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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tomorrow is weigh in day - Yippee !!!!

Well I have put my heart and soul into WW this week with the aim to have the best weight loss I can, after all I did the same last week and lost 200 grams but hoping that this week it will all catch up. The home scales are recording a loss of 1.3 kgs so I am hoping that it keeps continuing. Last night in Adelaide it wasn't raining or windy so my friend Gill and I went down to Glenelg and walked along the beach track at Glenelg for an hour and 15 minutes, it felt so good. Hopefully the weather can continue to give me moments where I can walk. Today looks good outside so I am going to try and go for a 30 minute walk at lunchtime. So otherwise, not a lot to report but I am pleased to say all going well. I think you just concentrate on one day and week at a time, weigh in and hopefully score a good weight loss and start again for another week. I am fortunate that I have a great leader and it does make life so much easier. I will report in probably on Saturday morning to let you know of my results. Even if I am have slower weight losses, they all add up after a while and I am determined to keep that mojo in tact and focus on the road ahead. 71 kilos is my goal with an aim to get down to 68 kgs, this is achievable with patience, perserverence and determination. (Note the positive talk, I think the feeling of actually doing the WW program and sticking to it 100% makes such a difference to my mindset)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Empowerment Part 2

Today I went to WWLifestyle at the Myer Centre to change my appointment with my leader Don from 5.20pm to 4pm - or as I call it "my date with Don". I adore him. Anyway, enough of the lovefest with my leader. When I was changing the appointment I spoke to one of the leaders, Julie. Who has previously been aware of me when I previously attended WW. Why is it when we fail before we chringe when we see our leaders? Anyway, Julie (the leader) and I discussed WW Lifestyle Centres and how I had just thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Don. She discussed with me, and she is right, the very importance of bonding with your leader, my friend Tania and Tina have been successful purely because they have bonded with their leader Tina (wife of Don the leader). Julie suggested that I write to the Editor of the WW Magazine about the WW Lifestyle Centres, and I am going to do that. We then went on to discuss last week and my small loss despite great effort, she advised, as we all know the story of the tortoise and the hare and that your body doesn't know what day you weigh in and sometimes takes a while to catch up. Well hoping so. I discussed with her my food intake a couple of Saturday ago when i was out for 3 meals and under points and once you feel that you are in control and empowered that it is like an addiction, an addiction to WW. Today I felt like something sweet as I normally do at lunch and had a cappucino (skim of course) and brought 1 tim tam (2 pts) and carried it back to work. I thought, do I really feel like the Tim Tam - I could have it if I really wanted it. So I decided to drink my coffee and low and behold the Tim Tam is in my drawer at work and not eaten. Yes I cry !!! YES YES YES. My head is purely and simply driven to succeed and I feel so wonderful, yes wonderful and I am only a little way down in my journey. You can either look at life as the cup half full or half empty. I am a half full girl. Anyway, 2 blogs in one day is a bit much considering I have rabbited on a bit but writing and expressing how I feel is good for the soul.
Roll on Friday !!!

I feel so empowered

Well I am so empowered at present, the scales are not necessarily reflecting my good work, or should I say brilliant work but my attitude is second to none. I am really proud of me. I have tracked and have been really good, I am so determined that those scales show a damn good loss, although I do feel it on my body that I have lost. The weather in Adelaide is pure and simple driving me mental. I know we are in the middle of a drought but the rain is never ending at present, put on my sandshoes for a walk when I got home and it just poured down with rain. Oh well, the thought was there. I have Friday off work and am planning to wake up at about 7am and go for a 60 minute walk quite briskly to work off as much additional calories before weigh in with Don. Although I am being a rebel and defying Don by weighing at home and only for this week, the scales at present have recorded at 1kg+ loss last night so fingers crossed all stays well until Friday. It is funny how the mind thinks, normally if I had a bad result on the scales or a figure I thought was less than I deserved, like last Friday then I would go into a heap and feel sorry for myself. Now it has come out that underneath all this weight is a determined person, the fact that I am not letting the little blips upset me and after all the only thing I can complain about is that the losses are small but they are constant. I am lucky to have the support of such a great bunch of friends and the online WW and blog community. I like to set myself challenges, this week has been to concentrate on doing what I have been doing and drink my 2 litres of water. My next week's challenge is going to be exercise, I have to plan what I am going to do so will blog that tomorrow when I have had some thought. Summer is going to be such a relief to me, the wet and deary weather of Adelaide is not very helpful in my attempts to walk. Fingers crossed tonight I have an hour to walk without the rain. October is not far away and then the exercise and improving the levels and intensity will happen, my gym cannot open soon enough. Funny though, Don did tell me that I would get to a point where I want to exercise - I thought he was insane when he said it but I now agree, I think because the food and tracking is being handled so well that this is the next step. Enough of me...............

