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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Weigh In results

I went to my WW meeting last night, cast of thousands attending and I cannot wait until my leader is back from leave. I will be changing to a Tuesday meeting and still having the same leader. Lost 0.5 which I think is reasonable but realised that I had ate about a container of peanut butter this week so 0.5 loss is good. I dont normally buy it and now know why. TTOM is due as well so considering everything 0.5 loss is probably quite good. I just love the beginning of a new week. A fresh start. Walked with Libby this morning, I dont enjoy it but I think the enjoyment factor will come in time and with weight loss. After all, carrying 45 kilos around on your back isnt fun. My Minestrone soup I have made for work this week has been great and filling and enjoyable. I worked out my menus (roughly) for the week and cooking meals for the freezer. I am hoping for a 1+ kilo weight loss this week - I will need to do some more exercise to ensure this happens. Anyway, this road I travel with WW is probably going to take a while, I am currently focusing on 1 day at a time and ensuring that the day's food is within my daily limits - when I do this I am much happier. Didnt sleep hardly at all last night - THIS INSOMNIA DRIVES ME CRAZY. I am really hoping that when I get to goal weight that my sleep habits improve. Anyway everyone, have a good week.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I am fairly pleased

Hi everyone. The weekend was so so but I am pleased to say my food intake was a lot better than it has been and when I weighed in this morning the scales had dropped which is good. I have also been staying in the office most days having my lunch and find I am not tempted so much and can concentrate on the food and I am more satisfied. I am heading out to Big W to find a waterproof jacket for my morning walks, Libby walks rain, hail or snow but I don't have a jacket so will invest in one. Anyway, the exercise needs to be increased as far as my intensity and I am hoping that exercise becomes my friend - at present I doubt. I have also, in conjunction with my online tracker, printed off and organised my food for the week and there should be no thinking just doing. I also may during lunch, when I have finished, put on the trainers and go for a quick walk. Anyway, hopefully I get some good results on Wed WI. I am thinking of swapping my meetings to Tuesday night at Glenelg as I find that Wed gets busy and i walk that evening with a friend of mine, Doreen my leader does that meeting and I may do t hat in the next few weeks.

Friday, April 24, 2009

I even walked in the rain !!!

Hi everyone. Well Day 2 of being back in the groove. So far so good. I have really good and have ate all my points. I again walked with Libby this morning - even though Adelaide is raining and it was sprinkling - I did it. Actually it was nice. I have a sore back at present so it is a bit uncomfortable so a trip to the physio might be in order, even so I did it. I am trying just to focus on each day and so far it doesnt take long to get back into the groove of things. I am going to the market after work tonight and to do my grocery shopping - I have listed my food menus for the next two weeks to coincide with my pays so I am hoping that I will have enough of everything and may only need to go to the shops for more vegies. Anyway, weigh in day I am hoping for a good result. Really, weight loss is about the power of the mind. Do I want to be a goddess? It is easy - Yes or No. The answer lies there.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The results are in. Hold onto your seats

Well everyone. I went to WW last night after a bit of a gap. I have gained 2.1. This is expected and I am not upset because I know I was bad, I am only upset when I have put a lot of work into the week and didnt score the results. Anyway, it does make you realise a few things. Mainly, that this is a lifestyle change and I need to get my head into that space. I can have treats every now and again but I have to get my head around that feeling that I am depriving myself. I woke this morning, went for my walk and came home and sat and had breakfast and made my lunch. I have had a good day but do need to drink more water. I have probably ate most of my points except 1.5 (plus exercise which I dont count) and have tried to eat something between meals to get the metabolism in gear. I am hoping with hard work and perserverance that this week I can see a good weight loss. I know I have it in me if I work hard enough. I may even get up early on Saturday and go for a walk. Anyway everyone, I am pasting onto this post a link (www.mcdonalds.com.au/McCafe_Nutritional.pdf) to McDonalds McCafe Menu with nutritional details. I for one tend to go there for a coffee a bit - there is one down the road from where I live and it is handy to know the points, I don't tend to eat the burgers - not that I dont love them but the eating fast food in public is a bit embarrasing when your large.
I know that I need to pull up my socks, work hard and focus on the goals I want to achieve, I need to start getting serious and saying no to certain foods, even when I feel like saying yes.

I do need to get back to basics, I have tracked and organised my menu for the next week with my social functions included. I am going out to Indian on the weekend and have planned what I am eating in advance - no wine that night unfortunately.

Anyway, this is all a learning experience and I am now going to try really hard for a fabulous weight loss this week. I know I wont lose the 2.1 I gained but if I can lose over a 1kg I will be happy.

Take care.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am totally off track !! Confession time

