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Thursday, February 25, 2010

This week has been tough !

What a week, I can't wait for 5pm Friday. As you are aware Dad is down painting and removing my old kitchen. The house is a war zone and covered in drop cloths, dust and contents of cupboards everywhere. There has been some delays in the painting so the kitchen/dining and hallway are getting done and the other rooms on an adhoc basis when Dad comes down from Broken Hill. Next trip 24/4/10 where he will do the lounge room. I am impatient to get the entire house done and so can't be despondent that it won't all be achieved. We have eaten out most of the week as I have no kitchen and Dad eats differently to me. Last night was fasta pasta and I didnt make a good choice and with TOM due soon (my emotions are everywhere at present) I am not sure if I am going to secure a loss this week or not. So Tuesday back into the groove of things as Dad is staying till then and I can get back to the gym and my food program. One thing I have noticed is that because I have missed attending the gym this week and part of last week I don't feel as in control emotionally. I had been reading another blog of a successful slimmer that has lost 45 kilos out of the 90 that she has to lose, she was saying she wants to go 5-6 times a week as it just helps her keep on track and not over analyse things. Mothers - I adore mine but sometimes she is tactless. I am undergoing tests for a lung condition I have and had an ECG yesterday and a lung function test on Monday with my specialist appointment on Monday at 4.30pm where I get the results of the huge amount of tests I have and how we proceed in treating the problem. Dad is staying down for that appointment and as I was discussing this with mum she says "the doctor may say something about your weight". Honest to god, I was furious. Everything in my life that goes wrong this women puts down to my weight. Of course we all know we are overweight but as a size 18-20 women I take great great pride in my appearance and am always dressed well and with what is in fashion together with classic pieces, my hair is always styled and my nails and makeup always done plus there is a lot more to me than a body. We are more than bodies. I am trying to reinforce this to my niece as well. I know I am overweight, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to work that out but my friends don't see me as overweight- just Martine. Anyway, no bloody idea how I am going tomorrow, I always gain but we will have to wait and see. Overall I will be just so delighted to have a new kitchen newly painted by the best man in the world (other than the wonderdog Vince) my Dad Dennis and next week back into my routine again, what bliss. Oh by the way I need to say this. God was a man - why is it that us women suffer from PMS and periods, if a male went through this you would never hear the end of it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Where did that weekend go

Well the weekend has been and gone. Eating was difficult, the kitchen is in various stages of demolition and dust everywhere. Had a pasty on Saturday for lunch and it was bloody bliss, I have never enjoyed something so much. Yesterday I had Master A's 10th birthday so this Aunty headed up to Mt Osmond for Pizza and birthday cake, I at least turned down wine. The plan this week is to drink lots of water, try and be as organised as I can with food and not stress out. My beautiful father is painting and removing tiles so it has been nice to have one on one with him, Mum missing him so there has been numerous telephone calls to home. Dad this morning was talking to Vince the wonderdog, and said to him "Vince, come outside with Pop" - I don't have kids so he treated him like a kind of grand-dog. So the count down is on till Friday when the kitchen goes in, everything will need to be washed thorough and put back into the cupboards on Friday night. Then hopefully do a spring clean and then get back to my normal routine. Not much else to report, eating wasn't great on the weekend and I need to be really focused this week so that I don't gain considering TTOM is due soon. Be good girls and boys and speak later on. Martinexxx

Friday, February 19, 2010

Another 600 grams down - Bravo for consistency !!

Well today is weigh in day. As my home scales are not used, I try to base how I am going by the following;
  1. My food intake (via tracker)
  2. My water intake
  3. My exercise intake
  4. The amount of sugar foods/processed foods I eat
  5. The rolls on my stomach (better than any tape measure)

Due to the fact that so much is happening in my life, not just with me but my parents and the new kitchen going in this week saw not as much exercise and probably a few days where I didn't eat enough or there was too long a time frame between eating. Normally I get on the scales and have no idea. Today another 600 grams went down. This year has seen huge changes in my weight loss journey. The firm hand of my leader at Christmas was a turning point, after spending 4 months mourning the loss of my other leader Don (who resigned) I struggled and used this as an excuse, Di who I know from one of my previous WW journeys was firm and strong. Basically she told me to focus.

