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Friday, February 27, 2009

The last few days

My Leader
Well, I am pleased to say I am "bonding" with my leader Doreen. She has been marvellous and encouraging of me and advised me on Wednesday she thought I was embracing the whole WW thing. I suppose I am and am pleased we are starting to connect. I enjoy the fact that she is interested in how I am going and after all, this journey will be a while till I get to goal. So overall I am happy and will be staying on Wednesday night.
Libby and I walked again this morning. She meets me at Morphett Road and I walk back with her to Marion Road and she leaves me and then I walk back to Morphett Road. I timed myself this morning and it is a 45 minute walk, although on the way back today I was speed walking as I was so in need to go to the toilet I nearly wet my pants ! BUT I have done it and the waking and meeting her is going well. I am tired when I get back but at least the walk is done for the day and any other walking is a bonus. I still walk with Karen for an hour on Sunday morning and might leave Saturday as a day of rest. My mate Joanne's daughter is about to leave home and has suggested a walk night one night a week, so if I can walk with her that is a bonus.
My food intake has been good and am pleased with how that is going. I didnt go out to dinner last night as I didnt feel well but as I hardly ate during the day I did have some gnocchi for dinner and it was great for a change. Tonight is my dinner at Jolley's so hopefully I can find a reasonable main course, I have saved points and as a treat will have a dessert. Overall not much to report, thankfully I am free on Saturday so I can have a good eating day to compensate for tonight's meal which may be a little naughty. Will report in on the weekend.

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Tania said...

Fantastic news about the walking buddy - glad to hear you're enjoying the walking, I bet Vince is loving it too.