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Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 52 and yes it is Friday

Well today is day 52, all going well in this neck of the woods. Yesterday in Adelaide it was 31 and quite warm, today it is raining and 17 - go figure. All going well this week, feel really motivated and think it was due to the large 1.6 kg loss last week. I had planned to have this chicken dish for dinner, got home and didn't feel like it and had the risotto from the freezer. So tonight I must eat that chicken dish. The weekend is fast approaching, Vince the wonderdog is going to the groomers, I have nails and hair appointment and on Sunday meeting some girls for lunch which will be nice. Then back to work on Monday. I must take my measurements so will do so after my weigh in next week. This is a pretty boring post but glad things are going well. I think once I get to 10kgs anything I lose from then on will be starting to be significant. Anyway that is all from me for now.

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