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Friday, February 27, 2009

The last few days

My Leader
Well, I am pleased to say I am "bonding" with my leader Doreen. She has been marvellous and encouraging of me and advised me on Wednesday she thought I was embracing the whole WW thing. I suppose I am and am pleased we are starting to connect. I enjoy the fact that she is interested in how I am going and after all, this journey will be a while till I get to goal. So overall I am happy and will be staying on Wednesday night.
Libby and I walked again this morning. She meets me at Morphett Road and I walk back with her to Marion Road and she leaves me and then I walk back to Morphett Road. I timed myself this morning and it is a 45 minute walk, although on the way back today I was speed walking as I was so in need to go to the toilet I nearly wet my pants ! BUT I have done it and the waking and meeting her is going well. I am tired when I get back but at least the walk is done for the day and any other walking is a bonus. I still walk with Karen for an hour on Sunday morning and might leave Saturday as a day of rest. My mate Joanne's daughter is about to leave home and has suggested a walk night one night a week, so if I can walk with her that is a bonus.
My food intake has been good and am pleased with how that is going. I didnt go out to dinner last night as I didnt feel well but as I hardly ate during the day I did have some gnocchi for dinner and it was great for a change. Tonight is my dinner at Jolley's so hopefully I can find a reasonable main course, I have saved points and as a treat will have a dessert. Overall not much to report, thankfully I am free on Saturday so I can have a good eating day to compensate for tonight's meal which may be a little naughty. Will report in on the weekend.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I would do a cart wheel if I would !

Yesterday I had a RDO off and it was delightful. Got the car serviced and was going to start the spring cleaning ! That didnt happen. Caught up with my WW mate Tania and we chatted over a coffee about all things WW and how you cant let the scales dictate your success. Areas of improvement for me are exercising and water. I drink water but need to be a bit more consistent with it when I am at home. Went to my meeting today. As I had a big weight loss last week I was concerned about gaining weight. Low and behold I lost 0.4 and was thrilled with that result. Today's subject was exercise so I put my hand up and advertised for a walking buddy to walk with me at 6am and FOUND ONE. Libby who is a bit of a talker, yes more than me is going to meet me at 6.15am in the morning for a 30 to 45 minute walk. I am thrilled as it is hard to get up to walk by yourself and am hoping that this will become a regular event. I am just so happy about this as I need to have a walking partner to get into a routine. I SMS'd my WW mates - Tania and Karen and it is great to have such support and vice versa. Well, I am so inspired for another week. This week I will continue to track my food. I have three nights out eating. Tomorrow with Jo and Mike at a Thai place -so can track points for that and a few wines, Friday night at a 5 star restaurant but they have the menu on line so I just need to study that and my other Joanne's daughter is 21 and we are having a sunday lunch which may be a BBQ so I can handle that and will take some mineral water and hold off on the wine. I just need to calculate how much these meals out will be point wise and work around that. I am proud of myself, alright I would like the loss to be more but I am honestly happy that I am in the groove and have the weight loss headset starting to happen. I now think of my Wednesday result first before I eat, most of the time if it is something naughty then I say no because I want to lose weight more. DID I SAY THAT. This is a journey of self discovery for me. Oh, my friend Joanne (I have three) and I meet for coffee each Wednesday, although she is my best friend she isnt aware of my weight loss yet - I want to wait for a while yet but anyway she comment on my complexion. I normally have good skin at the best of times but it has improved and is so clear. There you go another benefit of healthy eating. I have my clothes out for my 6am walk. Yay for me.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday again

I for one do not like Mondays. I couldnt get out of bed this morning and would have rather cuddled up to the wonderdog Vince. Anyway, the weekend food wise wasnt too bad. Saturday I did go over my points but that was me not being able to tell Michael that I didnt want pizza. But there is a lesson to be learnt. My water intake was dismal and I must try and improve that. I am focused on the week ahead and finding that I am enjoying more and more my fish meals and trying ways to cook them. Friday night I am going out with my mate Gill and we are spending our 2008 lotto winnings and going to Jolleys Boathouse for dinner. Jolleys Boathouse is one of the better restaurants in Adelaide so I am trying to preplan what I can eat, luckily they have a menu on line. Not much to report but just focused on the road ahead and being kind to myself.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thank God it is Friday

