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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Days 38 to 43 - another loss

Well it has been a while.
As you are aware I have been unwell for well over a month now, have been to my GP and had some tests undertaken, so the results should come back tomorrow. So whilst this has been happening the exercise has not been a priority, but saying that I am going to try and do some incidental exercise on my days off (Thursday to Tuesday) and perhaps get back to the gym. I went to WW last night, not sure how I was going as I don't weigh at home and am pleased to say that I don't feel the need or desire to weigh daily, there are simply too many fluctuations during a week and I am happy to be surprised by Maryanne my weigher ! I really believe that if you keep on track and have tracked honestly the scales will be your friend. It also allows me to have a relatively stress free week. Got on those scales last night and lo and behold another 500 grams off, I am happy with a constant 500 gram loss, any loss adds up in the long run. As much as we all would love those 1kg losses unless you are working out 24/7 they are just not realistic. My WW class is a beauty, Tania is always there and doing very well and so I sit with her and the other gang members. It varies from week to week how many we get - anything from 3 to 7. The good thing about the meeting is that it is a successful meeting with members which is great . There are changes in the air at WW with a new points program being introduced, members on the WW site are all upset but the change (which I gather the way the points are calculated are changing). My attitude is embrace the change, perhaps I might find the new system a lot better, don't knock it until you try it. There is a lot of talk that it is a money making scheme - what I fail to understand is why people say that, of course WW is a business, it is not a charity and after all the way we calculate points has been the same way for a long while, you can always calculate the points your old way. So, a bravo to me for being so positive when others have not been. This week I do feel the motivation is stronger than ever, mainly because on Saturday I had a 5th birthday party for a little boy I know - his mother is Greek so you can imagine it is a huge affair, I took my mineral water along with me whilst the others were drinking my favourite wine - Rockford Alicante Bouchet and did partake in a tracked piece of cake, I was pleased with my effort and saying no to various food and drink options empowered me. So, focusing on another good week with perhaps another 500 grams down.


Effie said...

Great news Martine with another loss, well done and good work with the party. My husband is Greek so I know the temptations with the delicious food at a Greek party.

I love your positive attitude towards the new points system. I have heard that everything is higher in points, but we also get more points per day to eat. The only thing I can think of about a money making scheme is that none of out gadgets like the points calculator and scales won't work with the new system so everyone will have to buy new stuff.

Great to hear you sounding so positive, you really sound like you are on track and all is well. Hope the tests go ok for you too.

Tania said...

Well done on the party again - it's great to face those temptations in the face and come out winning the battle!

You are right in regards to WW being a business, but I think the mentality of the whole money making thing comes down to them releasing new books, calculators, pedometers etc but it's really a personal choice whether you invest in these or not. You can always follow the old program with good results.

Having said that I have to admit i'm very curious to find out more about the changes - enjoy your days off mate, you deserve them!

Chris H said...

So? how did your results look???