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Friday, February 6, 2009

Additional Exercise

Well it is bloody hot outside and I walked to the Workers Compensation Tribunal and back. Additional exercise, I realised whilst I was walking back that even on the days I cant get to do exercise for an hour, I can at least do additional exercise like getting off the tram earlier - well when they are working. Food for thought I think. ' Just read Tina's blog - that girl has lost regularly and her weekly average is really good. It reinforces my belief about getting your head into gear. Joanne's blog is the same. Once a long time ago a leader said anyone can follow the food plan, it is getting their heads into gear that is the problem. After all I am the master of my own destiny. My mother says that saying and it used to drive me absolutely crazy and am loath to admit it, but she is right. I can and will get to 71 kgs and look a goddess.


Tina said...

Martine, thank you so much for your comments. I truly believe you have to be totally in the right head space for this journey to succeed. I have tried a few times before and have never got to goal. This time it is a total lifestyle change and it has finally clicked.

We will all get there together. I am loving the support from the ww forum and blogs.

I would love to catch up with you sometime. We'll have to organize it for sure.

Have a great weekend and enjoy your dinner party tomorrow night.

Tania said...

LOL ... sssshhhh, even from Broken Hill your mum might hear you say that she's right! Hang in there mate, it's taken a while for things to click for me, I KNOW they will for you soon too.