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Friday, February 12, 2010

Another 800 grams down

Well here we are again, weigh in day. The day has been frantic, I didnt drink enough water and I am hot. I am unsure if I am just hot because I am hot and that does come from being overweight or the fact that I am going through menopause. I hope it is not the latter.
I haven't weighed myself at home the last few weeks, mainly I have tried to allow myself to just focus on my food, water and exercise intake. You never know how you are going to go on the scales, usually my guide is my stomach - my very worst part of my body, if I lose the rolls change ! Yay for me 800 grams down so pleased with that. I feel that with the gym and what I am doing food wise 700 - 800 grams is pretty easily achieveable which I am happy with as anything over 500 grams for me is a good loss.
Overall this has given me the incentive to keep doing what I am doing, another loss next week is what I am after Went to the gym tonight after my WI and although I only did 1/2 my cardio it was a night i didnt necessarily need to go to the gym and being a Friday night I am usually flexible and not to tough on myself if I don't go. Going tomorrow morning at 7am (if I can get out of bed) and do my full cardio which is around 50 minutes now (with warmup) and then 40 minutes of weights.
This weekend having a pretty quiet one, tomorrow just need to go to the library and do some stuff around home before Dad arrives to paint.
Valentines Day I no doubt will be depressed so will try and get up and go to the gym early and that way it does put me mentally in the right frame of mind. I am blessed with a great circle of friends and like my mother my friends are so important, I remind myself that not everyone has this and not having a partner is not the end of the world. Saying that, I plan to get this weight off and allow myself to be more confident.
Did anyone see Biggest Loser tonight? What about Alison Braun ! I couldnt get over the difference and how thin she was 63 kgs - she looked so tiny on TV, the change was remarkable and it just makes me realise at times we all hide behind our weight.
This week socially is quiet (thank god !) other than dinner for Joey's birthday on Tuesday night it is pretty free, luckily I have looked at the menu for alternatives other than a warm chicken salad - I am so past them, I have had so many during this weight loss journey I can't stand the sight of them lol !! I have made the choice not to drink during the week, as much as I love a glass of good wine I am able to easily go out and say no to wine and sit on a sparkling mineral water easily, at least this is one vice I can handle.
Today on the way home I have been thinking about what it takes to lose weight - the more I discover what works the more I am aware that having the mental edge is everything. Mum has her 70th on 14/8/10 and Dad's 70th on 8/6/10 so both of these events are little goals for me to set myself.
I think the balance of food and exercise is working well, it allows me not to obsess about one or the other and allows my thought patterns to find a pattern.
So the week ahead I am focused on another 700 grams, I am happy with that and I am sure that this can easily be achieved. I don't need to lose 1.5 kgs a week but to be within the range of 500 grams to 1kg as recommended by WW is good for me. These losses of late are good for me in that they are consistent (other than that 2.2 kg gain a few weeks ago that I am at loss to know what it is about other than TOM but a huge amount).
The shops are now stocking Easter Eggs ! I refuse to look at them and tell myself over and over "they are poison" I just don't want to get the taste for them, luckily enough hot cross buns have been in the shops since Boxing Day but they don't rock my world !
My goal this week is water, water, water - I must remember to bloody drink the stuff. I just forget !
Martine xxxxx


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

800 grams! That's awesome.

Good call on the gym on Sunday. That is difficult. I'm jealous of you being hot. We're FREEZING. Your friends will bolster you up. Cyber and otherwise.

Happy weekending!

Fiona said...

Well done on your loss!

Tania said...

The easter stocks are evil aren't they? I choose to indulge but only on solid eggs and all pointed in my planner, then I don't feel like i'm missing out.

Congrats on your loss and your second bodyjam class - glad to see you're enjoying it. I bet 6 months ago you didn't think you'd be doing classes so early in the New Year ;-) well done mate!

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