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I am 49 and heading for 50. This is about me, the highs and lows and a lot of stuff re weight loss, so follow me and see wha I am up to !!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Days 44 to 50

Hi everyone Sorry I haven't been around, had a few days off and my home computer is about to die - time to invest in a new one. Tuesday 19/10/10 saw me lose another 500 grams and last night a whopping 1.6 kilograms, so thrilled with that. I am just chipping away and focusing on one day at a time. As you all know, I have been extremely tired, all my blood tests and ECG have come back clear, although my cholesterol level spiked a bit for some unknown reason. So it may be the weight making me so tired in conjunction with the insomnia, another reason why this weight must come off. All good on an emotional level, although at present I am not to bad and trying to focus on the present. This week the aim is to be good again as once you have a big loss, the week after is sometimes a gain is happens. I am enjoying my new meeting, my lovely leader and the WW members as well as my little group. I just know in the next 2 years I will get to goal, it is about the power of positive thinking


kathiej said...

Martine did ur dr test u for glandular fever, or vit d deficient or anemia .....hope so

You r doing great keep up the great job

Chris H said...

Hi chick, I wondered where you were! Well done on having such a positive attitude..and the continued losses.