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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weight loss results

Well went to WW last night and recorded a weight loss of 1.4 which I am absolutely thrilled about. A lot of effort went into this loss. I have tracked every morsel that went into my mouth, planned like you wouldn't believe and focused 100% on the task ahead as I was shattered by last weeks 600 gram gain. I also ate more. There you go - the results speak for themselves and that result is with 3 meals out this week. It just motivated me all the more and determined to try for another reasonable week this week, I am aware the week following a big loss should be small but will do exactly the same and try for a loss of any description. I am babysitting the niece and nephew tomorrow night so will take a WW meal with me and that way it makes life a little easier. I suppose what I learned this week was the valuable lesson of eating enough and tracking. I knew exactly where I was this week with what I ate. I find e-tools such a valuable tool to use. Anyway, I plan to proceed with the week as I did last week. On the leader front the new leader actually came up to me and chatted and I feel a little better about her, she told me not to focus on certain amounts each week and trying for big numbers as overall it does balance itself out and really it isnt good. I found her to be compassionate and helpeful so now I am in two minds about the move to a new leader. Karen is happy to do whatever I want to do, I may stick with Doreen for a while and see where I go. I do find the meetings go off track a bit but as much as this sounds horrible there are alot of joiners at the beginning of the year, in a few months I have no doubt numbers will dwindle. Enough of me. I am a happy little camper.


shetri said...

Hi Martine,

Congrats on the weight loss 1.4kg wow. I wish i could lose that. As you have probably read in my journal i had emotional breakdown on saturday night last week. but it still not making me focus on the journey ahead with weight loss. Why cant I focus, why cant i exersice, why am i scared.

I shouldnt be scared of pain and hard work, this will only make me stonger.
Any how congrats on you loss well done and thanks for commenting on my blog

Martine said...

Shetri, I put everything I had into this week and turned turned down lemon tart when everyone else was eating it. I am pleased that all my effort was rewarded on the scales.

♥Shaz♥ said...


What a champion effort! You go girl! ♥

Tina said...

Unreal loss Martine. It just goes to show that if you track properly it really does work.

Well done

Daria said...

Great job. Congratulations on your loss. That's a big accomplishment. I'm glad you feel better about your leader as well. I never liked mine. Ended up quiting.

* said...

Woooohoooo thats awesome Martine. Well done on having an excellent loss.

Nicky xx

Tania said...

Congrats again mate - I keep forgetting to SMS you my result when I weigh in on Saturday, must remember to do that next week!

In regards to your leader and meeting, do what feels right for you.