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Friday, January 30, 2009

I have had enough of this heat

Well everyone, I got to my car last night in Adelaide and it is 43.5 degrees. This heat isnt fun anymore. The benefit is though you dont feel like eating. Had an excellent eating day yesterday and had a delightful piece of grilled ling with Thai seasoning and a large salad and WW wedges. My rings are tight today so I must ensure I am drinking lots of water. On the way to work this morning my air con in the car stopped, the steering was tight and the battery light was on. Normally I would be in a panic and eat. My Astra is expensive to service but I just talked myself through it and didnt turn to food. Not much else to report, I am not exercising in this heat and am not going to feel guilty about it. When I was in the shower this morning I looked at my stomach and thought it looked like I had lost some weight off of it and it always shows in my face so I am hoping for a good loss next week. I do realise that exercise is going to increase the amount I lose. Anyway I will sign off for now. Stay Cool.

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Tania said...

Oh I hear you Martine! I'm enjoying my exercise again which is great and thankfully it's aqua aerobics so it's in the pool and the rest of what i'm doing is at home so I can do it in airconditioning! Might be a while before I get out and start walking again.

Hope the problems with your car isn't anything major - look forward to catching up soon for dinner.