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reporting in

Yesterday was another superb day with the food, tracking and water. As it was raining in Adelaide last night I rang my friend and borrowed some exercise videos so that I can do them if I can't walk, she also gave me a step (solid foam type substance) and step video (they are quite old) i am worried about breaking the step but will do some of the exercise videos. Drank 2 litres of water and 2 cups of green tea so that gives me a a total of 2.5 litres -and did I spend the entire day in the toilet, hopefully though all this water will give me an edge with my weight loss. My leader Don told me not to weigh in at home - I have gone against his advice and I have weighed in as I want to see how I am going and only for this week. I really hope the effort that I am putting in will reward me on the scales. Made the most fabulous meal last night. Marinated some chicken strips and stir fried them with garlic, ginger, lemongrass and chilli and threw in some rice noodles and coriander and a splash of lemon and soy sauce. Not an over huge portion of food and I could have ate 2 bowls worth but delicious and at 6.5 points rather yummy. The other 3 portions are in the freezer. Tonight am going to make a tomato and bacon risotto which is an old WW recipe of about 10 years ago and relatively low in points, so another 3 portions will go into the freezer. The whole idea is that i have a stock pile of frozen foods, especially when I am going to the gym I want to have some easy meals, and all I have to do is heat it in the microwave and do some vegies. So, another day down and another day closer to Friday which is my weigh in day. I absolutely can't wait as the scales have to reward me with a BIG loss. Although saying that, I can see on my stomach (my worst area) that I have lost and can tell by the rolls on my stomach, better than any tape measure. Anyway ladies must go and have another glass of water, 2 litres is a lot to drink in a day but this is my challenge for this week. I want to get on those scales again and say I was 200% good again, if the result is not what I want - then I know I have tried. I also pray that the weather gods will leave my 45 minutes when I get home to go for a walk, October (when my gym opens) can't come soon enough.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Such a lot of work with a small result

Well everyone. Last week was a absolutely tremendous and fabulous week eating and pointing wise. I eagerly went to my WW meeting at Myer and saw Don on Friday night. Got on the scales and they say lost 200grams. WHAT !!!!! 200 grams !! I asked Don to weigh me a second time because I thought he misread it. Anyway, I did weigh at home on the Thursday and had a 1.5kg loss so I don't know what has happened. Of course I am upset but not to the point of eating or giving up but it really does make me more determined to do exactly what I have done in the past few weeks and am sure it will record on the scales - it has to. I suggest to Don, and he agreed, that I bring in my tracker of what I ate during the week and see what he thinks. I do know with my periods in the past, the week after is the lighter week so it perhaps could be this, but I doubt it. When I got home I was so damn angry but I saw a fierce determination set in and I am absolutely 100% committed to another good week and I will show those damn scales. I can't believe I am saying this, but I am quite ready to start my gym work. I am contemplating hiring for the next few months a treadmill for home so that I can work at a good pace on that. Will depend on the price etc but will go and investigate on the weekend. The weekend was busy but my food pointed and tracked. I normally catch up with my friend Michael some weekends and we order take away. This time I actually ate before going over to his place, I was going to address the whole WW thing and got home and forgot, but will address that with him - he is a support in whatever I do. Last night I made my speedy minestrone soup for the freezer, instead of kidney beans I place in chick peas (addicted to them) and at 3 points is a good lunch. On the weekend I cooked a casserole using a continental packet mix, I am trying to use what is in my pantry and with the meat and packet mix it is a relatively low meal - 5.5 points for the casserole and with some vegies it is great. They are all in the freezer with masking tape on them with what is inside the container and the points on them. Tonight I am stir frying some marinated chicken strips and vegies with some Pad Thai Rice Noodles and will put a few serves in the freezer as well. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will not have to cook too much. Anyway everyone, I know you all have been there once before - when the scales don't reflect your good work, I am annoyed but am proud of me, that instead of feeling sorry for myself, or comparing myself to others, I just got down and focused on what I have to do. Track my points, exercise and drink my water - I am sure a good result is awaiting me this Friday. They do say slow and steady wins the race. I just have to focus on the whole picture that my eating and energy is improved and I have scored constant losses. Until next time.............