Well Friday at last. It is always a good feeling. I am feeling a million dollars today. It is surprising what a good weight loss will do for a girl. I am so inspired and determined to have another good week. Tonight babysitting the kids so am going to try and pop past a Coles on the way and get a WW meal so that I am good and a diet yoghurt. Michael is coming over on the weekend for dinner so I thought I might try one of those stir fry recipes in the lasted WW magazine - he does not know I am on WW and although it is nothing to be afraid of I want to be well on the way before I blurt out what I am doing. Somehow this is a personal crusade. I have Tuesday off work as my RDO so other than having the car serviced I am going to do a spring clean. Whilst I am waiting for the car to be serviced I am going to walk down to McCafe from the car service centre and have a skim latte - no food and then walk home and get stuck into it - that will burn some extra bonus points. Anyway, this weekend somehow doesnt faze me - I just realise if I plan and track I cant go wrong.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weight loss results

Well went to WW last night and recorded a weight loss of 1.4 which I am absolutely thrilled about. A lot of effort went into this loss. I have tracked every morsel that went into my mouth, planned like you wouldn't believe and focused 100% on the task ahead as I was shattered by last weeks 600 gram gain. I also ate more. There you go - the results speak for themselves and that result is with 3 meals out this week. It just motivated me all the more and determined to try for another reasonable week this week, I am aware the week following a big loss should be small but will do exactly the same and try for a loss of any description. I am babysitting the niece and nephew tomorrow night so will take a WW meal with me and that way it makes life a little easier. I suppose what I learned this week was the valuable lesson of eating enough and tracking. I knew exactly where I was this week with what I ate. I find e-tools such a valuable tool to use. Anyway, I plan to proceed with the week as I did last week. On the leader front the new leader actually came up to me and chatted and I feel a little better about her, she told me not to focus on certain amounts each week and trying for big numbers as overall it does balance itself out and really it isnt good. I found her to be compassionate and helpeful so now I am in two minds about the move to a new leader. Karen is happy to do whatever I want to do, I may stick with Doreen for a while and see where I go. I do find the meetings go off track a bit but as much as this sounds horrible there are alot of joiners at the beginning of the year, in a few months I have no doubt numbers will dwindle. Enough of me. I am a happy little camper.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Martine's Monday Memo

