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Monday, June 29, 2009

All going well

Well everyone, things are going well with the weight loss - not so good with the online dating. On the 19th June 2009 I lost 500grams and on 26th June 2009 a loss of 1.1. I am pleased with my progress and the WW at Myer. Unfortunately, Toni my leader isn't doing Friday nights now but I am seeing Don who is the husband of the leader Tina that my friends Tania and Tina go to. I love him and he has lost about 45 kilos and so found him good, as well an old leader called Di is there so I get an extra bit for my money as my appointment is at 5.20pm on a Friday it isnt a popular time so get to chat to them both before and after. Had dinner at the Belair Hotel on Sunday and sat on water for the day and turned down dessert - I am pleased with my efforts and as these people know I am on WW it helped and must admit to getting some good words of encouragement from Joey and Gill which was lovely with Gill suggesting anytime I want to walk, she will walk with me which was kind. On the tram today I was talking to an old WW weigher who has lost now 48 kilos. We chatted for a while and she agreed that losing weight is having the right mental attitude and being organised which I agree with. This week the water is my priority and to fit in a couple of walks with Vince the dog. My back is playing up so don't want to overdo it. Don (my leader) agrees that when I feel more energetic that the exercise is something I will want to do. He is surprisingly good and compassionate. This week I don't have any social events other than a dinner on Friday night, so I plan to cook a few more dishes for the freezer, which is looking pretty full at present and is all nicely labelled with the points value - makes life so easy. The online dating is a disaster but I am not worried about that, at present I want to focus on WW which does take a little time and my boss wants me to do a para legal course which I am contemplating - I think I need to be busy. Men I don't understand and I suppose they don't understand women - after all the book is right Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. So I am just focusing on what I have to do, I am not worried about averages or the amount I lose, as long as I record a loss - this is a new lifestyle change and if I want to get to goal and maintain my weight then I need to acknowledge that this is how it is going to be. After all, we can have our favorites - we just have to plan for it. Anyway, I am now just focusing on my first 5kgs which I have already planned to have a facial, something I never do. As Don says look to your first goal - 5kgs and then re-evaluate and work towards the next one and don't look at the goal weight - I agree with him. Anyway, I am pleased with my progress and how I have handled myself this last week. Of course, we always have room for improvement but considering everything I am doing well.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It is about being in the right head space

Well everyone. The Weight Watchers journey has its highs and lows. With me, the lows are associated with losing my focus and not being in the right head space. This is week 2 of my WW Myer Lifestyle Centre journey and I had a big moment last night. I have been religiously tracking, all good and bad foods and foods eating between 1am and 4am - yes they do count. Last night I went to the library, had to go to Big W and then on the way home thought I can't be bothered cooking my frittata that I was going to make, I contemplated for a second McDonald's drive thought but decided to go to the Coles up the road and get a WW frozen meal. I did that, came home popped it into the microwave and after I finished it, gave myself a pat on the back. I think being organised with your food, planning and most of all tracking helps you as well to keep that mindset happening. Although, I prefer not to eat too much processed food, there are occasions when I do. I prefer to eat whole foods and basically try at times to follow the core principles. I am going to do a cook up for the freezer on the weekend. My focus today is water and my apple. I hate fruit, my main staples are berries - frozen or fresh and pineapple. I have brought 2 apples for today and tomorrow and plan to eat them. I am already feeling better for the good eating, I will plan my treats for when I really want them. For example, I will still have McDonalds but will plan to have it and that way I will enjoy it. I believe that you have to have some flexibility with your food, not ever having Maccas is unrealistic in my point of view but planning for it is acceptable. It may mean that eventually McDonalds or the like wont appeal to me. I note with interest a lady on the WW forums called Janice . She is nearly at goal and has recorded at this stage in her journey still good numbers. It comes down to exercise and not luck. I did comment that she was lucky, in hindsite this is a ridiculous saying but the fact is, t his lady works at getting those numbers. At this stage to still be losing around a kg two weeks in a row is remarkable and more importantly inspirational. I am not at the point where exercise is a love, that will come I think during this journey when I am feeling better. I will go to the gym and already have a partner to go with - my hairdresser Kelly which is ideal. But, I want to get the food underway first. Then concentrate on the gym and perhaps if we are brave to undertake a class, I can't do that at triple figures - I would be too embarrassed. Anyway, I am pleased with my progress and trying to concentrate on what I want to achieve and to try and praise myself at the end of each day when I have been good food wise, tracked and done the right things. At the end of the day, I have the support of the WW community, friends, bloggers and myself. Vince the best dog in the world is going to get walked more as well - so that is the a bonus for him.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Yay for me !

