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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 31 to 37 - sorry it has been a while

Well it has been a while, now what has happened. Firstly last week I went to WW and gained 300 grams, not happy but no tracking, and although I am STILL bloody sick which didnt help, if I had tracked I might have lost 300 grams instead of gaining. I haven't had an energy for such a while and constantly feel unwell, so on Saturday I have a GP for a smear test (always fun !) and a blood test to see if there is any reason why I have absolutely no energy. Well as far as exercise goes, that isn't my priority at present, it is simply too hard with me feeling so unwell. It will come as the weight comes off. This week I am concentrating on the tracking and water, that is going well and the coffee without sugar is still going well, although this morning I did have a latte with 2 sugars as I felt I needed it, so one coffee out of 37 days is okay. Have been watching intently the TV and the miners from Chile, it is so uplifting seeing a good news story. The men are so gorgeous, I do like the dark foreign types, for people that have been underground for 68 days, they certainly look good. My father was a miner and my hometown of Broken Hill is a mining town, so what happened in Chile was quite personal. Got a lovely email from an old boyfriend the other day, I am not interested but saying that it is nice to have a man at least be interested. But isn't it always the way, when you like them, they don't like you. This weekend I have a 5th birthday party for a friend of mine's child. They are Greek so you can imagine what it is like. I will bring my mineral water and skip the wine and try to say no to the dessert/birthday cake. Anyway, tonight I am going to go home, cook an omelette for dinner, do some washing and trying to be a bit more active instead of going to bed early. I know the weight doesn't help my energy levels and realise that the more weight I lose, the more energy I will have, it just takes time.


Natalie said...

You're doing well Martine. It's hard to keep the enthusiasm up when there is no energy to support it. I've eaten for that reason this week and come to the conclusion tonight that eating badly makes me feel even more tired!

Effie said...

Don't worry about the 300gm gain, overall in the big scheme of things 300gm is nothing. I am sorry to hear that you aren't feeling great and I hope you feel better soon.