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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another Day in the heat

Last night when I got home it was slightly cooler. The dog has a little more energy and there was a bit of a breeze but....................the powers above have given us another hot day. I normally catch the tram to work from Glenelg to the Adelaide City Centre, during that 25 minute trip I read and relax or mentally plan my day ahead or think about how I am going to approach the day food wise if I have a difficult day ahead or I am a bit emotional. At present as the tracks are bending in the heat I am driving in. It doesnt put me in a good frame of mind when I get to work. Food wise I havent been too bad. Had a great meal last night. I always have some quick and easy meals in the freezer or pantry for the days when I simply cant be bothered. I dug out of the freezer some Birds Eye lightly seasoned fish fillets, I hadnt had these before and they were simply divine. There was only a very very light coating on the outside and they were a good size at 2.5 points per fillet with some WW wedges and a lovely salad with balsamic dressing I was in heaven. I must admit to having a bit of a fish addiction at present. I suppose at least it isnt Mars Bars or Twisties. My weigh in tomorrow so I am hoping for a reasonable result. My period is due around now but I am normally lighter before I get it and heavier after - go figure as the rest of the population is the other way around but I think it is important to realise that for me there MAY be out of every 4 weeks a week that I may gain or have a small loss. My WW buddy has asked me to think of a goal for myself. Of course the wedding she is having in 2010 is her goal. I have thought long and hard and thought I might use her wedding as a goal myself. As I am single sometimes it is hard to go away by yourself - I never ever go away for holidays (well except to my parents) so I could use a trip to Fiji as my goal and as she is getting married at sunset the thought of myself in a lovely strappy feminine dress is a nice thought. I didnt watch the Biggest Loser last night. I may do so on the weekend and watch the shows i have taped. It is always the emotional element of the show that gets me and I suppose alot of overweight people can relate to it. I had some bad news last night. My cousin's 18 year old daughter Lauren was killed in a motor vehicle accident near Freeling in South Australia last night. I personally didnt really know her as she lived in Mildura, Victoria but it makes you think that life is short. I need to make the most of the life I have ensure each day I am happy and content. Plus another reason to get this damn weight off once and for all. Joanne's blog she has made comment about getting her head into gear (or something similar to that). I must admit to agreeing with her Once you work out why you eat, work out a strategy the rest falls in place. I do know why I eat - I feel I am invisible to the males of this world and have compensated with food for not being married and missing out on having children. Now that I am 45 I realise that perhaps I didnt help myself. I am feeling confident about the week ahead with my food. I have dinner at my brother's place on Sat night so I know that will be okay. As it is hot I dont tend to go far so it will be salads for me. Stay Cool.

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