Well, where did the weekend go. Far too quickly for my liking. In South Australia we have had a lot of rain, so it was impossible to get the washing dry, my heater died - so I was cold so it was an excuse to snuggle in bed with the world's best dog and read. Now, a lot has happened so here it goes. First Weigh In at WW at Myer Friday arrived and I went to my first weigh in. I was nervous, it all got down to being weighed by Toni and letting not only myself down, by her as well. This is exactly why WW at Myer suits me. I was greeted by an old leader that I had a huge amount of success with and like her style, I did chringe a bit as it is the old thing, been there previously and failed and thought she would think "here we go again". Luckily, Di is fabulous and is doing a variety of meetings and in particular Brighton on Sat morning. Anyway, she agreed that she had seen my name on the list and had thought WW at Myer would be perfect for me, she is right. Toni greeted me and I got on the scales. My period was due - still hasn't arrived ! My rings were tight and I thought god I hope I don't gain. I lost 700 grams and really happy with that. Any loss is good for me. I brought the new cookbook which is really excellent and full of recipes from WW Leaders. We chatted about my week ahead and I had a Thai meal out and suggested some alternatives, although I thought stir fries were good, she reminded me that amount of oil they are cooked in. Luckily, I had downloaded the menu which was a help. Overall, it was good and I am anxious for my next weigh in. Although this week I need to concentrate on my water intake. Men ! I could write a book on this subject. I do not understand them at all. 2 Weeks ago I meet John who I thought we got on fabulously, asked if he wanted to catch up which he happily and enthusiastically agreed to. Obviously, he has had a change of thought as there is no answer to my emails. So I just sent one off saying to the effect, you are not interested - that is fine. Friday meet a really really nice guy called Neil, we got on really well and he was the first that I thought it would be nice to see him again and perhaps catch up over a meal. After our lunch on Friday, I asked if he was interested in catching up again, he also said yes and now has ignored my emails and even when we are online at the same time I get the silent treatment. I don't have any problems with them not being interested but have enough balls to say so. I hate liars. I have 2 more in the wings to meet. Bill a teacher but not sure about him as he has 3 kids and Brenton who likes wine. I suppose it is going to be a long journey but really, should it be this hard. I always think they arent interested because I talk a lot and am voluptous (ie FAT). This I am sure is to overcompensate for my lack of esteem. Like when I meet the online girls recently, I was so nervous about meeting Sam, Jo and Kazz that I nearly passed out. So I talked a lot to cover the nerves. Anyway, when I do meet someone, the next lot of questions I ask myself is about body issues. I am confident that I am well groomed, but once I strip off - yikes...........But, with WW i am hoping to improve that part. Food My food intake has been good, my midnight eating is a problem and working towards that. I am trying to cook a new meal each week and Toni suggests variety is so imporTant. On Saturday after getting my nails done, I headed down to Cibo's for a latte. Normally, Gill and I have half a foccaccia together which is still around 9-10 points. So wait for it. I ordered a skim latte and a bowl of fruit salad, can I say that again FRUIT SALAD. I don't particularly like Fruit but realised this was my only choice and enjoyed it. I was so proud of myself, it was a mega milestone for me. With the right headset you can do anything. I have a lovely group of friends and I am the only one not in a relationship, so Saturday nights is a shocker for me, so I have decided that on this night I would have a couple of glasses of wine (pointed of course) and a nice meal and make the most of this. I am feeling a bit left out at present, so am glad that I have WW to focus on at present. Don't get me wrong, they are glorious people but after all - they do look after themselves first. Anyway, I am focused on the week ahead and my next weight loss.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

General Update

Well, last Friday I went to Myers in Rundle Mall, and in particular their WW Lifestyle Centre which did impress me. I like the idea of one on one. My Leader was Toni who had lost 73.4 kilograms and she was pure inspiration. It was interesting to note that she didn't have any lose skin, apart from some on her stomach which probably relates to childbirth more than weight loss. She was insightful and told me that it took 18 months approximately for the skin to go back. Certainly, after 73.4 kilos i was impressed with how she looked. The one on one works for me purely as it identifies my problems and I don't get lost in the meetings.
I have been reasonably good, went and got my groceries on the weekend and nearly passed out about how expensive everything is. To eat healthy costs a fortune, I can't see how so many people say it doesn't. But, I am starting to feel better and am happy how I have gone. For one, I realised after perusing the points guide, which overall had a bigger impact on me than the e-tools. I realised my portion sizes have been way too big. Another significant aspect is that it dawned on me that I need to be 100% focused and not to reward myself with food when I have a good lose on a Friday. With TOM due on Friday, I am not expecting miracles but I am certainly eating way better and enjoying my meals more. The online dating is horrendous, men I find have the inability to be honest, if they are not interested, just say so. Thursday night man ignored two emails and thus have come to the conclusion that he is not interested, but I am not too fussed as was unsure anyway. Friday night man - it was obvious, although we chatted well. He at least considered it appropriate to say he wasnt interested. So have a date on Friday at lunch with a guy who works at Allianz CTP around the corner from work and as I have done alot of CTP insurance work in my capacity as a PA to a lawyer, we at least have a bit in common - we will see. Anyway, this weekend will start to do some exercise. Toni last week t old me just to focus on the food, and not to try and do too much at the start. Drinking my water is hard this time of the year and certainly I need to improve. I will report in on the weekend.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday - WW at Myer Lifestyle Centre

