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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It is about being in the right head space

Well everyone. The Weight Watchers journey has its highs and lows. With me, the lows are associated with losing my focus and not being in the right head space. This is week 2 of my WW Myer Lifestyle Centre journey and I had a big moment last night. I have been religiously tracking, all good and bad foods and foods eating between 1am and 4am - yes they do count. Last night I went to the library, had to go to Big W and then on the way home thought I can't be bothered cooking my frittata that I was going to make, I contemplated for a second McDonald's drive thought but decided to go to the Coles up the road and get a WW frozen meal. I did that, came home popped it into the microwave and after I finished it, gave myself a pat on the back. I think being organised with your food, planning and most of all tracking helps you as well to keep that mindset happening. Although, I prefer not to eat too much processed food, there are occasions when I do. I prefer to eat whole foods and basically try at times to follow the core principles. I am going to do a cook up for the freezer on the weekend. My focus today is water and my apple. I hate fruit, my main staples are berries - frozen or fresh and pineapple. I have brought 2 apples for today and tomorrow and plan to eat them. I am already feeling better for the good eating, I will plan my treats for when I really want them. For example, I will still have McDonalds but will plan to have it and that way I will enjoy it. I believe that you have to have some flexibility with your food, not ever having Maccas is unrealistic in my point of view but planning for it is acceptable. It may mean that eventually McDonalds or the like wont appeal to me. I note with interest a lady on the WW forums called Janice . She is nearly at goal and has recorded at this stage in her journey still good numbers. It comes down to exercise and not luck. I did comment that she was lucky, in hindsite this is a ridiculous saying but the fact is, t his lady works at getting those numbers. At this stage to still be losing around a kg two weeks in a row is remarkable and more importantly inspirational. I am not at the point where exercise is a love, that will come I think during this journey when I am feeling better. I will go to the gym and already have a partner to go with - my hairdresser Kelly which is ideal. But, I want to get the food underway first. Then concentrate on the gym and perhaps if we are brave to undertake a class, I can't do that at triple figures - I would be too embarrassed. Anyway, I am pleased with my progress and trying to concentrate on what I want to achieve and to try and praise myself at the end of each day when I have been good food wise, tracked and done the right things. At the end of the day, I have the support of the WW community, friends, bloggers and myself. Vince the best dog in the world is going to get walked more as well - so that is the a bonus for him.


Julie said...

I needed my Mcdonalds once a week.

Now after two years I finally can say I can go weeks without some. I do still crave it though.

I still hate exercise, but I am much more active then I was.

Tania said...

I think you're doing a great job Martine! And couldn't agree more about the head space - like you I know what my triggers are, I know what I crave and plan them in whenever I can. We will do this, remember nothing worth having comes easily.