This year has seen consistent losses, except the TTOM gain of 2.2 which I still don't understand One of my goals this year was consistent losses, they mentally give me confidence. I think the gym has been absolutely vital to the losses this year. I now realise that the walking wasnt enough, I have heard this before but now I am at the gym and working hard I realise I never sweated whilst walking. I go to the gym for the stress relief, it is a bonus it actually aids in weight loss.

Next WI sees TTOM due again, the plan this month is that for this next week to eat whole foods, try not to have any processed food - even Ham and drink lots of water. It may take a few months to work out how I can get through this time of the month without a gain. I am determined next week to have a 100gram loss and then I can officially get my Lorna Jane gym bag.

I go to WW at the Myer Centre (their lifestyle centres) as I have said numerous times before it allows me to talk about my issues, this week it was about TTOM and how I can now see the gym is helping. We also talked about how for me (I am fairly social) the gym is a friendly place where I know people and can say hello. Doing the bodyjam class (still am in shock I have done them) has allowed me not to be so scared of other classes. I want to try RPM as apparently it is great for burning those calories and I don't need to be co-ordinated. I still plan to do Bodyjam classes.

In March the gym is re-organising a new classes timetable, my friend and I are going to try and co-ordinate a class together - now that I am the brave one and not so terrified (well only a bit).

Today at my WI we also talked about how some weeks (like last and next) that time is not always available to go to the gym. My leader Di and fellow leader Lachlan (that is another story in itself) told me not to beat myself up if I can't get there, sometimes this happens and just to try and concentrate on the incidental exercise.

WW have a new pedometer, it is a motion pedometer and apparently is fabulous. It does the following:-.

recording accuracy - steps recorded during any exercise are more acurate. 3 intensity levels mode. Quite step detection - the digital technology discreetly tracks your steps taken. Step filter - the pedometer will only count steps after 5 continuous steps are taken. Motivational software - the pedometer counts down the steps and time required until you reach your next POINTS® bonus

So the plan is this week that even if I don't get to the gym that I try and focus on the incidental exercise. Once the Lorna Jane Bag challenge (hopefully next week) is achieved then I will focus on setting myself 10,000 steps at least 3 times a week to start off with.

Well, so overall I am pleased that the losses are consistent, it gives you confidence that what you are doing is right. The gym has allowed me not to concentrate on Weight Watchers or my food so intently and the fact I concentrate on the gym gives my life a better balance.

Lachlan the other leader told me today he lost 35kgs, he is a young spunk and pretty knowledgeable about fitness, so he will see me in 3 weeks time for my Weigh in when Di goes on leave. Anyway darling people, must go and get some sleep, Vince the wonderdog needs to be at the grooming salon at 8am.

Martine xx

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making myself the most important person

I was reading Bitch Cake's blog (http://msbitchcakes.blogspot.com) and some of her previous posts. On post in particular made reference to making yourself the most important person. It got me thinking, if I can't make myself No 1 who will? I need to do whatever I can to achieve this, I think doing what is right for me and not everyone else is a start. This week if making my life a bit easier by missing the gym a few nights in the next week -the world will not fall apart, at the moment having home organised is much more important, the reason for this is that if I don't do this my insomnia is worse than ever, my mind never switches off. The joys of being Virgo and last night I am sending off emails at 4am - still trying to get some quality sleep. Therefore, today I am exhausted. The food this week has been okay, if anything probably not having the 5 food groups enough but persevering till the kitchen goes in next Friday and my life becomes normal again. WI tomorrow, so see how we go. The joys of being on Weight Watchers is that I can cook for Dad and myself next week and still track what I eat and point it, ideal for someone that is trying to keep this journey a little secretive, just for the moment. Once the new kitchen arrives and is installed I plan to have a few dinner parties, so trying to search through various blogs, websites and my WW cookbooks for some good recipes. Dessert is another thing and No I wont due a fruit platter, make a mousse with evaporated milk or use Pavlova Shells. These are just too ordinary for this girl. At present to top off my busy life, work, gym, home, new kitchen etc I am now organising Mum's 70th, so will be spending lunch times ringing interstate and trying to work out venues etc. I love a bit of pressure, at least I have the outfit I want to wear as I got it on sale at Christmas and is my favourite brand TS. Vince the wonderdog is going to the boarding kennell next Thursday, my normal one is no longer doing boarding - it is a vet's surgery and they walk the dogs twice daily, so trying a new vet. I am reminding myself that Vince the wonderdog is a dog, he is not a child but a dog and Mummy can deal with this, it is easier whilst the kitchen is being installed and the insulation put in. He will be stressed and so will I. Note to self - "Martine, he is a dog". Must get back and do some work, will report in tomorrow after WI. Martine xx

