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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reporting in !

Well, not alot to report. I have been sick so have not eaten enough food, of course this is just as bad as eating too much ! My dear friend Tania (see her blog listed on my followers) has lost another 1.1 and is doing great guns, she is now at 5.4 kgs, her head is in the right space which is nice to see. This just reminds me that losing weight is very much about having your head in the right zone. Everything else falls in place. Well I am starting to think about exercise. My mate Gill and I did a walk (70 minutes) on Tuesday night and was supposed to go last night, unfortunately I wasn't able to go because of ill health but if I can get a couple of walks with her and perhaps a DVD or two at home then it is a good start. I am still starting to think about the gym and have sussed about from Janice from the WW site who is just so inspirational. The woman has lost 60 kgs and still losing good amounts on the scale - all due to her eating well and exercising. This has inspired me. The theory is to do a bit of walking, go to the gym and do cardio and perhaps once a week do a class and then build up on the classes as well. But all this will come in time, Janice is addicted to exercise and that is my real wish to love to do it, where at the present I have to do it. Tania has made me realise that to get the results all you have to do is follow the program, it is quite easy really. This weekend I have lunch with Gill at The Strand at Glenelg so that will be easy, supposed to go to Michael's for dinner but may skip the meal and just pop over after and Sunday at Victor Harbor with my friend Karen for a catch up, hopefully a bit of walking will be involved. So I need to plan my meals and ensure that I get some walks in for those bonus points, plus I have the world's best doggie that needs a walk. I am happy and comfortable with my leader, that is a bonus and the thought of him weighing me is always an incentive to be good. Anyway, that is all - I have raved on a bit. Don't hesitate to put a comment on if you wish - it is always good to have interaction with everyone. The online dating has come to a standstill, I am not too worried, what is meant to be is meant to be. Take care

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Tina said...

Sorry Martine, I just realised I didn't post a comment on your last entry. So well done on your loss last week. Every little bit helps. Good luck for weigh in this week.

Sorry to hear you haven't been well. There is so much going around.

Sounds like you have a great weekend planned. Enjoy!!