The weekend - Foodwise
Well the weekend has been and gone. I am very proud of myself. As I do not eat in between meals, purely because I just am not hungry, I ensure my meals are a reasonable size and my points allocation for the day is okay and not too low. I have learned that when I am on WW and my eating is good I do not eat enough !!!! When I am off WW I eat too much - one does have to laugh. On Friday night I went to the Central Market and brought some Ling Fish and had 400grams - a lot of fish I know but low in points and a really nice fish and not too fishy. Got home and just was not hungry and fluffed around till 7pm and then cooked the fish with some Moroccan seasoning and steamed broccoli, beans and bok choy and it was absolutely fabulous and did enjoy it. Saturday night I went to Michael's for Valentines and just had some Rose wine and some take away chinese. I had a light day that day but the points add up with the wine, rice and a schezuan beef it adds up point wise and so planning when eating out if always a priority for me. Sunday I had Joey's 55th birthday at the Robin Hood. I looked up the menu on line and worked out previously what I was eating. Ordered grilled barrumundi without chips and steamed greens. I had 2 glasses of wine and a capuccino and turned down dessert when everyone else was eating. The others were drinking Rockford Alicante my absolute favorite wine and I had 2 glasses and just sat on water and mineral water. So overall I am damn pleased with my weekend eating. I do think preplanning is the key and I am not afraid to get the menu emailed or faxed to me that way I can plan what I am eating. On Friday I am out to lunch at the Melting Pot on King William Road a very impressive place to eat -Gill and I are spending our X Lotto winnings so again i will ask if they have a menu on line or can they fax me a copy.
Weight Watchers Leader update
After our last meeting I was annoyed that we had no word on our leader. We had a leader from another meeting (Doreen) who just didnt impress me and no control over the meeting but saying that was a nice enough person. I emailed Weight Watchers and sought from them details of our leader. I strongly put it that we had a fabulous leader in Jean in that she was compassionate and I really loved her meetings, as does my friend Karen who I go to WW with. Anyway, I said the people at the meeting were stressed and that we needed to know what was going on. WW promptly telephoned me back and talked to me for a while on the phone. They advised we arent getting Jean back and Doreen will now be our leader. I was impressed though that WW advised me of Jean's meetings that we could go to - I was impressed with WW that they responded to my email promptly and were quite supportive and happy to help. Karen and I will be going to Jean's Monday meetings in a few weeks, Karen is going to QLD for a week or so and until she returns I will keep going with Wednesday night meetings. Monday actually will be good as if I eat out it is during the weekend and it allows me to have points saved in the bank in case I need them. AND the weekends I will be aware that I am having to weigh in on Monday.
Week Ahead
Well this week I just want to keep on going the way I have been. I am hoping for a good weight loss on Wednesday night. I am sure slow and steady does it. I absolutely refuse to get into the mindset of what my average is. I dont want to know - all I want to know is that I am doing the right thing and that my food, water, points, exercise intake is okay - the scales may not show what I want them to show, lets face it we all want that magical 1kg figure but I am happy to be losing and am sure that all those losses just add up. After all this is a lifestyle change, the exercise must become a part of my every day life, the food changes I have made will become the norm and I am sure the way to go as far as maintenance goes is getting weighed monthly and bloody tracking and pointing. This should become a way of life.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Down but not out

Well I went to the WW in the city, all excited about getting on the scales as I was expecting a big loss. Was I wrong or what. Gained 600 grams and was devastated. I am going to take my tracker to my next meeting for them to look at. I discussed food with Tania last night and going to increase my carbohydrate intake and increase my food a bit. I do think it still gets down to the fact I may not be eating enough. Anyway, I was upset but realise this is a journey and there will be ups and downs. I am absolutely determined to have the maximum loss I can. I can only do what I can do but I am sure that this week I can get a big loss. Anyway, what is done is done and I must move on. I expect 1.1 at least next week. It can be done. I am determined to run my own race and try not to compare myself to others. These things happen unfortunately as I thought I was really good actually. Oh well.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday chatter

Well I am relieved it is so cool today.
My boss took me to lunch today with a few other people. We went to the Star of Siam in Gouger St which is a fabulous Thai restaurant. I had a dish with Rice Noodles, vegies and beef - as I had not had a lot of red meat over the last few weeks in a light sauce and had a mineral water when others were having wine so I was pleased with choice and very core orientated. I am due to weigh in tomorrow but having dinner with my mate Tania and talking all about all things WW so I will weigh in either Thursday or Friday lunchtime in the city as they have changed around the meetings. Tania is one of my bloggers I read and a great friend. I did tell one of the people who organises the WW meetings around the place that it seemed silly to have so many 12pm lunch time meetings and not any 1 to 2pm meetings as people either have 12 to 1 lunch or 1 to 2 lunch. Anyway since it has been changed around I am going to sit in on the Friday meeting as well as my Wed meeting - it all helps and it would be good perhaps to meet some new WW people that I could perhaps meet at lunch times or convince them to go for a walk with me. Karen and I are hopefully walking again Sun morning before I go out for a 55th birthday and I would like to do another long walk that evening so will see who I can round up. I find I walk further and enjoy it more when I walk with someone. Not much else to report. I still am thinking alot about WW but I suppose that is part of the process and I am sure that as the weight comes off the thinking will subside. I suppose it isnt a race. I find on the exercise front there is some big competition as to who does the most exericse. I believe it is essential to do it but too much doesnt always reflect on the scales. Okay we shouldnt be scales orientated but if we are to get to WW goal then I am afraid the scales will have to say 71 kgs first. I am enjoying the planning of my menus and am hoping that I can discover a few new recipes which can be frozen so that I dont have to cook each night. I still do not have a proper leader. We had the lady from Glenelg who was nice but had no control over the meeting. I am hoping for Shazzywomble or a guy Tina knows who is undergoing training. A man might be good.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday again but at least it is cool

