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Monday, June 29, 2009

All going well

Well everyone, things are going well with the weight loss - not so good with the online dating. On the 19th June 2009 I lost 500grams and on 26th June 2009 a loss of 1.1. I am pleased with my progress and the WW at Myer. Unfortunately, Toni my leader isn't doing Friday nights now but I am seeing Don who is the husband of the leader Tina that my friends Tania and Tina go to. I love him and he has lost about 45 kilos and so found him good, as well an old leader called Di is there so I get an extra bit for my money as my appointment is at 5.20pm on a Friday it isnt a popular time so get to chat to them both before and after. Had dinner at the Belair Hotel on Sunday and sat on water for the day and turned down dessert - I am pleased with my efforts and as these people know I am on WW it helped and must admit to getting some good words of encouragement from Joey and Gill which was lovely with Gill suggesting anytime I want to walk, she will walk with me which was kind. On the tram today I was talking to an old WW weigher who has lost now 48 kilos. We chatted for a while and she agreed that losing weight is having the right mental attitude and being organised which I agree with. This week the water is my priority and to fit in a couple of walks with Vince the dog. My back is playing up so don't want to overdo it. Don (my leader) agrees that when I feel more energetic that the exercise is something I will want to do. He is surprisingly good and compassionate. This week I don't have any social events other than a dinner on Friday night, so I plan to cook a few more dishes for the freezer, which is looking pretty full at present and is all nicely labelled with the points value - makes life so easy. The online dating is a disaster but I am not worried about that, at present I want to focus on WW which does take a little time and my boss wants me to do a para legal course which I am contemplating - I think I need to be busy. Men I don't understand and I suppose they don't understand women - after all the book is right Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. So I am just focusing on what I have to do, I am not worried about averages or the amount I lose, as long as I record a loss - this is a new lifestyle change and if I want to get to goal and maintain my weight then I need to acknowledge that this is how it is going to be. After all, we can have our favorites - we just have to plan for it. Anyway, I am now just focusing on my first 5kgs which I have already planned to have a facial, something I never do. As Don says look to your first goal - 5kgs and then re-evaluate and work towards the next one and don't look at the goal weight - I agree with him. Anyway, I am pleased with my progress and how I have handled myself this last week. Of course, we always have room for improvement but considering everything I am doing well.


* said...

Hey Martine. Im pleased you are feeling more positive and better about things. It looks like Myer is going great for you.

I am still doing ok, although I rather overdid it on Saturday with alcohol and food and dont want to weigh in this week.

We will get there, just gotta keep on keeping on :)

Nicky xxx

Tina said...

Well done Martine. Some great losses.

Look forward to catching up very soon.

Tania said...

Oh you're doing a fabulous job mate - well done! And you are very organised with even labelling your meals in the freezer with point values. Congrats on turning down dessert, it's not easy is it?