Today is Friday which means a long weekend. Saturday is so bloody busy it is ridiculous but fun. Hair at 9am, Coffee with Ron and Jo at 11.30am, Coffee with WW girls and Sam from Vic at 2pm and meeting the famous Jo and Kazz - can't wait and after that coffee and early dinner and a few wines with Jo J. Whew ! Well today I go at 5.20pm to Myer's at their WW Centre - I am ready for this. The last few days my nausea has been shocking - well I can't say I am sick, it is just I have eaten or more to the point BINGED a lot. But a lesson learnt. I am happy with my decision about going one on one at WW. For my personality type, this is a good thing and excited about meeting Toni as i know she is going to be marvellous and after all the girl lost 70kgs and can at least understand the road is hard. But funnily enough, with this whole online dating thing, it has made me want to lose weight. This may sound vain - it is just me trying to sound it out, but if they find me attractive and god forbid even sexy at triple figures, what would they think at double figures or even goal weight. My weight has held me back for far too long and I am also telling people that I have joined, no holding back. Now the other part of my life, online dating. Honestly you could write a book about it. Last night meet John who is semi-retired pilot. I wasnt sure to be honest as he is older than my critera (44 to 51)and he is 54 - so that is a lot older, but he did surprise me. Firstly, neat and dressed appropriately - we went to the Strand at Glenelg for dinner. Love cafe society - which I adore, enjoys wine and ordered a couple of glasses and talked about a couple wines we had tried. He had a Geoff Merrill Shiraz and I had Starve Dog's Sav Blanch which was mindblowingly good. Shared a wood oven pizza, delicious and not WW Friendly and talked for 2 hours. NOW THE BUT.....He talks more than me, which is saying alot and his sense of humour sometimes is a bit over the top, I did have a couple of moments when I just cringed and if he commented once, he commented a thousand times about the waitress' earrings because "it is good to communicate with the young ones" - well we aren't that old. But saying that we chatted about a variety of subjects and he was interesting. Anyway, the man had manners which is great, walked me to the car, gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek - I turned into a lump of cement, that surprised me and I suggested we catch up again, he at least has a mind of his own and suggested we try all the cafes at Brighton. Tonight I have WW then after that dinner with another guy from online dating - I cant remember his name, he flies in and out of Adelaide and seemed quite nice. So at least I am doing something. Next week coffee with Mario. Then that is it. It seems to have been a bit quiet as far as men looking at my profile but we will see. Must dash. Have a good long weekend for those Aussies.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More about the dating, less about WW

Just a quick post. I am now starting to feel eager about my one on one WW session at Myers. I think it is the right time for me and even told a few close girlfriends, who god bless them are so supportive. So between now and Friday I am not going to be good - not the right attitude I know. The online dating is going well, for a voluptous girl I am doing okay. Alright, the men are short and not my type but a few keen men which does my confidence more good than harm. I do take pride in my appearance and take care that my hair, nails, makeup and clothes are good, they seem to like that. One guy was very keen indeed and I did get some racy emails, unfortunately he doesnt rock my boat, or has the possibility of rocking my boat. They ALL have told me I am sexy - that is nice, whether or not that is true, it is nice to hear. I have been quite proud of myself in saying "thanks for the compliment" and it is nice that someone thinks enough to say it. Have two more dates. One tomorrow and one Friday -we will see. Anyway, must go. Martine <

Monday, June 1, 2009

I am an eating machine

I must confess, the healthy eating is out the window ! Luckily, Friday is my first meeting at Myer's Lifestyle Centre and honestly looking forward to it. I think with WW meetings I feel inferior to what everyone else is doing, this way I am only competing against myself. Plus, I am ready. When I eat badly, my emotions are all over the place. For the next few months I want to just concentrate on me. Friday cant come soon enough. On the weeekend I am meeting some WW girls, all of which are great women and inspire me in different ways. Sam is over from Melbourne and I am excited to meet her. I would have started my Myer Lifestyle program so will be able to report in. Now, online dating. I simply cannot work out men. When your not interested they are and the ones you think are okay don't want to have bar of you. It has done my head in, but I know I have to persevere with this. I suppose as well if I am feeling better physically about myself my confidence will also increase. I find online dating hard, most just want to email for ages and then hum and ha about meeting. Anyway, I know I am not alone in this neck of the woods. Anyway, must get back and do some work