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am time poor

Well this week isn't going to badly but I am time poor. The kitchen is going in next week and Dad is coming down Friday for a week to do stuff, I am so excited to have him to myself and Mum is staying home so she can just chill out. I think I will feel happier once next Friday has arrived and I am back to normal, plus getting insulation installed and trying to fit in with Dad being down - it is annoying when you live by yourself and work 9 to 5 and all tradesman etc work only 9 to 5. AHHHHHHH !! Have probably under eaten this week which I know is a bad thing but just haven't felt like it, plus last night and tonight not going to the gym as I have had things on, I feel slightly guilty but it is all about balance, sometimes I just need to do other things.
I actually feel quite anxious this week, I am hoping that once everything sorts itself out at home etc then I will feel better. St Valentines Day came and as previously posted I thought I would be depressed and was going to the gym, then at 9.15am a box of a dozen red roses was delivered - I nearly passed out ! They are from Michael and are just beautiful, I just wish the man would commit and tell me how he feels. It is so frustrating at times. Work is busy at present and so this has just added to things, but thankfully I love my job so that makes life easier. Must dash but just a quick post to let you know what happening in my world. Martine xxxx

Friday, February 12, 2010

Another 800 grams down

Well here we are again, weigh in day. The day has been frantic, I didnt drink enough water and I am hot. I am unsure if I am just hot because I am hot and that does come from being overweight or the fact that I am going through menopause. I hope it is not the latter.
I haven't weighed myself at home the last few weeks, mainly I have tried to allow myself to just focus on my food, water and exercise intake. You never know how you are going to go on the scales, usually my guide is my stomach - my very worst part of my body, if I lose the rolls change ! Yay for me 800 grams down so pleased with that. I feel that with the gym and what I am doing food wise 700 - 800 grams is pretty easily achieveable which I am happy with as anything over 500 grams for me is a good loss.
Overall this has given me the incentive to keep doing what I am doing, another loss next week is what I am after Went to the gym tonight after my WI and although I only did 1/2 my cardio it was a night i didnt necessarily need to go to the gym and being a Friday night I am usually flexible and not to tough on myself if I don't go. Going tomorrow morning at 7am (if I can get out of bed) and do my full cardio which is around 50 minutes now (with warmup) and then 40 minutes of weights.
This weekend having a pretty quiet one, tomorrow just need to go to the library and do some stuff around home before Dad arrives to paint.
Valentines Day I no doubt will be depressed so will try and get up and go to the gym early and that way it does put me mentally in the right frame of mind. I am blessed with a great circle of friends and like my mother my friends are so important, I remind myself that not everyone has this and not having a partner is not the end of the world. Saying that, I plan to get this weight off and allow myself to be more confident.
Did anyone see Biggest Loser tonight? What about Alison Braun ! I couldnt get over the difference and how thin she was 63 kgs - she looked so tiny on TV, the change was remarkable and it just makes me realise at times we all hide behind our weight.
This week socially is quiet (thank god !) other than dinner for Joey's birthday on Tuesday night it is pretty free, luckily I have looked at the menu for alternatives other than a warm chicken salad - I am so past them, I have had so many during this weight loss journey I can't stand the sight of them lol !! I have made the choice not to drink during the week, as much as I love a glass of good wine I am able to easily go out and say no to wine and sit on a sparkling mineral water easily, at least this is one vice I can handle.
Today on the way home I have been thinking about what it takes to lose weight - the more I discover what works the more I am aware that having the mental edge is everything. Mum has her 70th on 14/8/10 and Dad's 70th on 8/6/10 so both of these events are little goals for me to set myself.
I think the balance of food and exercise is working well, it allows me not to obsess about one or the other and allows my thought patterns to find a pattern.
So the week ahead I am focused on another 700 grams, I am happy with that and I am sure that this can easily be achieved. I don't need to lose 1.5 kgs a week but to be within the range of 500 grams to 1kg as recommended by WW is good for me. These losses of late are good for me in that they are consistent (other than that 2.2 kg gain a few weeks ago that I am at loss to know what it is about other than TOM but a huge amount).
The shops are now stocking Easter Eggs ! I refuse to look at them and tell myself over and over "they are poison" I just don't want to get the taste for them, luckily enough hot cross buns have been in the shops since Boxing Day but they don't rock my world !
My goal this week is water, water, water - I must remember to bloody drink the stuff. I just forget !
Martine xxxxx

