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Monday, March 30, 2009

I have been slack and not organised

Hi everyone, I have been slack with the blogging - smack on the wrist for me.!!! Had a personal health issues a few weeks ago which have sorted itself out. and that had me off the rails abit with my WW journey. Now an update on what is happening. Didn't weigh in last week as I had a meeting after work. I think I might outline how I am going in topics. Food -well the food is probably 70% okay. I find that I am not organised at present. Mornings are hard as I walk and then come home and have a cat nap before work and then I am running late. I need to sort that out and/or take cereal to work and have it when I arrive. I am going to cook a few meals tonight and freeze them as I find that some nights it is just too rushed and I am not eating as well as I should, if I have food in the freezer that just needs to be reheated I shouldnt go off the tracks. Exercise - I am still walking with Libby in the mornings for 45 minutes and I walk for 70 minutes one night a week with Gill, normally Wednesday after WW. So I am pleased with how this is going. I have decided I just dont have time for anymore exercise at this point in time. Latter in the year I may join a gym. I have heard a rumour that a gym is opening where the new Woolworths supermarket is being built at Glenelg which is near where I catch the tram to work - so that is apparently happening in September 2009 and I may wait until then and perhaps get a special deal. No doubt it probably will be a fitness first. I find that exercising with a friend is not only social but a good way to exercise. My overall attitude is reasonably good I suppose, the last few days I have felt a bit out of sorts but I am sure that is because I have been slack with the tracking and not being rigid enough with my food - reasonably good is not enough - I need to be good all the time and when I am not as good as I should be those negative thoughts come in. I saw a photo the other day - and it was a SHOCKER and made me realise that carrying 46 extra kilos is just not good enough. Alright I could be better, I could have better weight losses but I am not prepared to give up. I love my meetings and leader and am prepared to go the distance I think I just need a bit more planning in the next few weeks and a good weight loss to just keep me going. Easter is fast approaching but I am not worried. I will try and make some really great meals that I am going to throughly enjoy and that way the meals will be the treats. I am not into Hot Cross Buns so that isnt a problem and shouldnt be given any chocolate unless it comes from work so I should be right. Whilst writing this blog, it occurred to me that I just need to do the following:
  1. Go back to basics
  2. Track
  3. Water consumption
  4. Right mental attitude
  5. Walking (perfect at present).
The right mental attitude is the key to this whole weight loss journey. Tina in her blog is a classic example of this and her results speak for themselves. So I am going home tonight, to plan and organise my food. Hopefully, probably at the weigh in after next the results will speak for themselves. My WW buddy Karen isnt going to WW anymore but I am settled in my meeting and want to prove to myself that I can do this. I am sad that she isnt going but she has stuff she needs to organise before she can even attempt WW. Enough of me. I will post my food intake for the day on tomorrow's blog. I love any comments you may have, as they help and inspire me. I am going tonight review Tina's blog - I love that girl in that she is really in the zone and can understand her attitude. The journey is full of ups and downs but one that I can do.

Friday, March 20, 2009

An update

Here are a few pictures of my beloved niece Jess Scarlett and Oliver. Being an Aunty is just fabulous and the next best thing to being a mother. I have been very slack indeed with the blogging. Went to WW on Wednesday and stayed the same which was a relief. I had a bit of a bad week with something that was worrying me, which is now okay but the emotional eating happened. I havent been great the last few days either so I have had a stern talking to myself and fully intend to get myself into gear this week. I am still walking with Libby (even if I am tired) and am pleased to say that this is now a routine. I can start to feel my clothes getting a lot looser and fully intend to see this journey out for the duration. My leader confirmed she is now our permanent leader and as she works full time she may need to go away every now and again for business and will try and get our old leader back to fill in. She gave us her email address which I think is pretty good and amazing as I have never heard that before. It was interesting at our meeting in that she said that alot of people stop in Winter and the ones that keep going are in it for the long haul and usually get to goal. I left a little earlier as I walked 80 minutes with Gill to clear out the cobwebs. Have been reading a few blogs and everyone seems a little out of sorts - this journey is so full of highs and lows it is unbelievable but you just have to stay with it and ride out the storm. I am trying to keep up my water intake which has been shocking of late. I am so tired at present so this weekend is about me, my diet and just re-grouping.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Ooops I slept in

Hi everyone in bloggerland. Well it has been an interesting 24 hours. Last night I got to my car in the car park at work and found out that someone had hit it, luckily for me that someone (Rocky - gee I wonder if he is single !!) was honest enough to leave his details and an apologetic note. I normally take the tram to work but needed to visit the library and get my glasses repaired so it was easier to drive. Luckily for me the guy was very nice when I rang him but it just annoyed me and I am not so angry at him but just the situation. At least he was full of praise of me in that I didnt rant and go on. I always believe it is better to be nice and polite than rude. Anyway the car is being repaired. I couldnt sleep last night - WHAT IS NEW !!! So at 1-3am I am awake and planning my food for today's meal at Danny's Thai Bistro at the Parade and fluffed around all night. The alarm went off this morning and I can remember thinking about what exercise stuff I would wear - ie winter or summer and next thing you know it is 7am and I am an hour late. or more to the point slept through my walk. So I didnt walk this morning which really really annoyed me, as I all I can think of is that 3.5 points I could have earned. What did I say..........can I believe that in my head I have finally worked out exercise = points. So I am saying this now that I am going to make up for that walk by walking tomorrow sometime. My Sunday walking buddy cannot walk but I am still going to walk. Well must dash but will report in later.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gold star for Martine !!!

