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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So far so good

Well, this week is dragging. Life isn't too bad. The eating between meals is going along fine, the outlook reminder at 10.30am and 3.30pm is working a treat. The weather has been wet and cold in Adelaide so the walking hasn't been happening but I am hoping to get a walk or two in with Vince the wonderdog on the weekend. Back to eating Nestle Diet yoghurt, I swap between Nestle and the Forme and find the passionfruit one that Nestle puts out quite delicious. I love the fact that sometimes I really crave a yoghurt and other times they get thrown away as they are out of date. I am trying to give my diet variety to keep my system on its toes. On Monday night my girlfriend Jo (one of the 4 Joanne's i know) went to see about the new gym that is opening at Glenelg. We have different reasons for going but as she is my best friend I know she will be a great support and is a very determined and focused person so ideal to go. She won't cancel on me. All seemed good, the gym is brand new with the proposed opening date of 15/10/09. The hours they are opening are really good and I am pleased with the proposal they put in and considerate that women have different issues to men. For example, they have a steam room which they have put one in the mens change rooms and one for the females as they believe some females wouldnt be happy to go where men are. I agreed. They also have great facilities, straighteners in both men and women's change rooms, a lounge where you can get coffee etc which is ideal. Jo and I anticipate we will together do a Sunday morning 9.15am yoga class together. So between now and October 2009 I will try and get my walks in, but really what is important is that I focus and get my food under control - it is under control but ensure that the routine and losses are consistent and then I can focus on increasing my exercise. Anyway, not much more to report. I am hoping for a good weight loss this Friday when I have my "date" with my leader Don.

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Tina said...

Good to hear you so positive Martine. The new gym sounds very flash. You are lucky to have someone to go with that you can rely on.

Good luck with your weigh in.