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Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday again

I for one do not like Mondays. I couldnt get out of bed this morning and would have rather cuddled up to the wonderdog Vince. Anyway, the weekend food wise wasnt too bad. Saturday I did go over my points but that was me not being able to tell Michael that I didnt want pizza. But there is a lesson to be learnt. My water intake was dismal and I must try and improve that. I am focused on the week ahead and finding that I am enjoying more and more my fish meals and trying ways to cook them. Friday night I am going out with my mate Gill and we are spending our 2008 lotto winnings and going to Jolleys Boathouse for dinner. Jolleys Boathouse is one of the better restaurants in Adelaide so I am trying to preplan what I can eat, luckily they have a menu on line. Not much to report but just focused on the road ahead and being kind to myself.

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Tania said...

Was great to catch up with you today Martine - hope you enjoy your dinner with Gill on the weekend! Keep focussed, you're doing a great job :-)