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Monday, February 2, 2009

Could it possibly get any hotter in Adelaide

Adelaideans are suffering through an intolerable heatwave. The only consolation with being so damn hot 24/7 is that my consumption of water is through the roof. Overall my weekend was good. No exercise but as I previously stated with 40 plus temps it is just hot to be walking the streets - others may disagree but I am trying to make exercise an enjoyable event. My good buddie Karen came over. She is on WW with me and goes to my meetings and is getting married in Fiji in June 2010. So we are trying to focus on the task ahead, get the weight off and be a support person for each other. We had a truly lovely night and she does understand where I come from with lots of things. We watched the biggest loser last night and couldnt get over the married couple and how at 34 she looked 54. I cant remember her name but she was the one that cried with Shannon. I admire those people that can show themselves in their undies to the entire world and their family and friends. All right, the Biggest Loser is unrealistic in that they are exercising 4 hours a day but what I find compelling is the emotional journey. I admired the girl that went and got the bin and threw her meal away - that took guts and she is in the zone. I was really proud of her. The next few days before my WW weigh in I am just going to do what I have been doing and with the heat you dont feel like eating much anyway so it will be lots of salads this week. I am eating out of the freezer at present and will restock it and have a few recipes that I want to try and can freeze so will do that on the weekend. It is relaxing fluffing around the kitchen and now I am really focused on getting together a good collection of recipes of food that I enjoy and that when I entertain that are impressive and I know the points value. I suppose e-tools is fabulous for that, especially the recipe builder. Karen and I are planning a couple of lunch time walks when the weather is cooler and I am hoping we might fit a good walk in on the weekend together. I have read a post on a blog from elisa - will post her blog later today and she has some good sites for podcasts. Makes me more determined to get an ipod but want to only get it as a reward for weight loss. I realise that patience is what is required to get my weight off. It isnt just a matter of following a plan but incorporating it into your life, being able to entertain within the program, being able to go out and be happy to make the healthy choice and not feel terrible that you were deprived of that schnitizel and chips. The mindset is what it is about. I am determined to get to my 71 kgs. I am here for the long haul and realise that I love following WW and trying to make interesting and more importantly meals that I love and finding new recipes. I am now following blogs and hopefully will have people comment on mine, I find that somehow reassuring that some people are enjoying what I write. It is from the heart and no holes barred. I need to start believing I am a vibrant and great person and not just a body. With weight loss I am sure will come confidence. It is now 4.27am and I must try and get some sleep otherwise today is going to be a long day.


Tina said...

It's great that you have a friend supporting you so closely on your journey. I feel like I have a fantastic support network around me and part of that is the wonderful people I have met in the blogging world.

And you're not alone with the exercise in this disgusting heat. I haven't walked for a week now but I know I will get back into it when the weather cools down next weekend.

And definitely come for a walk with Tania and I. We are really enjoying walking along the beach.

* said...

Hi Martine

I enjoy reading your blog and I think its great that you have such a good friend to walk this journey with.

You are doing so well :)

Nicky xx