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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have gone off the rails

Hi everyone. To be honest I am not sure what to write. Let me put it this way, I am totally off the rails. I havent followed the plan for over a month - my heart is not in it. I need to decided what I am doing. I really havent been great since my original leader left, I think I need to either go back to her or go to the Myer WW Lifestyle centre which would fit in with my busy schedule. I have lost my mojo. I know doing it by myself just doesnt work as I will just have chocolate and twisties for dinner. Anyway, I am going to Broken Hill on Friday and will be back on Monday night. Whilst i am up there I will have a think. I may go to the Myer Centre to see Shazzywomble who does a Friday. I know what to do, there isnt much I learn from the meetings even though I enjoy them. I will post later - I just need to think about what I am doing. The joys of it all. martine

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