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Everyone is doing well

Well what can I say, it seems that everyone is doing really well with their eating programs and scoring good results on the scales. My buddies Tania and Tina who weigh in on Tuesday nights with my leader Don have both scored fabulous results and are on a high and show me that with the support we give each other, the WW forums and our friends that anything is possible. Tina has lost 26 kgs and is heading towards double figures, I think an opportunity to celebrate double figures when the magical 99.9 happens, Tania has lost 6.8 kgs in 5 weeks - how good is that. I am very proud friend. On the blogs and WW forums a lot of people have commented on Magda's appearance on a Current Affair and her remarkable weight loss, she is positively glowing and the episode did give me food for though. I am doing well, rather well I should say and can't wait to get on the scales on Friday night and see how I have gone. I had a quick peek last night and so far have a 1kg+ loss and am hoping that it remains that way. I have tracked and been a saint all week and am pleased with how I am going. Areas of improvement are water and exercise, the exercise will come and especially when my gym opens on 15/10/09 and I am very excited to get started and see how I go. I think I might purchase an IPOd and that way I can listen to podcasts, especially Hamish and Andy and Jillian from the Biggest Loser and also not only listen to music but books as well. I am hoping that the gym opens earlier. It will be interesting to see how my weight losses go with the additional exercise. Anyway, that is me for now, I will report in on the weekend on how I am going.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Brilliantly pointed weekend

Well my weekend was far far too busy. Today I am just tired. Went to my weigh in on Friday night and lost 400 grams, my periods are all over the place and it arrived with full force on Friday so I am pleased to say that I lost. Don my leader is a doll and I am so pleased with him. Saturday was horrendous as it was far far too busy, I must learn to say No. Had a 9am hair appointment at Colonaades, got a take away latte from donut king and there wasn't any cafes in the area as it is just a Woolies shopping centre and some bakeries down the end that my hair dresser is at. So I went into the fruit shop and brought an apple - did you hear that, brought an apple. That was the start of a great day. Finished the hair appointment and then had a lunch at Metro Bistro at Unley and as I had a dinner that night I had for lunch 1 mineral water, a very small greek salad, the size of a bread and butter plate with dressing on the side. When the salad arrived, the dressing was over the salad instead of on the side, anyway I asked them to re-do the salad as I ordered - this is unheard of for me. Then had a flat white. Dinner was at Hog's Breath, had 1 glass of red wine, water, 1 steak and steamed vegies and baked potato and a capuccino. I was just so thrilled with my choices, yesterday caught up with Tania to talk all things WW and had a warm chicken salad with dressing on the side, a coke zero and a latte. The weekend proved that whilst being on WW you can still eat out and manage to stay within your points, I had a peep at the scales today and they seem to have dropped 200 grams already, I am focused on a 1 kg+ loss this week but saying that I am also prepared for a small loss and as long as I loose and there is a minus before my weight then I am happy. I must admit the energy levels are increasing slightly and I am really focused on what I have to achieve. Planning your meals etc is the way to go. For the next two weekends I am hoping for a quiet one, I am tired at present and am hoping to just re-charge my batteries and do some cooking for the freezer. Anyway, another week approaches us - it is good when i am excited to weigh in - always good when you know you have been great as far as tracking and monitoring your food.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just a quick update

Hi everyone Things are going along smoothly for me. This week has been a good week and I am now really in the swing of all things Weight Watchers. Once your headset is right, everything else follows. Obviously, exercise is my next major hurdle. This week has found me eating between meals, courtesy of a reminder which pops up on my computer at 10.30 and 3.45pm each day. Sometimes when I remember to eat it is almost lunch time. The tracking is brilliant and I write in on tracker sheet from the weekly booklet handed to me at my meeting at WW at Myer and then at the end of the day write in my WW journal at home. There is something therapeutic about writing it in by hand as opposed to tracking online. Obviously, I may change later on but I can scribble and make notes on my weekly booklet handout and then neatly write in my journal. Not much else happening, have notice a slight increase in my energy levels which have been bad for years due to bad eating and my insomnia. I am hoping that with my new eating plan and eventual exercise routine that it helps with the energy. That is all for me for now.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So far so good

