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Monday, March 2, 2009

Where did that weekend go

Well the weekend has been and gone unfortunately. Here is an update. Friday was my night out with Gill to Jolley's boathouse. It was a delightful meal, a tad expensive but worth the money. Had a rack of lamb with polenta and a beetroot salad, a small dinner roll - no butter, dessert was decadent and half a bottle of wine. I had a light day as far as food went on the Friday and had saved up some point - PLUS I was up at 6am for my 45 minute walk. Saturday I had my nail appointment and came home to do the housework. I must admit to noticing this weekend that I had more energy. I wonder if that was the exercise but I must admit I was tired at the end of the day. Didnt do much. Sunday I had a 21st to go to of my best friend's daughter. So I was up making my infamous layered dip which I am going to point out at some point. It is basically a layer of cream cheese and then avocado but then the top is parsley and coriander mix with sweet chilli sauce and overall I dont think too high. Joanne had a barbeque which was quiet good and salads, I was naughty in that I missed breakfast but did have dessert which I really didnt enjoy as I was too full and missed my evening meal. I know missing meals isnt good at all. Today I was up at 6am for my walk with Libby. It was hard this morning but as I am meeting someone it is great that you have to get up. I am tired when I get back but that will change. I do have an embarrassing problem in that halfway back from my walk I have to go to the toilet (no 2's) and so it is difficult to hold on. I try to go before I walk but somehow the walk gets things going. Now that I am in the routine of it I am sure that it will get easier and I am encouraged to walk at other times. I thought I might walk down to this cafe which is 20 minutes from my place in Maxwell Street near the tramlines on Saturday, have a coffee and walk back. Anyway, have no idea how my weight is going but will have to wait until Wednesday. I realistically dont think the walking is going to do that much but we will see.


* said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!! Im keeping everything crossed for your WI this week :)

Nicky xx

shetri said...

You had a very good weekend and a busy one. I hope everything goes ok at wi. Try to have all your meals as they say eat all points and lose. criss crossing my fingers for you . take care

Tina said...

I think it's unreal to have someone regular to walk with. Not so easy to opt out of doing it then.

Good luck for weigh in this week. And I'm sure the exercise would be making a difference.

Tania said...

I know what you mean about exercising with someone! There's been a few times when i've questioned whether I really wanted to go to aqua but knowing that I have to pick Tracy up or she's coming to pick me up helps every time! Sounds like you had a great weekend, good luck with your weigh in tomorrow mate.