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Thursday, June 11, 2009

General Update

Well, last Friday I went to Myers in Rundle Mall, and in particular their WW Lifestyle Centre which did impress me. I like the idea of one on one. My Leader was Toni who had lost 73.4 kilograms and she was pure inspiration. It was interesting to note that she didn't have any lose skin, apart from some on her stomach which probably relates to childbirth more than weight loss. She was insightful and told me that it took 18 months approximately for the skin to go back. Certainly, after 73.4 kilos i was impressed with how she looked. The one on one works for me purely as it identifies my problems and I don't get lost in the meetings.
I have been reasonably good, went and got my groceries on the weekend and nearly passed out about how expensive everything is. To eat healthy costs a fortune, I can't see how so many people say it doesn't. But, I am starting to feel better and am happy how I have gone. For one, I realised after perusing the points guide, which overall had a bigger impact on me than the e-tools. I realised my portion sizes have been way too big. Another significant aspect is that it dawned on me that I need to be 100% focused and not to reward myself with food when I have a good lose on a Friday. With TOM due on Friday, I am not expecting miracles but I am certainly eating way better and enjoying my meals more. The online dating is horrendous, men I find have the inability to be honest, if they are not interested, just say so. Thursday night man ignored two emails and thus have come to the conclusion that he is not interested, but I am not too fussed as was unsure anyway. Friday night man - it was obvious, although we chatted well. He at least considered it appropriate to say he wasnt interested. So have a date on Friday at lunch with a guy who works at Allianz CTP around the corner from work and as I have done alot of CTP insurance work in my capacity as a PA to a lawyer, we at least have a bit in common - we will see. Anyway, this weekend will start to do some exercise. Toni last week t old me just to focus on the food, and not to try and do too much at the start. Drinking my water is hard this time of the year and certainly I need to improve. I will report in on the weekend.


Tina said...

I'm glad to hear your one on one meeting went so well. It's so important to find a leader you relate to.

It was unreal catching up with you again last weekend.

Hope the dating scene improves. Bloody men - LOL!!!!!

Martine said...

Thanks mate, weigh in tonight but my period is due today but going great and mindset happening. I like the one on one and think it is brilliant that you and Tina are going together. martine

PS: Great seeing you too.

Julie said...

It's important to stick to a meeting that works best for you. I had a hard time finding a leader I liked. I ended up just paying to get WI and leaving.

Best of luck on your date... I am at a weird point in my online dating life as well.