Well, this week is dragging. Life isn't too bad. The eating between meals is going along fine, the outlook reminder at 10.30am and 3.30pm is working a treat. The weather has been wet and cold in Adelaide so the walking hasn't been happening but I am hoping to get a walk or two in with Vince the wonderdog on the weekend. Back to eating Nestle Diet yoghurt, I swap between Nestle and the Forme and find the passionfruit one that Nestle puts out quite delicious. I love the fact that sometimes I really crave a yoghurt and other times they get thrown away as they are out of date. I am trying to give my diet variety to keep my system on its toes. On Monday night my girlfriend Jo (one of the 4 Joanne's i know) went to see about the new gym that is opening at Glenelg. We have different reasons for going but as she is my best friend I know she will be a great support and is a very determined and focused person so ideal to go. She won't cancel on me. All seemed good, the gym is brand new with the proposed opening date of 15/10/09. The hours they are opening are really good and I am pleased with the proposal they put in and considerate that women have different issues to men. For example, they have a steam room which they have put one in the mens change rooms and one for the females as they believe some females wouldnt be happy to go where men are. I agreed. They also have great facilities, straighteners in both men and women's change rooms, a lounge where you can get coffee etc which is ideal. Jo and I anticipate we will together do a Sunday morning 9.15am yoga class together. So between now and October 2009 I will try and get my walks in, but really what is important is that I focus and get my food under control - it is under control but ensure that the routine and losses are consistent and then I can focus on increasing my exercise. Anyway, not much more to report. I am hoping for a good weight loss this Friday when I have my "date" with my leader Don.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I must eat more !!

The weekend has been and gone and was far far too busy. Unfortunately, the following weekend is about the same. Went to WW at the Myer Centre on Friday and had my "date" with my leader Don. Lost 300 grams which was a tad disappointing but my philosophy is not to get too bogged down with the amount or the average but as long as I am losing. Don has suggested I eat more, I find that I don't eat in between meals as I seem to forget and realise at 12.15am when it is almost lunchtime. He has suggested, and I agree it is a good idea, to enter a reminder in outlook to pop up on my computer screen. A really good idea, why didn't I think of that. So I have brought in my planned snacks and trying to re-train myself to start having morning and afternoon tea. I had a busy weekend as I said before, had a lunch at the Strand at Glenelg which is fabulous and planned my meal, luckily they have their menu on-line and Don has been there before so we planned what we I was going to eat and allowed myself 2 glasses of wine as a treat. I haven't had a lot of wine whilst on WW, mainly as when I do allow myself to have a glass of wine, I want to be able to enjoy it. Sunday, I went to Victor Harbor with my friend Karen, I must admit I could have been better but when I got home I tracked every morsel of food I ate and although I went over with my points, I will save enough during the week to make up for it. Today I measured out my 2 litres of water and plan to try and drink that before I leave work tonight. Tonight I have an appointment with Gensis Gym which is opening at Glenelg, ideally located not far from home and right near where I park my car to catch the tram to work. My friend Joanne is coming with me, she is thinking of joining but is interested in toning mainly, she has cardio equipment at home and luckily only needs to maintain, but if she decides to go ahead with it, we might try and go to at least 1 session a week together. I am inspired with the gym, I think mentally it is good for me with the gym opening in September. Janice Haley from the WW site who has got to goal on Saturday with a weight loss of 1.3 managed to lose good numbers at the end and that is because she NEVER went over her points and managed to fit in the gym as part of her new life, this has inpsired me. It will also be good for me when I don't have a lot on socially to go and do a workout. Overall, things are going well and I am feeling the momentum building, I am determined that this week should have a good weight loss and tonight will do a DVD which I found in my cupboard which is an old WW video with a fit strip so hopefully it will help, with the rain it is a bit hard to walk tonight. Anyway, enough rambling. Have a good week.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Gym developments

Hi everyone. Well today is weigh in day - hopefully the scales are kind. Last night caught up with my dear friend Dianne, don't see too much of her because she had two children that have a lot of sport on weekends and that is mainly when I am free, so it does get hard. We chatted for ages, I was going to miss dinner (not good I Know) and Dianne was hungry so we shared half a medium pizza at Spargos, it wasn't a huge pizza and turned out to be 3 slices - of very thin based - worked out about 4 points per serve which still made me within my points allowance, I initially felt guilty but realised that as long as it is tracked it is okay and not a thing I do often. With the Gym situation I had registered for the new gym opening at Glenelg as a foundation member and going to see them on Monday after work, although the gym doesnt open until September it does give me time. I also priced fitness first and in particular their membership which means I could go to any club - it was too expensive. The choice is either fitness first but I can only go to one club which would be Marion as my friend goes there, or foundation member for Glenelg. Glenelg is my option as it is located near the tram stop and not far from home and will be nice and new and so I am considering both options. I addressed my fear of doing a class and Shannon who was fabulous did reinforce that everyone is worried about the same thing. He suggested a basic class and build up as well as my fitness with the cardio. I must admit that I think I may go for the Glenelg gym and as I live by myself and have no partner I do have extra time, perhaps a workout after work one day, a morning session and a even after dinner is all suitable, I may vary the times i go a bit. Janice has been my inspiration for the gym - being a fitness freak and jogging is my dream and a sure way to maintain my weight oncesat goal and in the meantime help me lost those kilos, plus I think it is good for me emotionally and mentally. Anyway, enough of me for the moment. Keep you posted. Update with online dating - now have 17 requests - some are boys - I don't want a 24 year old but a few possibilities, so feel a bit better about this.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reporting in !

