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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 29 - My first LITTLE gain

Well I went to WW last night, not feeling confident as my period was 12 days overdue. Weighed in and gained 200 grams, I am fine with that really as it is not a large amount and can be made up next week easily. I think the stress I have been under the last few weeks have probably not helped them being over due and menopause starting. The meeting was great, last night's subject was snacks which is not a thing I do a lot of, I never feel hungry between meals, I know they say it is better to eat regularly but if I am not hungry I fail to see why I should. If I plateau out with the weight losses, I can always start. There are some days I do have snacks but it is not everyday. At the meeting I got chatting to a couple of guys who have had remarkable weight losses and it is good to get a male's perspective on things. After the meeting Tania, Tina and myself went to Thai for dinner as a treat. I get so much support from the wonderful girls I go to the meeting with, Tuesdays are now a social outing for me as well as a weight loss meeting. Going to Mawson Lakes has really helped me no end and with the girls as support I am on a winner. This week is about exercise, I am going to try and do as much as I can and go to the gym at night but on the weekends take Vince for a few walks to get the incidental exercise happening. Tania has really inspired me and shown me that exercise can be incorporated via a pedometer, gym and incidental exercise without going over the top. There has to be a balance. This week the challenge at WW is to keep tracking, which I do and drink our water so I intend to accurately record my water intake. I am very focused this week on getting the best possible results at my next weigh in. You know, today my mindset is back to where it should be, I think with my stress levels, illness and period the combo last week didnt help. Today I am pleased to say that I feel as focused as ever. The 5 kgs is in sight. Unfortunately my 4 losses in a row haven't happened so I am back to square one. Karen has suggested I try and say 4 losses out of 5 weeks to incorporate the gain I may well have from my period. I might do that as that is realistic. So the challenge is 4 losses out of 5. Back to square one, but I am determined not to get that bag until I have earned it. So, this week is about water, tracking and exercise. I look forward to reporting a big loss next week. There has been mention of a new WW program, I am willing to embrace any change and see how it goes.


Chris H said...

200 grams is just a piddle mate! You will do fine next week, I am sure of it.

Penny, NZ said...

I agree with your friend Martine - I like the idea of giving yourself a break with 4 out of 5 lossses rather than 4 in a row. There will always be something out of your control, whether it's your period or something else. And Chris is right - that could have been the difference between a drink of water or not on the day of the weigh in! Especially when you weigh in later in the day. Glad to hear you are determined and focussed though - well done! Hope you enjoyed the Thai food - I love Thai food and it can be very WW friendly!

Love Penny xo