By golly gee, you can just never tell how you are going to go on those scales. Went home after work last night and changed and weighed myself and thought realistically I may lose 300 grams and I would be happy with that, considering the Schnitzel episode on Saturday and TOM due. I get on those scales at WW and pray to the goddess that controls those scales and golly gee I lost 800 grams and I couldn't be happier. It isn't really the amount but when you put effort into the week (even with a slip up or two) you feel like you should be rewarded for embracing all things WW and walking at 6am which is you will note I have put in bold because I am proud of myself for doing that. I am happy to say that all things leader wise are going great guns, I seem to be in a good spot with her and I need to have a good relationship with her, basically because it is 18 to 24 month road ahead to get to goal. On the Weight Watchers site there is a link to me (http://www.weightwatchers.com.au/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=42871) which goes on about blogs. That is a huge thing for me to have that out there. I went on the Wok In A Box site and nearly had a seizure when I realised the amount of kilojoules in my PUD THAI (which you will note they insist on calling it Pud Thai instead of the proper term of Pad Thai). Anyway, wont be having them too regularly - 11 points for a small serve - honestly that is madness. Well, this week I dont have alot on socially but have dinner and movies tomorrow night, luckily my friend Gill is very careful what she eats, that is why she is a size 10-12, so we are going to Thai which is good as I enjoy that and a couple of glasses of Savingnon Blanc to finish it off. No choc tops at the movie for this girl. Last night's meeting was on the subject of being hungry, my walking partner and I often discuss the need to eat enough food as if you don't the scales somehow don't like it and I did query my concern that I didn't eat morning or afternoon tea purely as I am not hungry and don't want to eat if I don't have to as I would rather eat when I am hungry. My leader wasnt too fussed with that and I suppose as long as I am eating all my points etc then that is fine. I am tonight going to sit down and plan my meals for the fortnight, i find with my fortnightly pay that doing a shop fortnightly does save a huge amount of money. Hopefully I might try a few new recipes. Must dash. Stay happy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You could have knocked me over with a feather

Well everyone, today is weigh in day and my period arrived yesterday so I am hoping for a loss, no matter how small and will just have to be patient and wait till 6pm tonight. Yesterday a minor miracle happened to me. I got up as normal to walk with Libby at 6am and feel saint like for even doing this considering my insomnia but walked again for 75 minutes at the end of the day with a friend and it was not because I had to, but because I wanted to. YAY for me. I have found the last few days that my energy levels have slightly increased, the more I investigate the link between weight loss/food consumed and exercise I believe the more exercise you do the more energy you have. Well everyone - I am hoping for a loss and would be delighted with 100grams purely because if I can lose at this time in my cycle then that is a great thing to happen. Usually on Wednesday night I use my points for a treat like food and have done that since I started WW. It can be anything but I allocate it with my points. Today, I looked up the points value for Wok In A Box and although slightly higher, I do enjoy it and have a 2 for 1 voucher so will get a serve of noodles and freeze one portion and treating myself each Wednesday seems to work for me. Anyway, will post a quick blog post tonight to confirm my WW results. Have a good day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gotta love those weekends

The weekend has come and gone. I had such big plans but didn't get too much done. A couple of dinners, one which was bad - I ordered a schnitzel as I hadn't had one for about 1 year and felt like one and must admit I did enjoy it. My period is due tomorrow so I am not expecting any great losses with my weight, if I stay the same I will be happy as long as I dont gain. I ate far too much carbs and skipped a few meals and I find the skipping meals as bad as falling off the food wagon. My water intake needs to be improved and I am trying to drink with meals and have planned water intake, for example with my three meals a day a couple of large glasses. Got up and walked with Libby this morning. I am really proud of myself considering I don't sleep well at all, it is a huge thing for me to be up and out the door at 6am. I must admit that I enjoy the walk and don't find it bad at all, it is good as the exercise is done for today. BUT saying that I am walking with a friend tonight just because I feel like it. I must admit that watching the biggest loser last night with the weight the contestants lost, especially my favourite Amanda losing 27kgs, trying to carry that around is hard and no wonder you have no energy. I am starting to realise that my chronic tiredness has to do with my weight and that with weight loss will come energy. Overall, I am really happy with how I am going, I am trying not to put too much pressure on myself and am happy that I am just consistently losing - for me it doesnt matter how much, just that I do lose. I feel that at the moment it is quiet easy, of course weekends are hard and I really need to plan for those. This week is pretty quiet and I want to just have a really good basic week. Tania in her blog was commenting on her sugar points. I am lucky I hardly have any as I find that anything slightly sugary just makes me crave sugar more, I keep my points for wine on the weekend and the occasional ice-cream, at the moment I am not missing chocolate that much. When I do crave chocolate I go to the McDonalds down the road from me and get a take away coffee and that satisfies me. The other day I walked down and walked back. I am giving myself time. I am running my own race and am lucky that I have a supportive leader who I have now bonded with and good WW buddies like Karen and Tania plus everyone in bloggerland. One of the things I have learnt from my leader is to gradually increase your exercise, at the moment I am happy with just walking. I will ultimately increase my speed and duration and them maybe towards the latter part of the year I might do some other activity. Anyway, I can feel my work pants getting loser, around the legs and my bum particularly. Of course, these aren't my bad body parts but I am sure my arms and stomach with show losses later on. Anyway, I am sure that this little WW adventure will be a long one, at present I am coasting along well. Alright my losses are a little under average but I am sure that in time and with motivation and visualising myself as a goddess that my weight loss will increase. I just have to think baby steps. Will report in tomorrow on my weight in.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Cant wait for the long weekend