Well, not alot to report. I have been sick so have not eaten enough food, of course this is just as bad as eating too much ! My dear friend Tania (see her blog listed on my followers) has lost another 1.1 and is doing great guns, she is now at 5.4 kgs, her head is in the right space which is nice to see. This just reminds me that losing weight is very much about having your head in the right zone. Everything else falls in place. Well I am starting to think about exercise. My mate Gill and I did a walk (70 minutes) on Tuesday night and was supposed to go last night, unfortunately I wasn't able to go because of ill health but if I can get a couple of walks with her and perhaps a DVD or two at home then it is a good start. I am still starting to think about the gym and have sussed about from Janice from the WW site who is just so inspirational. The woman has lost 60 kgs and still losing good amounts on the scale - all due to her eating well and exercising. This has inspired me. The theory is to do a bit of walking, go to the gym and do cardio and perhaps once a week do a class and then build up on the classes as well. But all this will come in time, Janice is addicted to exercise and that is my real wish to love to do it, where at the present I have to do it. Tania has made me realise that to get the results all you have to do is follow the program, it is quite easy really. This weekend I have lunch with Gill at The Strand at Glenelg so that will be easy, supposed to go to Michael's for dinner but may skip the meal and just pop over after and Sunday at Victor Harbor with my friend Karen for a catch up, hopefully a bit of walking will be involved. So I need to plan my meals and ensure that I get some walks in for those bonus points, plus I have the world's best doggie that needs a walk. I am happy and comfortable with my leader, that is a bonus and the thought of him weighing me is always an incentive to be good. Anyway, that is all - I have raved on a bit. Don't hesitate to put a comment on if you wish - it is always good to have interaction with everyone. The online dating has come to a standstill, I am not too worried, what is meant to be is meant to be. Take care

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Loss is a Loss

Well had my weigh in on Friday with Don at WW Myers. I lost 200grams, I thought it would be more - actually I thought nearly a kilo but you never know how your body is going to go. But after all, a loss is a loss and this is not a race and success isn't only rewarded by the scales. Overall I am happy with my progress and how I am going and my average is 0.5 which is within the mark they say. They say 0.5 to a kilo a week is what we should expect. At the time of writing this blog, TOM has arrived so I am fairly satisfied with the amount I have lost, my period is all over the place at present so considering that they were due when I weighed, I am fairly pleased. I have a friend who has gastric bypass surgery, initially she has lost a fair bit - well 8 kgs but it does slow down and is about the same as WW - why you would do this is beyond me, after all on WW you can have basically any food as long as it is counted and tracked - with gastric bypass she said that she doubts if she ever will be able to have steak again. I can't work it out really. The water is reasonably okay but does need improvement and my mind is now thinking about exercise. I do think initially that walking is the best bet with a gym membership a little way down the track. There is a new gym opening at Glenelg called Geneysis - if their foundation membership is reasonably cheap I may change my mind, if not and is about the same as Fitness First then I will do that because I can go after work with Kelly my hairdresser and go across the road at lunch times on alternate days for a 30 minute workout. So that is about it for the time being. Be in touch.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weigh In Tomorrow

Just a quick blog post. Things are going well and I am pleased with how things are progressing. I basically take one day at a time and so far so good. Exercise is my next hurdle and working out what is best for me to do. I have various options, initially perhaps walking and varying the times I do this, secondly join a gym with my friend Kelly and thirdly perhaps hire a piece of equipment - ie treadmill for the winter months. But over all the exercise is my next step to allow me to have constant and reasonable weight losses. Eating out of my freezer at present,the frozen meals I have cooked are a godsend in winter when I am home late and thought I might make a list of what is actually in the freezer and cross off the list as I eat. My labelled food has been fabulous for the freezer as I know in advance how much that chicken breast is going to be point wise. Organisation is the key to any good weight loss. Anyway, my weigh in tomorrow, I am hoping for another good loss and hopefully the scales will report that I have been rewarded for my effort. Will place a post on Saturday on how much I have lost.