefully that makes a difference on Friday when I WI. On Saturday had an hair appointment, those who know me, know I take great pride in my appearance and so had my 6 weekly appointment. Went to Autograph to use my birthday voucher and get a pair of jeans, have dropped 1 size already and wore my outfit out on Saturday arvo and felt quite good, finding a pair of jeans with the right leg is horrendous, I try to buy bootleg for my shape, my legs are okay but my tummy is large and so brought a light blue pair and a floaty blue top. A friend who hadn't seen me for a while, did notice the weight loss which was great. She is short and 65 kgs and wants to lose 10 kgs, I fail to see why people use those shakes when you can eat the 5 food groups plus treats on WW and still lose - there is no quick fix, it takes work. I went over my points as I planned for 1 glass of wine but ended up with 2 but saying that, it is all pointed in the tracker etc. So, again this week I am focusing hard not to have a gain, considering my two good losses, it has given me the confidence I needed, my only concern is that Don my ex leader hasn't seen these, but I think I might get my friend Tania to mention to his wife who is her leader that I am doing well and missing him.

Friday, October 9, 2009

I am devastated my leader has resigned !

Well this weeks has had its ups and downs. Last week I lost 1.6 kgs and so was aware that it was a large amount and I had to be careful this week. To be honest I would have been happy with a 200 gram loss, got on the scales and another kilo loss. I think my hard work is paying off. So this is a good thing and inspired me to focus on the week ahead. On a sadder note, my beloved leader Don has resigned in mysterious circumstances, no doubt something has got up his nose with WW but can't find out what happened, it is sad when excellent leaders who inspire, encourage and support you are no longer with the organisation, I think WW are a big company and of course they are out to make money, the thing is, with leaders like Don - he actually encourages new members. So then I was in a predicament of who to go to, as you know I go to the WW lifestyle centre at Myer, there are two youngish girls there - who are fabulous but I find I wouldn't want them as my leader, luckily Di and old leader of mine is there and she is fabulous, so I am happy with that. Hopefully she stays on board. Although I am going to write a letter to WW re leaders and their importance and how absolutely devastated I am that Don has left. My anti-depressants are kicking in and I am feeleing happier and thinner. I can start to notice in my face and an old pair of jeans I have are so big now (although they were biggish when I brought them) are no longer wearable, also went to Autograph to buy this skirt I eyed and my normal size was too big - so this is all inspiring me to keep up the good work.

Friday, October 2, 2009

A good and unexpected result

I went to my weigh in on Friday at 11am instead of my normal 5.20pm and was unsure how I would go, as you know I now no longer weigh in the scales at home and use my food and exercise as a quide - I thought I could have gained and low and behold a loss of 1.6 kg came up. I know part of that is the difference in the time I weigh but even so !
So the 1.6 loss has given me back my focus and I am so determined this week to have another loss. We all know that after a big loss the following week sometimes has a gain, I am determined not to let this happen to me.
I am hoping within the next week my anti-depressants will kick in and I will be feeling somewhat better, although I am a bit better I still want to sleep all day !
I am back to work on Tuesday and although there are some changes I am not happy about I am going to embrace them and focus on just doing my job. With Daylight saving starting in South Australia it is going to be ideal for me to get that walking into my routine.
Not much else to report, I had a different leader weigh me on Friday as Don my leader was at dragon boat racing and I have had her previously as a leader when I went to WW. Di (the leader) is fabulous and gave me some ideas about exercise as she advised me I was a bit like her - all or nothing and that when I plan my menus I should plan my exercise as well. So I am going to do that.
I think I really needed this good loss as it has given me the confidence and focus I needed.