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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Days 53 to 58

Sorry I have been missing in action. My home computer is about to die and I have been busy at work. Went to my weigh in on Tuesday, not happy to report a 900 gram gain, normally I get on one particular set of scales, this week they weren't around and not that would make a difference to that extent but I was a bit unhappy but didnt really expect the 1.6 loss the week before, I am sure it is all connected. The thing is, I got back on the horse, and have tracked 100% and been 100% good this week, I am determined to secure a big loss. The new program is going to be introduced at next week's meeting and the meeting after, quite different I believe and am looking forward to seeing if it makes a difference. I am just determined to get to 68 kilograms, perseverance is the key. On Sunday caught up with Kazz, Jo S, Sam and Brian and Phil - husbands of Sam and Jo at the Central Markets Chinatown area. Sam was over from melbourne and these are the WW online girls I know and meet regularly. We sat from 11.30am to 4pm just chatting, it was lovely. Kazz of course is the shining star and has lost 64.2 kilograms and just inspires me everytime I see her. It is always inspirational to see these girls and the support I receive. Well this week has been great, I am so determined to lose 1kg plus and to keep the focus. The exercise needs to happen, it just has to and I wish I was inspired. I love my gym I go to and once I am there, I am happy to do whatever I want to do, it is getting there. My best friend Jo G (I have 6 friends called Jo, so it gets confusing) is away on a cruise with her lovely husband, I miss her like crazy. Last night saw me go to Indochine at Glenelg for Thai, all perfectly pointed and 2 glasses of wine as well, I don't drink much wine now that I am on WW but just adore a good drop, and usually have it on special occasions as a treat. Luckily I have no desire to drink at home by myself. Roll on Tuesday for the new program and a BIG weight loss. Yes I can do this.


Effie said...

Hi Martine,

I was actually thinking about you last night and how you were going cause I hadn't seen anything from you for a little while so I am glad you are back and checking in.

I know exactly what you mean about getting to the gym being the hardest part - it was the same for me. Once I got there it was great and I would feel great afterwards. I think it just becomes a habit - a good one and now I just love going. You will get there, like you said, perseverance is the key.

I am looking forward to the new program as well. Hope you have a great weigh-in.

Chris H said...

Yaaaa for friends eh? I hope you do have an awesome loss next weigh in girl.
Dogs are fine... starting to itch again... bloody fleas I reckon.