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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Days 24 to 28

Well, sorry I have been missing in action. Had visitors over from Sydney on Thursday night and unfortunately ill again this week-end. A regular occurrence of late. Yesterday I got stuck into the crackers and peanut butter, not sure how I will go. My period has still not arrived, I am expecting a gain today which will mean no bloody gym bag. I do feel bloated, fingers crossed but then again this is the joys of starting menopause, the sooner menopause arrives, the sooner it is finished. The weekend was relatively quite, food so so, I certainly wasn't bad at all but then I can't say I was good, about 75% good and 25% bad. The goal this week is to get stuck into the exercise in earnest. Tomorrow night, even if it kills me, I am going to go to Zumba and try it out as it does break the routine up a bit. I feel a bit lost at present, I have so many lovely and great friends but they are all in relationships, I feel a bit lost and a bit down - so need to focus on the positives and get my mind into positive territory. As I have said before, this weight loss journey is 90% mental attitude, this week as my routine has been disrupted, my positivity is not where it should be. So tonight, at least I can go to WW - face the scales and once I leave the meeting I feel good. Luckily this week is pretty quiet and I can concentrate on the exercise, I plan to wake each morning at 6am and walk Vince for 30 minutes. That is the plan. I am reminding myself that good things come to those who wait. My turn will come, I am sure. Finally, on a positive note, the sugar in the coffee is going well. I am really starting to enjoy my coffee without sugar. I do think it is really 28 days to break a habit, not 21. Perhaps I can work on a 28 day habit for the gym..........

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Effie said...

28 day gym habit sounds great. Glad to hear you are going to try Zumba, it is really fun, you just have to laugh about it, well, that's what I do. I'm not the best at Zumba, but each week it's a little easier and enjoy it more as well. Hope you are feeling better soon.