Well I dont quite know where the weekend went. Got up at 6am this morning to walk, looked outside and it was dark and then went back to bed. I suppose I just need to get my head around the fact that I may walk in the day. Ideally mornings are good as then the exercise is done for the day. Yesterday was a good food day, threw out my vintage light cheese slices - they are 2points per slice and real cheese - anyway hate wasting food but if I am going to nibble on them or find them difficult to be in the house, then I am throwing it out. Tonight Vince and I will go for our walk, that little dog will enjoy it now it is cooler. I am hoping for 45 minutes or so. Vince does need to build up his fitness but my plan is to walk every day and have Saturday off. So 6 walks a week is alot of points plus we all know we must use more energy than food. I have read various blogs - especially in the USA and it does make me realise that the mental aspect of losing weight sometimes is harder than eating the food. I can see a difference in the headspace over the last week and I am sure with each passing week it just gets easier. My birthday is in August so I want to use that as a major goal. I am telling myself as well that the exercise does help with my energy levels - that in itself gets me out walking.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Out exercising at 9am on a Sunday morning

Well I was up and out at Glenelg Jetty at 9am on a SUNDAY walking with Karen. Walked for 60 minutes so that is approximately 3.5 points earned. Feel much better for it and we both enjoyed it. I do believe exercising with someone is always better. Anyway have a bit of energy so going to get into the housework. I think once I increase my exercise and then the intensity that my energy levels will increase. My energy levels are not helped by my insomnia. I may even take Vince for a 30 minute walk tonight as I want to increase the duration of my walks with him. Everyone was out and about early doing their exercise and it was good to get that sea air into our lungs. Afterwards we had a quick coffee and chat about the life and the universe. I am pretty proud of myself that I was out of bed at 8am on a Sunday. Yesterday was a good food day and today has started off good. Must dash that washing is calling me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Additional Exercise

Well it is bloody hot outside and I walked to the Workers Compensation Tribunal and back. Additional exercise, I realised whilst I was walking back that even on the days I cant get to do exercise for an hour, I can at least do additional exercise like getting off the tram earlier - well when they are working. Food for thought I think. ' Just read Tina's blog - that girl has lost regularly and her weekly average is really good. It reinforces my belief about getting your head into gear. Joanne's blog is the same. Once a long time ago a leader said anyone can follow the food plan, it is getting their heads into gear that is the problem. After all I am the master of my own destiny. My mother says that saying and it used to drive me absolutely crazy and am loath to admit it, but she is right. I can and will get to 71 kgs and look a goddess.

My ramblings

Not alot happening. With the food front it hasnt been a good day yesterday, I am unsure as to why really so really need to get myself into gear today. It is very hot but I am going to walk to the Workers Compensation Tribunal at lunch to file some documents rather than posting them. My hairdresser wants me to join her gym and she has a trainer a few times a week and come along with her. It is food for thought but it just gets down to money. Another idea was to join Fernwood in the city and I could go during lunch or straight from work. I need to evaluate how I am going with exercise, would I stick to it. Obviously for me the ideal option is going with someone. Anyway, the food is sorted out reasonably well. Of course I have a few hiccups but after all I still have a long way t o go to get myself totally out of my bad habits. Exercise is really the next thing I need to work on, I know the benefits are immense and not only from the weight loss point of view. I would love a devoted exercise partner to go along with - so maybe my hairdresser's option is the way to go. Anyway, i will think about it. On the WW grapeview today is Shazzywomble's training assessment - I am sending her positive vibes and Tina advises me her leader's husband is undergoing training as well. A male perspective would be good I think. The ideal leader is someone that understands but is supportive at the same time. Luckily this weekend is quiet. I am cooking dinner for my my brother Matt, Sister In Law Beth and my 3 angels Angus, Oliver and Jess - so Saturday night should be alot of fun. I will report in later on.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finally !!!!!

