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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 51 - all going well

Well it is Day 51, cant quite believe it and 51 days without sugar in the coffee. Although my morning latte I do have 1 sugar in it as I simply need it. It is surprising what a good weight loss will do for the motivation. The thought that each week you get closer to that goal, I am pleased with myself that I am fairly relaxed about it all. My philosophy is that it is a long journey to get to goal and then another journey on maintenance, being fairly relaxed about it all and not trying to go too over the top is the key for me but ensuring that I track, drink my water and stay within my points. Yesterday's food was perfect and I have saved some point for the weekend. I normally don't drink wine at home by myself but on the weekend thought I might make a yummy dinner on Saturday evening and a glass of Rose to go with it. The exercise needs improvement, that will come. At present I am focused on the daily ritual of tracking, drinking my water and keeping the motivation strong. I am lucky that at present the journey so far is enjoyable. I don't restrict myself, if i want a ice-cream then I have it and track it, same goes for the wine. Not much exciting to report, I did sleep slightly better last night, I think that some nights my mind is not so active, an extra hour makes all the difference. Last night's dinner ended up being frozen fish fillets which I do enjoy and are a quick easy meal. Tonight is Mediterranean Chicken which I have had in the freezer and made up using one of the packet mixes during Winter. Anyway, all good with me and I am eager for Tuesday to come to see how much I have lost this week, fingers crossed all goes well.

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Penny, NZ said...

Hi Martine,

Glad to hear things are still on track! I love your perspective on things. I also know what you mean about frozen fish fillets - throw them in the oven, make a salad or steam some veges and you have dinner. When I think about it, I am amazed at the possibilities for convenient healthy food. Lately I have had baked beans or tomato soup in a can with toast - yummy, effortless and filling. Another one my sister and I have been talking about is homemade pizza: pita bread with tomato paste, then the leftover veges in the fridge and some cheese (dangerous but I don't like my pizza too gooey). If I have it shaved ham gives it a bit of protein.

Whatever works - I know how hard it is to be inspired when you are cooking for one. I lived for four months on my own in 2007 and lived on crackers and cheese - now I try to make my choices a bit healthier than that!

Good luck with next week, looking forward to hearing you are feeling better.

Love Penny xo