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Friday, July 10, 2009

Gym developments

Hi everyone. Well today is weigh in day - hopefully the scales are kind. Last night caught up with my dear friend Dianne, don't see too much of her because she had two children that have a lot of sport on weekends and that is mainly when I am free, so it does get hard. We chatted for ages, I was going to miss dinner (not good I Know) and Dianne was hungry so we shared half a medium pizza at Spargos, it wasn't a huge pizza and turned out to be 3 slices - of very thin based - worked out about 4 points per serve which still made me within my points allowance, I initially felt guilty but realised that as long as it is tracked it is okay and not a thing I do often. With the Gym situation I had registered for the new gym opening at Glenelg as a foundation member and going to see them on Monday after work, although the gym doesnt open until September it does give me time. I also priced fitness first and in particular their membership which means I could go to any club - it was too expensive. The choice is either fitness first but I can only go to one club which would be Marion as my friend goes there, or foundation member for Glenelg. Glenelg is my option as it is located near the tram stop and not far from home and will be nice and new and so I am considering both options. I addressed my fear of doing a class and Shannon who was fabulous did reinforce that everyone is worried about the same thing. He suggested a basic class and build up as well as my fitness with the cardio. I must admit that I think I may go for the Glenelg gym and as I live by myself and have no partner I do have extra time, perhaps a workout after work one day, a morning session and a even after dinner is all suitable, I may vary the times i go a bit. Janice has been my inspiration for the gym - being a fitness freak and jogging is my dream and a sure way to maintain my weight oncesat goal and in the meantime help me lost those kilos, plus I think it is good for me emotionally and mentally. Anyway, enough of me for the moment. Keep you posted. Update with online dating - now have 17 requests - some are boys - I don't want a 24 year old but a few possibilities, so feel a bit better about this.

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Tania said...

Oh it's exciting isn't it? I can't wait until daylight savings comes around and I get to join up too! I'm too much of a realist to try and fit it in now plus Mikayla will be a bit older then!

Where is the new gym at Glenelg? As to feeling a bit dubious about doing classes, look at it this way, you only need feel like that the first time.

Have to admit I feel much the same way but I do prefer to focus my gym time on cardio and weights anyway so that suits me.

Great to hear about the developments in the dating world.