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Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday - WW at Myer Lifestyle Centre

Today is Friday which means a long weekend. Saturday is so bloody busy it is ridiculous but fun. Hair at 9am, Coffee with Ron and Jo at 11.30am, Coffee with WW girls and Sam from Vic at 2pm and meeting the famous Jo and Kazz - can't wait and after that coffee and early dinner and a few wines with Jo J. Whew ! Well today I go at 5.20pm to Myer's at their WW Centre - I am ready for this. The last few days my nausea has been shocking - well I can't say I am sick, it is just I have eaten or more to the point BINGED a lot. But a lesson learnt. I am happy with my decision about going one on one at WW. For my personality type, this is a good thing and excited about meeting Toni as i know she is going to be marvellous and after all the girl lost 70kgs and can at least understand the road is hard. But funnily enough, with this whole online dating thing, it has made me want to lose weight. This may sound vain - it is just me trying to sound it out, but if they find me attractive and god forbid even sexy at triple figures, what would they think at double figures or even goal weight. My weight has held me back for far too long and I am also telling people that I have joined, no holding back. Now the other part of my life, online dating. Honestly you could write a book about it. Last night meet John who is semi-retired pilot. I wasnt sure to be honest as he is older than my critera (44 to 51)and he is 54 - so that is a lot older, but he did surprise me. Firstly, neat and dressed appropriately - we went to the Strand at Glenelg for dinner. Love cafe society - which I adore, enjoys wine and ordered a couple of glasses and talked about a couple wines we had tried. He had a Geoff Merrill Shiraz and I had Starve Dog's Sav Blanch which was mindblowingly good. Shared a wood oven pizza, delicious and not WW Friendly and talked for 2 hours. NOW THE BUT.....He talks more than me, which is saying alot and his sense of humour sometimes is a bit over the top, I did have a couple of moments when I just cringed and if he commented once, he commented a thousand times about the waitress' earrings because "it is good to communicate with the young ones" - well we aren't that old. But saying that we chatted about a variety of subjects and he was interesting. Anyway, the man had manners which is great, walked me to the car, gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek - I turned into a lump of cement, that surprised me and I suggested we catch up again, he at least has a mind of his own and suggested we try all the cafes at Brighton. Tonight I have WW then after that dinner with another guy from online dating - I cant remember his name, he flies in and out of Adelaide and seemed quite nice. So at least I am doing something. Next week coffee with Mario. Then that is it. It seems to have been a bit quiet as far as men looking at my profile but we will see. Must dash. Have a good long weekend for those Aussies.

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Tania said...

LOL ... it's raining men! Hope you're enjoying meeting them. I really believe that your belief and love of yourself shows and that's what attracts people to you.

Glad to hear that you've found the answer you're looking for, for what it's worth I think you're right the one on one will be great for you - look forward to being there on the sidelines cheering you along all the way.

Take care mate - hope you're enjoying your weekend!