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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Days 59 to 63 - going well

Hi everyone Well all going well this week. As last week I gained, I am damn sure that this week would see at least a 1.1 kg loss. I did the unexpected and got the home scales out, I find that these at times are more of a help than a hindrance. It keeps me focused on getting the numbers down. The week has been good and I have been focused. Another reminder that this weight loss journey is so much about the mindset and the power of the mind rather than the food. If your mind is in gear and strong and you have a self belief about what you want to achieve, then you can conquer any food issues. This week I went and saw a friend who is having a few issues, so went off to Virginia and took a subway and coffee and sat and just chatted for hours, it is always good to catch up with friends and have a long lunch and just chat. The new WW pro points is about to be launched, I am so ready to embrace the change and after all I have no doubt that research has gone into it, I have no doubt as well that WW will rake in the money for all the new products but I suppose I have to see this change as good, I don't want to have a bad attitude before I start. I actually think the new program will be good for me, I am not a fruit eater at all and never have been but the new program has fruit as zero points and I think this will encourage me to eat more. I am looking forward to stepping on those scales tonight. Hoping to hit the 5kg mark, but I know I should be around 7 kg lost but I am focusing on just losing, not the amount, otherwise it will just do my head in. My focus is now the 10 kg mark, which I want to achieve by the end of January 2011 if I can. Sigh...............I must get into the exercise..............I must. Vince the wonderdog and I had a mega cuddle last night, when I get home from work the look of excitement in his eyes is wonderful, if a man loved me like he does then I will be lucky. Otherwise, I am doing well. Trying to vary my foods, I do get bored with them, had tacos the other night, haven't had them in years and did I enjoy them. It reminds me that I need to vary my foods, and make sure I am eat ing the stuff I love like curries etc but adapt the recipe. The good thing about pr0 points is it encourages protein and that I find always keeps me full, I think we will need to monitor our carbs but then we can do this. Wine will increase from around 2 to 2.5 points a glass to 6 points, but luckily I limit what I drink and use wine as a treat on a special occasion. I for one will embrace the new program, it will be interesting to see how I go and how others go. Our meeting has good weight losses, so it will be interesting to see how some of our weight loss stars at our meeting go. No doubt there will be a lot of upset people, but at the end of the day, we just have to try and erase our previous points from our mind. Will report in tomorrow on how much I have lost.

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