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Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 52 and yes it is Friday

Well today is day 52, all going well in this neck of the woods. Yesterday in Adelaide it was 31 and quite warm, today it is raining and 17 - go figure. All going well this week, feel really motivated and think it was due to the large 1.6 kg loss last week. I had planned to have this chicken dish for dinner, got home and didn't feel like it and had the risotto from the freezer. So tonight I must eat that chicken dish. The weekend is fast approaching, Vince the wonderdog is going to the groomers, I have nails and hair appointment and on Sunday meeting some girls for lunch which will be nice. Then back to work on Monday. I must take my measurements so will do so after my weigh in next week. This is a pretty boring post but glad things are going well. I think once I get to 10kgs anything I lose from then on will be starting to be significant. Anyway that is all from me for now.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 51 - all going well

Well it is Day 51, cant quite believe it and 51 days without sugar in the coffee. Although my morning latte I do have 1 sugar in it as I simply need it. It is surprising what a good weight loss will do for the motivation. The thought that each week you get closer to that goal, I am pleased with myself that I am fairly relaxed about it all. My philosophy is that it is a long journey to get to goal and then another journey on maintenance, being fairly relaxed about it all and not trying to go too over the top is the key for me but ensuring that I track, drink my water and stay within my points. Yesterday's food was perfect and I have saved some point for the weekend. I normally don't drink wine at home by myself but on the weekend thought I might make a yummy dinner on Saturday evening and a glass of Rose to go with it. The exercise needs improvement, that will come. At present I am focused on the daily ritual of tracking, drinking my water and keeping the motivation strong. I am lucky that at present the journey so far is enjoyable. I don't restrict myself, if i want a ice-cream then I have it and track it, same goes for the wine. Not much exciting to report, I did sleep slightly better last night, I think that some nights my mind is not so active, an extra hour makes all the difference. Last night's dinner ended up being frozen fish fillets which I do enjoy and are a quick easy meal. Tonight is Mediterranean Chicken which I have had in the freezer and made up using one of the packet mixes during Winter. Anyway, all good with me and I am eager for Tuesday to come to see how much I have lost this week, fingers crossed all goes well.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Days 44 to 50

Hi everyone Sorry I haven't been around, had a few days off and my home computer is about to die - time to invest in a new one. Tuesday 19/10/10 saw me lose another 500 grams and last night a whopping 1.6 kilograms, so thrilled with that. I am just chipping away and focusing on one day at a time. As you all know, I have been extremely tired, all my blood tests and ECG have come back clear, although my cholesterol level spiked a bit for some unknown reason. So it may be the weight making me so tired in conjunction with the insomnia, another reason why this weight must come off. All good on an emotional level, although at present I am not to bad and trying to focus on the present. This week the aim is to be good again as once you have a big loss, the week after is sometimes a gain is happens. I am enjoying my new meeting, my lovely leader and the WW members as well as my little group. I just know in the next 2 years I will get to goal, it is about the power of positive thinking

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Days 38 to 43 - another loss

Well it has been a while.
As you are aware I have been unwell for well over a month now, have been to my GP and had some tests undertaken, so the results should come back tomorrow. So whilst this has been happening the exercise has not been a priority, but saying that I am going to try and do some incidental exercise on my days off (Thursday to Tuesday) and perhaps get back to the gym. I went to WW last night, not sure how I was going as I don't weigh at home and am pleased to say that I don't feel the need or desire to weigh daily, there are simply too many fluctuations during a week and I am happy to be surprised by Maryanne my weigher ! I really believe that if you keep on track and have tracked honestly the scales will be your friend. It also allows me to have a relatively stress free week. Got on those scales last night and lo and behold another 500 grams off, I am happy with a constant 500 gram loss, any loss adds up in the long run. As much as we all would love those 1kg losses unless you are working out 24/7 they are just not realistic. My WW class is a beauty, Tania is always there and doing very well and so I sit with her and the other gang members. It varies from week to week how many we get - anything from 3 to 7. The good thing about the meeting is that it is a successful meeting with members which is great . There are changes in the air at WW with a new points program being introduced, members on the WW site are all upset but the change (which I gather the way the points are calculated are changing). My attitude is embrace the change, perhaps I might find the new system a lot better, don't knock it until you try it. There is a lot of talk that it is a money making scheme - what I fail to understand is why people say that, of course WW is a business, it is not a charity and after all the way we calculate points has been the same way for a long while, you can always calculate the points your old way. So, a bravo to me for being so positive when others have not been. This week I do feel the motivation is stronger than ever, mainly because on Saturday I had a 5th birthday party for a little boy I know - his mother is Greek so you can imagine it is a huge affair, I took my mineral water along with me whilst the others were drinking my favourite wine - Rockford Alicante Bouchet and did partake in a tracked piece of cake, I was pleased with my effort and saying no to various food and drink options empowered me. So, focusing on another good week with perhaps another 500 grams down.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 31 to 37 - sorry it has been a while