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weigh in day tomorrow

Well I survived another session of Body Jam, I wasn't as nervous but still self conscious. Thankfully I wasnt the newbie this week and only a few of us where there last week for the new program. The instructor advised me that I did better. They say it only takes a few weeks to get hold of the movements, I don't know about that - I say at least 4. But I came back, now I am contemplating the world of RPM classes. Weigh in tomorrow, as I haven't been weighing myself at home, I don't know how I am going but looking forward to a loss. I am quite proud of myself for allowing myself to be relaxed about this journey, I don't feel I am putting too much pressure on myself and don't feel I need to spend hours each day exercising, I have spoken with quite a few experts and they all agree. I pack my gear each night for gym, I had set myself an initial goal of 3-4 times a week, if I go more that is a bonus, normally I do go more but that is purely as it relaxes me and it is a good way to switch off after work and before going home. My only problem is that after I finish my workout I have absolutely no appetite which is difficult as it does you more harm than good to not eat enough. The kitchen table debarcle is sorted out, I think ! A little Italian guy came around and can make the table shorter, sand down and file the edges to made the other edges and make an top that I can put on the table to use an extension table. It saves me a lot of money, he ringing through tomorrow with a quote, one guy told me I wouldnt be able to get anyone to do it, funny about that - this guy has done it before and knew what he was talking about. Dad has ordered the paint for the painting, good ole Dad. I slept in this morning, actually slept through the alarm which is a minor miracle as I don't sleep at all, mornings are not my strong suit, I would love to get up a couple of mornings early but I think I am kidding myself. Valentines Day on Sunday, I am going to the gym in the morning purely to get my mind off the woe is me attitude I know I will have, I know it is commercial but I can say that when I am by myself. This week I have a pretty free week socially, which is good as I have too many bills to pay, plan to try a few new recipes out and cook a few meals for the freezer for when Dad comes down to paint. Overall I am doing reasonably okay, I get a little impatient at times but realise that this will be a long journey, I just need to keep having good weeks and eventually the hard work will catch up. I can reasonably easily loose 700 grams a week, if I could keep this up I would be happy. Have a good day. Love Martine xx

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bodyjam class No 2

Well this week has been a weird week. Emotionally felt a bit flat but food okay. The negative is my water intake. Tonight sees me doing my second bodyjam class, I am not as terrified now and think I will make this a regular Wednesday night session, I plan to review my weights program after and the following week review my cardio levels. I am putting in a new kitchen and as much as it is exciting it is so stressful. Now my table is too big and so I need to match a new table to my dresser that I have in the kitchen, of course I can't match the colour so having to get it made. But people don't make chairs, can get a table made but no chairs. Honestly !! Luckily my beautiful Dad is coming down to paint the entire unit - he is a star. Not much else happening, I have been a bit slack with the tracking, although have tracked the points in my head each day, next week I must start to tracking in my food journal what I eat, always good to do this. Hope everyone is having a good day, it is damn hot in Adelaide.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just call me bodyjam girl !

