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Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday again but at least it is cool

Well I dont quite know where the weekend went. Got up at 6am this morning to walk, looked outside and it was dark and then went back to bed. I suppose I just need to get my head around the fact that I may walk in the day. Ideally mornings are good as then the exercise is done for the day. Yesterday was a good food day, threw out my vintage light cheese slices - they are 2points per slice and real cheese - anyway hate wasting food but if I am going to nibble on them or find them difficult to be in the house, then I am throwing it out. Tonight Vince and I will go for our walk, that little dog will enjoy it now it is cooler. I am hoping for 45 minutes or so. Vince does need to build up his fitness but my plan is to walk every day and have Saturday off. So 6 walks a week is alot of points plus we all know we must use more energy than food. I have read various blogs - especially in the USA and it does make me realise that the mental aspect of losing weight sometimes is harder than eating the food. I can see a difference in the headspace over the last week and I am sure with each passing week it just gets easier. My birthday is in August so I want to use that as a major goal. I am telling myself as well that the exercise does help with my energy levels - that in itself gets me out walking.

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