Well, I havent posted all week. Have been walking with Libby every morning, that is going well and I am pleased to have a walking partner. We walk Monday to Friday and Sunday I walk with my WW Buddy Karen. Saturday I have a day of rest but funnily I still may go for a walk. I am tired in the evenings and I suppose it will take me a while for my body to adjust to getting up earlier, and with the insomnia, I am struggling but when I walk I think of the calories burned and proud of myself and it does feel good to get up early as it is done for the day. Went to WW on Wednesday and stayed the same, considering I had a big week as far as eating out goes I am pleased with that. Initially, I was a bit miffed but realised that at least I can eat out a few times a week and have that piece of cake and not put on. Our meeting was great and we just talked as a group as my leader didnt have her meeting information, one of the things raised was that it wasnt a race, just keep going and the importance of getting to goal and that your doctor can now certify your goal weight and Lifetime member ship is important. She also mentioned to be happy with any loss and don't let the scales dictate how you go. I suppose I feel in a good space, I am happy with my progress and realistically realise this will take a while and as much as we all like to lose 1kg a week this is not realistic. So I just focus on each day with tracking, ensuring I drink my water, exercising and adding variety to my diet and I don't feel it is a struggle at all. I think in order to achieve the goals you want, you have to embrace the WW journey. I at least now think about what I eat and even if I do eat that Mars Bar when I am stressed (like yesterday at work) I point it. I realise that when I get a bit emotional and am worried about work or my family I want to eat, I at least am aware of it and try to talk myself through it. Normally I would go and have a Wendy's 99.9% frozen yoghurt without topping and that satisfies me. With work yesterday, I adore my job, I just try to be perfect which of course is not possible. I made a few errors and the first thing i thought of was food - I was aware what I was doing and still had my salad and turkey sandwhich but did have a chocolate bar which was pointed. The difference is that I stopped at 1 chocolate bar and didnt on the way home stop via Coles and get a 2ltr tub of ice-cream. So that is progress for me. I really want to just run my own race, this weekend I plan a relatively quiet weekend and hopefully a walk along the beach with the world's best dog. Must dash. I am finding that I am enjoying my leader Doreen and as she does a meeting at Glenelg if I cant make Wednesday's meeting then I can go Tuesday.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Where did that weekend go

Well the weekend has been and gone unfortunately. Here is an update. Friday was my night out with Gill to Jolley's boathouse. It was a delightful meal, a tad expensive but worth the money. Had a rack of lamb with polenta and a beetroot salad, a small dinner roll - no butter, dessert was decadent and half a bottle of wine. I had a light day as far as food went on the Friday and had saved up some point - PLUS I was up at 6am for my 45 minute walk. Saturday I had my nail appointment and came home to do the housework. I must admit to noticing this weekend that I had more energy. I wonder if that was the exercise but I must admit I was tired at the end of the day. Didnt do much. Sunday I had a 21st to go to of my best friend's daughter. So I was up making my infamous layered dip which I am going to point out at some point. It is basically a layer of cream cheese and then avocado but then the top is parsley and coriander mix with sweet chilli sauce and overall I dont think too high. Joanne had a barbeque which was quiet good and salads, I was naughty in that I missed breakfast but did have dessert which I really didnt enjoy as I was too full and missed my evening meal. I know missing meals isnt good at all. Today I was up at 6am for my walk with Libby. It was hard this morning but as I am meeting someone it is great that you have to get up. I am tired when I get back but that will change. I do have an embarrassing problem in that halfway back from my walk I have to go to the toilet (no 2's) and so it is difficult to hold on. I try to go before I walk but somehow the walk gets things going. Now that I am in the routine of it I am sure that it will get easier and I am encouraged to walk at other times. I thought I might walk down to this cafe which is 20 minutes from my place in Maxwell Street near the tramlines on Saturday, have a coffee and walk back. Anyway, have no idea how my weight is going but will have to wait until Wednesday. I realistically dont think the walking is going to do that much but we will see.