Well it has been a while, now what has happened. Firstly last week I went to WW and gained 300 grams, not happy but no tracking, and although I am STILL bloody sick which didnt help, if I had tracked I might have lost 300 grams instead of gaining. I haven't had an energy for such a while and constantly feel unwell, so on Saturday I have a GP for a smear test (always fun !) and a blood test to see if there is any reason why I have absolutely no energy. Well as far as exercise goes, that isn't my priority at present, it is simply too hard with me feeling so unwell. It will come as the weight comes off. This week I am concentrating on the tracking and water, that is going well and the coffee without sugar is still going well, although this morning I did have a latte with 2 sugars as I felt I needed it, so one coffee out of 37 days is okay. Have been watching intently the TV and the miners from Chile, it is so uplifting seeing a good news story. The men are so gorgeous, I do like the dark foreign types, for people that have been underground for 68 days, they certainly look good. My father was a miner and my hometown of Broken Hill is a mining town, so what happened in Chile was quite personal. Got a lovely email from an old boyfriend the other day, I am not interested but saying that it is nice to have a man at least be interested. But isn't it always the way, when you like them, they don't like you. This weekend I have a 5th birthday party for a friend of mine's child. They are Greek so you can imagine what it is like. I will bring my mineral water and skip the wine and try to say no to the dessert/birthday cake. Anyway, tonight I am going to go home, cook an omelette for dinner, do some washing and trying to be a bit more active instead of going to bed early. I know the weight doesn't help my energy levels and realise that the more weight I lose, the more energy I will have, it just takes time.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 30 and 31 - all going well

Well, days 30 and 31 aren't going to bad. Food all accounted for and tracked, water has been drunk. Still not well and have been going home from work and straight to bed after dinner but hopefully the virus will go soon. This morning whilst sitting on the side of the bed and looking down at my tummy, I can see that I have lost some weight this week, hopefully this week's loss is a good one. Haven't focused on the exercise until I am feeling better, so trying to have a few quiet nights and this weekend in particular, I will just stay around home. So, overall things are going well, this is a pretty boring post but not a lot happening. Trying to keep relaxed about the whole WW thing, it is a long journey and I don't want to get over zealous, just one day at a time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 29 - My first LITTLE gain

Well I went to WW last night, not feeling confident as my period was 12 days overdue. Weighed in and gained 200 grams, I am fine with that really as it is not a large amount and can be made up next week easily. I think the stress I have been under the last few weeks have probably not helped them being over due and menopause starting. The meeting was great, last night's subject was snacks which is not a thing I do a lot of, I never feel hungry between meals, I know they say it is better to eat regularly but if I am not hungry I fail to see why I should. If I plateau out with the weight losses, I can always start. There are some days I do have snacks but it is not everyday. At the meeting I got chatting to a couple of guys who have had remarkable weight losses and it is good to get a male's perspective on things. After the meeting Tania, Tina and myself went to Thai for dinner as a treat. I get so much support from the wonderful girls I go to the meeting with, Tuesdays are now a social outing for me as well as a weight loss meeting. Going to Mawson Lakes has really helped me no end and with the girls as support I am on a winner. This week is about exercise, I am going to try and do as much as I can and go to the gym at night but on the weekends take Vince for a few walks to get the incidental exercise happening. Tania has really inspired me and shown me that exercise can be incorporated via a pedometer, gym and incidental exercise without going over the top. There has to be a balance. This week the challenge at WW is to keep tracking, which I do and drink our water so I intend to accurately record my water intake. I am very focused this week on getting the best possible results at my next weigh in. You know, today my mindset is back to where it should be, I think with my stress levels, illness and period the combo last week didnt help. Today I am pleased to say that I feel as focused as ever. The 5 kgs is in sight. Unfortunately my 4 losses in a row haven't happened so I am back to square one. Karen has suggested I try and say 4 losses out of 5 weeks to incorporate the gain I may well have from my period. I might do that as that is realistic. So the challenge is 4 losses out of 5. Back to square one, but I am determined not to get that bag until I have earned it. So, this week is about water, tracking and exercise. I look forward to reporting a big loss next week. There has been mention of a new WW program, I am willing to embrace any change and see how it goes.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Days 24 to 28

Well, sorry I have been missing in action. Had visitors over from Sydney on Thursday night and unfortunately ill again this week-end. A regular occurrence of late. Yesterday I got stuck into the crackers and peanut butter, not sure how I will go. My period has still not arrived, I am expecting a gain today which will mean no bloody gym bag. I do feel bloated, fingers crossed but then again this is the joys of starting menopause, the sooner menopause arrives, the sooner it is finished. The weekend was relatively quite, food so so, I certainly wasn't bad at all but then I can't say I was good, about 75% good and 25% bad. The goal this week is to get stuck into the exercise in earnest. Tomorrow night, even if it kills me, I am going to go to Zumba and try it out as it does break the routine up a bit. I feel a bit lost at present, I have so many lovely and great friends but they are all in relationships, I feel a bit lost and a bit down - so need to focus on the positives and get my mind into positive territory. As I have said before, this weight loss journey is 90% mental attitude, this week as my routine has been disrupted, my positivity is not where it should be. So tonight, at least I can go to WW - face the scales and once I leave the meeting I feel good. Luckily this week is pretty quiet and I can concentrate on the exercise, I plan to wake each morning at 6am and walk Vince for 30 minutes. That is the plan. I am reminding myself that good things come to those who wait. My turn will come, I am sure. Finally, on a positive note, the sugar in the coffee is going well. I am really starting to enjoy my coffee without sugar. I do think it is really 28 days to break a habit, not 21. Perhaps I can work on a 28 day habit for the gym..........