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Monday, July 13, 2009

I must eat more !!

The weekend has been and gone and was far far too busy. Unfortunately, the following weekend is about the same. Went to WW at the Myer Centre on Friday and had my "date" with my leader Don. Lost 300 grams which was a tad disappointing but my philosophy is not to get too bogged down with the amount or the average but as long as I am losing. Don has suggested I eat more, I find that I don't eat in between meals as I seem to forget and realise at 12.15am when it is almost lunchtime. He has suggested, and I agree it is a good idea, to enter a reminder in outlook to pop up on my computer screen. A really good idea, why didn't I think of that. So I have brought in my planned snacks and trying to re-train myself to start having morning and afternoon tea. I had a busy weekend as I said before, had a lunch at the Strand at Glenelg which is fabulous and planned my meal, luckily they have their menu on-line and Don has been there before so we planned what we I was going to eat and allowed myself 2 glasses of wine as a treat. I haven't had a lot of wine whilst on WW, mainly as when I do allow myself to have a glass of wine, I want to be able to enjoy it. Sunday, I went to Victor Harbor with my friend Karen, I must admit I could have been better but when I got home I tracked every morsel of food I ate and although I went over with my points, I will save enough during the week to make up for it. Today I measured out my 2 litres of water and plan to try and drink that before I leave work tonight. Tonight I have an appointment with Gensis Gym which is opening at Glenelg, ideally located not far from home and right near where I park my car to catch the tram to work. My friend Joanne is coming with me, she is thinking of joining but is interested in toning mainly, she has cardio equipment at home and luckily only needs to maintain, but if she decides to go ahead with it, we might try and go to at least 1 session a week together. I am inspired with the gym, I think mentally it is good for me with the gym opening in September. Janice Haley from the WW site who has got to goal on Saturday with a weight loss of 1.3 managed to lose good numbers at the end and that is because she NEVER went over her points and managed to fit in the gym as part of her new life, this has inpsired me. It will also be good for me when I don't have a lot on socially to go and do a workout. Overall, things are going well and I am feeling the momentum building, I am determined that this week should have a good weight loss and tonight will do a DVD which I found in my cupboard which is an old WW video with a fit strip so hopefully it will help, with the rain it is a bit hard to walk tonight. Anyway, enough rambling. Have a good week.

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Julie said...

I had a hard time understanding eating more was going to make me loose weight. I do get it now.
If planned correctly snacks in between meals is a great way to rev up metabolism.