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I am 49 and heading for 50. This is about me, the highs and lows and a lot of stuff re weight loss, so follow me and see wha I am up to !!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The latest !

Well everyone, I went to Myer in Rundle Mall and enquired about their WW Life Centre's. Must admit to being pretty impressed and the one on one for me is ideal. I find that i am too busy at WW meetings comparing myself to everyone else and the meetings often get off track. Shazzywomble is only casual, so I have booked in at 5.20pm next Friday to see a lady called Toni. Toni remarkably has lost 70 kilos on WW. God, can you believe that. Apparently according to the lady I spoke to Toni is very good at food etc. I think she will be beneficial to me as I can grab all her knowledge. Anyway, I am going to tell everyone about it - I think perhaps I need to be accountable - but not my family. My friends and acquaintances. The online dating is such a weird experience. The men come on strong without meeting me - I know I am fussy so I just have to relax a bit and not let my weight be such an issue. Anyway, so I am just going to relax this week and focus on next Friday5 June 2009 as my start date. I really think the one on one is going to be great. I always have believed that if the leader weighed you the WW meetings would record more losses. Anyway, meeting "glenelg guy" today at 1pm for a coffee - I do think he is a tad short but we will see....He somehow thinks we are going to be great mates - me - I am not sure about it. How can I when I dont know him. Plus I am a spark type of girl. If the spark is there, then I will be happy. I can't quite get over the number of people that have meet their husbands/partners from online dating.....I suppose in 2009 that is the way we do it. Does my head in though. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have decided

Well, since Monday I have been doing on-line dating on Oasis. That is another blog entry in itself. I have decided my weight holds me back so much. My online photo is fabulous but does only show my head. I am going to do WW Lifestyle at Myers and hopefully get Shazwomble. It is a little more expensive but right for me. I need to start feeling good about myself - I cant be pr0-active if I am feeling so self conscious. That is my for the moment. Martine

I have gone off the rails

Hi everyone. To be honest I am not sure what to write. Let me put it this way, I am totally off the rails. I havent followed the plan for over a month - my heart is not in it. I need to decided what I am doing. I really havent been great since my original leader left, I think I need to either go back to her or go to the Myer WW Lifestyle centre which would fit in with my busy schedule. I have lost my mojo. I know doing it by myself just doesnt work as I will just have chocolate and twisties for dinner. Anyway, I am going to Broken Hill on Friday and will be back on Monday night. Whilst i am up there I will have a think. I may go to the Myer Centre to see Shazzywomble who does a Friday. I know what to do, there isnt much I learn from the meetings even though I enjoy them. I will post later - I just need to think about what I am doing. The joys of it all. martine

Friday, May 8, 2009

Update on the trials and tribulations of Martine

Hi everyone. I am really off the rails, not sticking to the WW program very well and accordingly am feeling down and depressed. But I went to WW on Wed night and gained 800grams, but saying that TOM is still to arrive and am feeling quite bloated. My gorgeous leader has come back after being away for a month and I must admit not staying for the meetings as I couldn't stand the relief leader. So, Doreen (the leader) and I had a big chat on Wednesday and I feel 200% better. For me, it is important to have a good relationship with my leader, now that she is back I like to be able to say to her at each meeting how much weight I have lost. I suppose on reflection my going off the rails has been becuase she is away. Saying that, there are other leaders that I like and could have gone to them. There is no one to blame but mysel. Doreen said that she finds alot of people perhaps lose their way but get back on track and get to goal. Although I have been a bad girl, funnily enough I never thought of quitting. I have made some good food choices and planned my eating and stayed for the meeting. Obviously, the meetings are a vital part of my success. Anyway, I am pleased to say that I am feeling a lot better. My sleeping has been at an all time low and it is hard sometimes to have energy for the day and be positive when all you are doing is craving food, a side affect of feeling so tired. But I am focused and want to have a good weight loss this week. I have just turned down a dinner invite for Sat night becuase I just want to concentrate on WW this week. I do enjoy the planning of meals etc and am hoping to experiement with food a bit more. Anyway, that is me at the present. As Doreen and I discussed my emotional issues are caused by lack of sleep and also my weight. So, feeling better about myself through weight loss is what I need to aim for.