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Monday, July 6, 2009

A Loss is a Loss

Well had my weigh in on Friday with Don at WW Myers. I lost 200grams, I thought it would be more - actually I thought nearly a kilo but you never know how your body is going to go. But after all, a loss is a loss and this is not a race and success isn't only rewarded by the scales. Overall I am happy with my progress and how I am going and my average is 0.5 which is within the mark they say. They say 0.5 to a kilo a week is what we should expect. At the time of writing this blog, TOM has arrived so I am fairly satisfied with the amount I have lost, my period is all over the place at present so considering that they were due when I weighed, I am fairly pleased. I have a friend who has gastric bypass surgery, initially she has lost a fair bit - well 8 kgs but it does slow down and is about the same as WW - why you would do this is beyond me, after all on WW you can have basically any food as long as it is counted and tracked - with gastric bypass she said that she doubts if she ever will be able to have steak again. I can't work it out really. The water is reasonably okay but does need improvement and my mind is now thinking about exercise. I do think initially that walking is the best bet with a gym membership a little way down the track. There is a new gym opening at Glenelg called Geneysis - if their foundation membership is reasonably cheap I may change my mind, if not and is about the same as Fitness First then I will do that because I can go after work with Kelly my hairdresser and go across the road at lunch times on alternate days for a 30 minute workout. So that is about it for the time being. Be in touch.


Julie said...

Congrats on the loss. Take the slow journey and also every little bit adds up.

Keep it up!

Tania said...

Congrats on your loss Martine - even better given the time of the month! Your planning is paying off with the food and it will do with the exercise too!

Rebecca said...

Like you said a loss is a loss. We would all take a 200g loss over a 200g gain any day of the week.

I am totally excited that you are thinking of a gym membership. If you head is in the right place it can really change your life.

A friend once told me, "It will either be the best money you ever spend, or the worst money you will ever spend." Once I heard that I made sure I was going to make it the best money I have ever spent!