Well here I am, sitting at my computer with a smile on my face. Great news. Went for my weigh in and lost 1.3 kgs. I dont think I have done anything that different PLUS my period arrived this morning so I am thrilled with that. I got on the scales quite stressed - even my weigher commented. I made an excuse as to why I was stressed and kept saying over and over in my head "please please let me lose". I know I did everything right but the body is a weird thing, the week you think you may lose you gain - go figure. As I have said the week after my period is normally the week to watch so I am now going to be extra careful this week, luckily I dont have that much on socially. Sometimes we just dont understand our bodies. I was expecting a loss but not this so it has inspired me to keep doing what I am doing. I refuse to let the scales dictate to me what is an acceptable loss. At the moment I am truly content with any loss however small. The journey is along one and it is unrealistic to think you can lose 1kg every week. Others may disagree but I think I am honest with myself. Eventually the figures on my little blue WW book all add up. Unfortunately there is still no news on my leader. I personally dont think WW know what they are doing but saying that I really am hoping we get a good one. Ultimately the ball is in my court as far as WW goes. It is up to me to stick to the program but as many of you will agree a good leader is an invaluable tool and the support through the good times and bad times helps. Shazzywomble (aka Sharon from her blog) is doing her leader training on Friday - god I would love her class as she has lost a mammoth amount of weight. Our temp leader was good but had no control over the meeting, it annoyed me rather an inspired me. I am going to be patient and see what eventuates. Karen my WW buddy lost as well this week - she hasnt been for a while so she was thrilled with that. Going together does help and we are a support to each other and support each other each week. . If we manage to lose during a heat wave then I think we are both doing okay. We are both going for a walk on Sunday, it should be enjoyable as long as it isnt too hot and hopefully a weekend walk will be a regular thing if we can fit it in our schedule or some other times during the week. She has also suggested a 30 minute walk during the lunch hour and she can collect me and we can walk around the South Terrace walking tracks. At least we have a shower at work now so I can do that and still have time for a quick bit to eat and quick shower. With this week ahead I will keep following what I am doing. I am do CORE/Simply filling but for the next few weeks as I did this week I will point the Core foods to ensure my serving sizes are within my daily points total. I will attempt to get a few walks in with the worlds best dog. Anyway, must go as I think the worlds best dog needs a cuddle and to told how damn cute he is. Can you imagine what type of mother I would have been.
So plan is to track, ensure my food is good, do some exercise and think positive.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Day in the heat

