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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bodyjam class No 2

Well this week has been a weird week. Emotionally felt a bit flat but food okay. The negative is my water intake. Tonight sees me doing my second bodyjam class, I am not as terrified now and think I will make this a regular Wednesday night session, I plan to review my weights program after and the following week review my cardio levels. I am putting in a new kitchen and as much as it is exciting it is so stressful. Now my table is too big and so I need to match a new table to my dresser that I have in the kitchen, of course I can't match the colour so having to get it made. But people don't make chairs, can get a table made but no chairs. Honestly !! Luckily my beautiful Dad is coming down to paint the entire unit - he is a star. Not much else happening, I have been a bit slack with the tracking, although have tracked the points in my head each day, next week I must start to tracking in my food journal what I eat, always good to do this. Hope everyone is having a good day, it is damn hot in Adelaide.


Chris H said...

I hope you end up with a really neat table and chairs to match the kitchen.
It's no doubt twice as hot in Adelaide compared to here, and I still think it's hot here! lol

Fiona said...

Glad you are enjoying the class!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I hope that the kitchen works itself out. With as little stress to you as possible. I'm happy to hear that you overcame your stress about the class already. Great job!