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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Just a quick update

Hi everyone Things are going along smoothly for me. This week has been a good week and I am now really in the swing of all things Weight Watchers. Once your headset is right, everything else follows. Obviously, exercise is my next major hurdle. This week has found me eating between meals, courtesy of a reminder which pops up on my computer at 10.30 and 3.45pm each day. Sometimes when I remember to eat it is almost lunch time. The tracking is brilliant and I write in on tracker sheet from the weekly booklet handed to me at my meeting at WW at Myer and then at the end of the day write in my WW journal at home. There is something therapeutic about writing it in by hand as opposed to tracking online. Obviously, I may change later on but I can scribble and make notes on my weekly booklet handout and then neatly write in my journal. Not much else happening, have notice a slight increase in my energy levels which have been bad for years due to bad eating and my insomnia. I am hoping that with my new eating plan and eventual exercise routine that it helps with the energy. That is all for me for now.


Vic said...


isnt it great how eating well encourages more eating well, keep up the good work !! cant wait to see your result!

Martine said...

Vic, it certainly is. The momentum is building which good, in the groove. Martine

Tania said...

Glad to hear your energy levels are improving mate - so, so impressed by what you told me on the phone today, you're doing an awesome job! See you tomorrow.