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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Brilliantly pointed weekend

Well my weekend was far far too busy. Today I am just tired. Went to my weigh in on Friday night and lost 400 grams, my periods are all over the place and it arrived with full force on Friday so I am pleased to say that I lost. Don my leader is a doll and I am so pleased with him. Saturday was horrendous as it was far far too busy, I must learn to say No. Had a 9am hair appointment at Colonaades, got a take away latte from donut king and there wasn't any cafes in the area as it is just a Woolies shopping centre and some bakeries down the end that my hair dresser is at. So I went into the fruit shop and brought an apple - did you hear that, brought an apple. That was the start of a great day. Finished the hair appointment and then had a lunch at Metro Bistro at Unley and as I had a dinner that night I had for lunch 1 mineral water, a very small greek salad, the size of a bread and butter plate with dressing on the side. When the salad arrived, the dressing was over the salad instead of on the side, anyway I asked them to re-do the salad as I ordered - this is unheard of for me. Then had a flat white. Dinner was at Hog's Breath, had 1 glass of red wine, water, 1 steak and steamed vegies and baked potato and a capuccino. I was just so thrilled with my choices, yesterday caught up with Tania to talk all things WW and had a warm chicken salad with dressing on the side, a coke zero and a latte. The weekend proved that whilst being on WW you can still eat out and manage to stay within your points, I had a peep at the scales today and they seem to have dropped 200 grams already, I am focused on a 1 kg+ loss this week but saying that I am also prepared for a small loss and as long as I loose and there is a minus before my weight then I am happy. I must admit the energy levels are increasing slightly and I am really focused on what I have to achieve. Planning your meals etc is the way to go. For the next two weekends I am hoping for a quiet one, I am tired at present and am hoping to just re-charge my batteries and do some cooking for the freezer. Anyway, another week approaches us - it is good when i am excited to weigh in - always good when you know you have been great as far as tracking and monitoring your food.


Tania said...

As I said yesterday i'm blown away that you managed to eat out twice on Saturday and still be under points!!! That's quite an achievement and something you should be very proud of with your social life.

Things are definitely different for the both of us this time around - so proud of what you're achieving and hope you do get to join us for that meeting soon.

Head over to my blog when you get a chance, your motivation inspired me today and I didn't get a chance to email you about it.

Tina said...

Well done Martine on another great loss. It's such a good feeling when you are on track.

Even more so when you have a big weekend like you had.