So much has happened since my last post. It is 11.13pm at night, my little darling Vince the wonderdog is at my friend's place. She is depressed at present and needs someone to love, would desperately love a dog but unsure how she would handle it, so Vince is going to Joey's tonight and comes back Sunday. He is in good hands but his mummy is missing him already and it has only been an hour !
After my good efforts on Australia Day (26/2/10) I went to WW last Friday 29/1/10 and got on the scales, that TOM was due but I thought that I would get a 300 gram loss though. Got on the scales and my leader Di told me 2.2kgs, I said that is a good loss. She said "no Martine it is a gain" lol !! Not impressed at all, and annoying that because of it I haven't achieved my 4 losses in a row challenge, I could say becuase it is my period it doesn't count but I am not having this, so the challenge will need to be started again.
What was interesting is that I didn't cry, didn't think I was a failure or anything like that. I accept it was a gain and a large one, I accept the weight has gone on, there is nothing I can do about it but move on. That in itself is a good thing.
My niece arrived last Friday from Broken Hill, we shopped till we dropped and I realised that at a smaller size there is just more sale items I can wear. My niece Miss S is an overweight child of 14, as someone how has had weight issues as an adult and the consequences of family thinking they are helping my going on about my weight, I reinforced to her during our coffee breaks that we ALL are more than bodies, there is a lot more to us than the physical. It made me look at my own life and again my mother's saying that I have adopted "You are the master of your own destiny", weight loss is the same, the journey of losing 50 odd kilos is in my hands.
The week I thought was good, Miss S flew back Sunday night and I wish I wore a pedometre as I would hate to think of how many steps we did, I certainly would have earned quite a few as basically we did 2 full days of shopping from 9am to 5pm.
The gym routine is going well, I realise it is a stress release for me and haven't had the mentality that I need to live and breathe the place, I now want to be there more and more but go for the stress relief and not becuase of weight loss, I think if you continually think you need to be there to lose weight I am sure you are asking for trouble in the long term, of course that is a bonus that we burn those calories.
The week before last i meet another instructor for some strange reason she had me convinced I should try a Body Jam class, so this Wednesday I go along. I get changed and am nearly ready to burst into tears because I was so nervous and self conscious. As we were waiting for the step class to finish so that we could go into the room, I meet again the instructor and we chatted, I told her I was about to faint from fear, she laughed. What was nice as there was a lot of us waiting she advised us all that with Body Jam that night it was a new program. She asked which people had never been and there were 4 and who was nervous (there were many) and I think it was for my benefit, that is the pure and simple reason I love the gym - the staff have been hand picked specifically and thoroughly. As we were waiting another girl Jess No 2 arrived who I have got to know at the class, she held my hand. It was hard and i am no hip hop dancer but god I gave it a go and when I looked around the class 98% of the class were struggling. As I walked to my car i meet a couple of other girls who are regulars, luckily they said the new class was hard and they would be there next week. At least I have people I know. I am so brave and this was such a momentous occassion for me, my fear of being self conscious and an embarrassement to myself has always been an issue, as much as I wast TERRIFIED I bloody well did it.
Tonight I went to WW and lost 700 grams, I thought it would be more but today's discussion was firstly about my bodyjam class and secondly the long periods between my meals. This has been discussed before and as I eat breakfast at 7am, lunch at 1.30pm and then dinner between 7.40 and 8pm (depending what time I leave the gym and what I am doing at the gym) the gap between lunch and dinner is too large, so I need to eat, go figure I think as I am burning up bonus points I am told that I need to eat all my daily points and eat an afternoon snack around 4-5pm. So I am concentrating on that. I think with the benefit of eating more regularly the weight loss might be harder.
Although I realise missing meals or not eating enough is just as bad as eating too much it still to this day amazes me that I need to eat more. I am simply not hungry between meals or for that point when I get home from the gym - I am never hungry but will work on it this week and see how I next Friday with the weight loss.
Luckily I only have 1 social function on and I have worked out the meal I am having (thankfully everything is online these days) so I am hoping with hard work a good loss will result.
Hope everyone is doing well.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Today is body jam day !

I will report in tonight but today is my first venture into the world of classes, as you know I go to the gym and do my weights and cardio and now starting a bodyjam class. I am terrified out of my mind but I can do this. A long updated post will be done tonight after bodyjam. Martine xx