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Monday, February 16, 2009

Martine's Monday Memo

The weekend - Foodwise
Well the weekend has been and gone. I am very proud of myself. As I do not eat in between meals, purely because I just am not hungry, I ensure my meals are a reasonable size and my points allocation for the day is okay and not too low. I have learned that when I am on WW and my eating is good I do not eat enough !!!! When I am off WW I eat too much - one does have to laugh. On Friday night I went to the Central Market and brought some Ling Fish and had 400grams - a lot of fish I know but low in points and a really nice fish and not too fishy. Got home and just was not hungry and fluffed around till 7pm and then cooked the fish with some Moroccan seasoning and steamed broccoli, beans and bok choy and it was absolutely fabulous and did enjoy it. Saturday night I went to Michael's for Valentines and just had some Rose wine and some take away chinese. I had a light day that day but the points add up with the wine, rice and a schezuan beef it adds up point wise and so planning when eating out if always a priority for me. Sunday I had Joey's 55th birthday at the Robin Hood. I looked up the menu on line and worked out previously what I was eating. Ordered grilled barrumundi without chips and steamed greens. I had 2 glasses of wine and a capuccino and turned down dessert when everyone else was eating. The others were drinking Rockford Alicante my absolute favorite wine and I had 2 glasses and just sat on water and mineral water. So overall I am damn pleased with my weekend eating. I do think preplanning is the key and I am not afraid to get the menu emailed or faxed to me that way I can plan what I am eating. On Friday I am out to lunch at the Melting Pot on King William Road a very impressive place to eat -Gill and I are spending our X Lotto winnings so again i will ask if they have a menu on line or can they fax me a copy.
Weight Watchers Leader update
After our last meeting I was annoyed that we had no word on our leader. We had a leader from another meeting (Doreen) who just didnt impress me and no control over the meeting but saying that was a nice enough person. I emailed Weight Watchers and sought from them details of our leader. I strongly put it that we had a fabulous leader in Jean in that she was compassionate and I really loved her meetings, as does my friend Karen who I go to WW with. Anyway, I said the people at the meeting were stressed and that we needed to know what was going on. WW promptly telephoned me back and talked to me for a while on the phone. They advised we arent getting Jean back and Doreen will now be our leader. I was impressed though that WW advised me of Jean's meetings that we could go to - I was impressed with WW that they responded to my email promptly and were quite supportive and happy to help. Karen and I will be going to Jean's Monday meetings in a few weeks, Karen is going to QLD for a week or so and until she returns I will keep going with Wednesday night meetings. Monday actually will be good as if I eat out it is during the weekend and it allows me to have points saved in the bank in case I need them. AND the weekends I will be aware that I am having to weigh in on Monday.
Week Ahead
Well this week I just want to keep on going the way I have been. I am hoping for a good weight loss on Wednesday night. I am sure slow and steady does it. I absolutely refuse to get into the mindset of what my average is. I dont want to know - all I want to know is that I am doing the right thing and that my food, water, points, exercise intake is okay - the scales may not show what I want them to show, lets face it we all want that magical 1kg figure but I am happy to be losing and am sure that all those losses just add up. After all this is a lifestyle change, the exercise must become a part of my every day life, the food changes I have made will become the norm and I am sure the way to go as far as maintenance goes is getting weighed monthly and bloody tracking and pointing. This should become a way of life.


Joannes Journey said...

yes thank God for friends let keep in touch and encourage each other

Daria said...

It's wonderful that you plan your restraunt meals ahead of time. I tend to do the same thing. It has become very important for me. I'm not on a points system, as I quit WW 2 years ago and never went back, but I count all my calories. Like you said, wine adds up. I had some plum wine on Valentine's Day at the sushi restraunt. I only had half a glass, so I had to sip slowly....LOL

Tania said...

LOL ... you plan ahead and I take the safe option - i've been back to Bocca twice since we had dinner their a couple of weeks ago and had the warm chicken salad both times - i'm out of vouchers now until the new book is released!