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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weigh in day tomorrow

Well I survived another session of Body Jam, I wasn't as nervous but still self conscious. Thankfully I wasnt the newbie this week and only a few of us where there last week for the new program. The instructor advised me that I did better. They say it only takes a few weeks to get hold of the movements, I don't know about that - I say at least 4. But I came back, now I am contemplating the world of RPM classes. Weigh in tomorrow, as I haven't been weighing myself at home, I don't know how I am going but looking forward to a loss. I am quite proud of myself for allowing myself to be relaxed about this journey, I don't feel I am putting too much pressure on myself and don't feel I need to spend hours each day exercising, I have spoken with quite a few experts and they all agree. I pack my gear each night for gym, I had set myself an initial goal of 3-4 times a week, if I go more that is a bonus, normally I do go more but that is purely as it relaxes me and it is a good way to switch off after work and before going home. My only problem is that after I finish my workout I have absolutely no appetite which is difficult as it does you more harm than good to not eat enough. The kitchen table debarcle is sorted out, I think ! A little Italian guy came around and can make the table shorter, sand down and file the edges to made the other edges and make an top that I can put on the table to use an extension table. It saves me a lot of money, he ringing through tomorrow with a quote, one guy told me I wouldnt be able to get anyone to do it, funny about that - this guy has done it before and knew what he was talking about. Dad has ordered the paint for the painting, good ole Dad. I slept in this morning, actually slept through the alarm which is a minor miracle as I don't sleep at all, mornings are not my strong suit, I would love to get up a couple of mornings early but I think I am kidding myself. Valentines Day on Sunday, I am going to the gym in the morning purely to get my mind off the woe is me attitude I know I will have, I know it is commercial but I can say that when I am by myself. This week I have a pretty free week socially, which is good as I have too many bills to pay, plan to try a few new recipes out and cook a few meals for the freezer for when Dad comes down to paint. Overall I am doing reasonably okay, I get a little impatient at times but realise that this will be a long journey, I just need to keep having good weeks and eventually the hard work will catch up. I can reasonably easily loose 700 grams a week, if I could keep this up I would be happy. Have a good day. Love Martine xx


Fiona said...

Good luck with the weigh in!

Chris H said...

Ha ha, when I finally got the routine of Bodyjam down pat the buggers changed it for a new routine! I hope they don't do that to you too.
Yaaa that your table can be sorted out.
Good luck with weigh in.

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Glad the table worked out. I love that you are doing the Bodyjam and loving it. Good job. I'll check back to see how the weigh in went.