Hi everyone, I know it has been a while. I don't know what has happened but I have been off the rails. I have had a few health issues and the latest being a cold which is still going on together with reducing my anti-depressant medication I seem to have just lost the plot and my emotions have been all over the place and have been doing the "woe is me" routine. I have been eating anything and everything lately, the more I eat the more I get depressed, the more I eat etc etc. I am back on the medication and going to my WW meeting tonight to get back on track. I am pleased to report that other than last week when my car was at the crash repairers I am still walking in the morning and that has helped me get up earlier on the weekends. On Saturday I was up at 7.30am - a minor miracle and started to get into some jobs. I have been an all or nothing girl. Either I am 100% good or I am 100% bad and then binge eating occurs. I have chatted to my darling friend Tania the other day and we have sorted some stuff out- I find that talking with friends a big help. Anyway, what is done is done and I need to just focus on the future. In the near future an old flame from Darwin is coming down - I always think of him so I am now inspired to really shed some weight for me - so that I can feel mentally positive. So today is the last day of me being bad. Funnily enough, I never intend to stop going to WW. I haven't been to my meetings for a while as my leader has been away or I have had stuff on so I must admit my lack of motivation is not helped by not attending meetings. I know I have gained probably 2-3 kgs but what is done is done. I am now walking to and from the tram stop in addition to my walk and where possible a quick walk at lunchtime. I know I need to keep increasing my exercise so that is something I need to work on. Why is it that when things get a little tough then the first thing we do is turn to food !!! I must admit I feel shocking. I am tired, bloated and self conscious, so I know getting back into the WW groove is a must. I know WW works and I just need to plan and focus on what I am trying to achieve. As must as I hate the whole concept of the biggest loser, I have of late been getting inspiration from the before and after photos and recently when they looked at their initial videos. An overweight person is a sad person. I know that mentally and physically I would be a happier person with 50 kgs off. NOW THERE IS NO EXCUSE. I need to focus on what I want to achieve. The choice is mine to be vibrant, healthy and happy or sad, fat and miserable. I whinge that men don't look at me. For what ever reason, this is how I feel. I know that weight is an issue, although we all can say that alot of men like a women with a few curves and quite a few of my friends have married lovely men and they have curves like me - but somehow I just dont attract them. Is it because I am not happy with myself - I think so. Therefore I need to be happy being Martine Marie Dally - owner of a wonderful dog, daughter, aunty, neice, legal secretary and this will and can happen with weight loss. I know I am more than a body and my weight doesnt define me as a person but I think society does. Therefore 50 kgs need to come off and I need to start focusing on the task ahead, being responsible for my own actions and being a master of my own destiny.

Friday, April 3, 2009

After all we are masters of our own destiny!

I feel really happy today - it seems to me that the discipline of WW makes me feel in control of everything else. Well everyone in blogger land. Day 3 without sugar in my coffee and I am doing reasonably well. Went to my weigh in on Wednesday and gained 1.2 which I am surprised by the large amount but have missed meals and not planned and find that personally missing meals is just as bad as a binge. BUT I am glad I gained - well not really but as I always say a gain makes you consider your overall food, exercise and water intake - for me I just consider and evaluate that I need to be a bit more organised. Got on the scales last night and had dropped significantly so I do think maybe a bit of fluid retention is happening and that TOM is due but that is no excuse - I just havent been as good as I could. After all I am the one in control of the driver's seat. I really am floored but how relatively easy it has been to go without sugar in my coffee after 45 years of it and I think overall this is a good thing - I do like a challenge. Tonight off for Thai at Glenelg with a friend so have planned for a couple of wines and my meal. Tomorrow Michael is over for dinner but am making my magnificent WW recipe of Bacon and Tomato Risotto so that will be easy to point and wont drink. Easter is fast approaching- I am not using this as an excuse to eat. I am lucky that Hot Cross Bun's just dont rock my world (thank god) and no one will be giving me chocolate so hopefully my only challenge is that I may be out and about and the wine intake but I am going to carefully point my food, if I have enough points for a drink - great, if not, then I can stick of mineral water quite happily. I AM DETERMINED and am visualising my weight loss next week. I know I can do 1.5 easily if I stick to it. If I lose any weight at all I will celebrate but I can lose what I gained and a little more I will be happy. The new WW site tracker is great and there are places for measurements. I am going to on the weekend take my measurements and check my progress. Anyway my lovelies.............I am embracing WW and the challenges it holds. After all the weight gain was a gradual thing and I am sure my fat is quite attached to my body but as I have said before this is not a race, it is a life changing way of life and I am not only conquering my love of food but the mental challenge of getting my head into gear which I am fast realising is coming along quite well. Anyway, please feel free to post a comment - it is nice to know that some people are interested in what I write .

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I am so tired !!!

Well I am starting this blog off with a whinge. My feet are so sore. I inherited bad feet from my mother's side of the family. Lucky for her it skipped her and has come to me. I had a shoe party last night at the office and was on my feet for about 5 hours and as a consequence could barely walk to the car last night. I am hoping once I get to goal weight that the pain I suffer in my feet will be relieved somewhat. Although I was tired and exhausted I got up and walked with Libby today. Having an exercise buddy is really fabulous. You have to walk as you are meeting someone. So I am pleased with how that is going and considering my feet were burning this morning I still did it. Tonight is weigh in at Weight Watchers and I am not sure how I am going to go. I know I could be better and really as Libby and I discussed this morning it comes down to being organised. I know I need to have a few meals in the freezer that I need to just reheat. So that is my plan this weekend. Tonight I am going to the Madness Concert with my good mate Kath. I will be going back to the 70's and 80's when I was a groover and dancing in my seat. Hopefully between now and then I get some energy back. Sugar ...........my next best friend. I went to the dentist yesterday and have had major problems with my teeth of late. I had stopped a while ago having artificial sweeteners in my coffee as I believe that the equal tablets I was having somehow correlate with my insomnia. I was having probably 3 coffees a day with 2 tsp sugar and we found that as I sip my coffee during the day instead of having it fairly quickly then the problem was the sipping the coffee with sugar. My dentist says having sugar in coffee is fine as long as you dont drink it slowly over a longer period of time. Anyway, it was just what I needed to hear as I have gone cold turkey with the sugar/sweetener in my coffee and pleased to say it isnt too bad. I am now somehow this morning refocused on my task ahead. My birthday (29/8/09) is probably something that I can use as a long term goal and want to try and lose another 6 kgs (easily done I think) by that time. I refuse to set too unrealistic goals. Anyway my lovelies........have a good day. Wish me luck for my weigh in.