Last night when I got home it was slightly cooler. The dog has a little more energy and there was a bit of a breeze but....................the powers above have given us another hot day. I normally catch the tram to work from Glenelg to the Adelaide City Centre, during that 25 minute trip I read and relax or mentally plan my day ahead or think about how I am going to approach the day food wise if I have a difficult day ahead or I am a bit emotional. At present as the tracks are bending in the heat I am driving in. It doesnt put me in a good frame of mind when I get to work. Food wise I havent been too bad. Had a great meal last night. I always have some quick and easy meals in the freezer or pantry for the days when I simply cant be bothered. I dug out of the freezer some Birds Eye lightly seasoned fish fillets, I hadnt had these before and they were simply divine. There was only a very very light coating on the outside and they were a good size at 2.5 points per fillet with some WW wedges and a lovely salad with balsamic dressing I was in heaven. I must admit to having a bit of a fish addiction at present. I suppose at least it isnt Mars Bars or Twisties. My weigh in tomorrow so I am hoping for a reasonable result. My period is due around now but I am normally lighter before I get it and heavier after - go figure as the rest of the population is the other way around but I think it is important to realise that for me there MAY be out of every 4 weeks a week that I may gain or have a small loss. My WW buddy has asked me to think of a goal for myself. Of course the wedding she is having in 2010 is her goal. I have thought long and hard and thought I might use her wedding as a goal myself. As I am single sometimes it is hard to go away by yourself - I never ever go away for holidays (well except to my parents) so I could use a trip to Fiji as my goal and as she is getting married at sunset the thought of myself in a lovely strappy feminine dress is a nice thought. I didnt watch the Biggest Loser last night. I may do so on the weekend and watch the shows i have taped. It is always the emotional element of the show that gets me and I suppose alot of overweight people can relate to it. I had some bad news last night. My cousin's 18 year old daughter Lauren was killed in a motor vehicle accident near Freeling in South Australia last night. I personally didnt really know her as she lived in Mildura, Victoria but it makes you think that life is short. I need to make the most of the life I have ensure each day I am happy and content. Plus another reason to get this damn weight off once and for all. Joanne's blog she has made comment about getting her head into gear (or something similar to that). I must admit to agreeing with her Once you work out why you eat, work out a strategy the rest falls in place. I do know why I eat - I feel I am invisible to the males of this world and have compensated with food for not being married and missing out on having children. Now that I am 45 I realise that perhaps I didnt help myself. I am feeling confident about the week ahead with my food. I have dinner at my brother's place on Sat night so I know that will be okay. As it is hot I dont tend to go far so it will be salads for me. Stay Cool.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Could it possibly get any hotter in Adelaide

Adelaideans are suffering through an intolerable heatwave. The only consolation with being so damn hot 24/7 is that my consumption of water is through the roof. Overall my weekend was good. No exercise but as I previously stated with 40 plus temps it is just hot to be walking the streets - others may disagree but I am trying to make exercise an enjoyable event. My good buddie Karen came over. She is on WW with me and goes to my meetings and is getting married in Fiji in June 2010. So we are trying to focus on the task ahead, get the weight off and be a support person for each other. We had a truly lovely night and she does understand where I come from with lots of things. We watched the biggest loser last night and couldnt get over the married couple and how at 34 she looked 54. I cant remember her name but she was the one that cried with Shannon. I admire those people that can show themselves in their undies to the entire world and their family and friends. All right, the Biggest Loser is unrealistic in that they are exercising 4 hours a day but what I find compelling is the emotional journey. I admired the girl that went and got the bin and threw her meal away - that took guts and she is in the zone. I was really proud of her. The next few days before my WW weigh in I am just going to do what I have been doing and with the heat you dont feel like eating much anyway so it will be lots of salads this week. I am eating out of the freezer at present and will restock it and have a few recipes that I want to try and can freeze so will do that on the weekend. It is relaxing fluffing around the kitchen and now I am really focused on getting together a good collection of recipes of food that I enjoy and that when I entertain that are impressive and I know the points value. I suppose e-tools is fabulous for that, especially the recipe builder. Karen and I are planning a couple of lunch time walks when the weather is cooler and I am hoping we might fit a good walk in on the weekend together. I have read a post on a blog from elisa - will post her blog later today and she has some good sites for podcasts. Makes me more determined to get an ipod but want to only get it as a reward for weight loss. I realise that patience is what is required to get my weight off. It isnt just a matter of following a plan but incorporating it into your life, being able to entertain within the program, being able to go out and be happy to make the healthy choice and not feel terrible that you were deprived of that schnitizel and chips. The mindset is what it is about. I am determined to get to my 71 kgs. I am here for the long haul and realise that I love following WW and trying to make interesting and more importantly meals that I love and finding new recipes. I am now following blogs and hopefully will have people comment on mine, I find that somehow reassuring that some people are enjoying what I write. It is from the heart and no holes barred. I need to start believing I am a vibrant and great person and not just a body. With weight loss I am sure will come confidence. It is now 4.27am and I must try and get some sleep otherwise today is going to be a long day.