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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Empowerment Part 2

Today I went to WWLifestyle at the Myer Centre to change my appointment with my leader Don from 5.20pm to 4pm - or as I call it "my date with Don". I adore him. Anyway, enough of the lovefest with my leader. When I was changing the appointment I spoke to one of the leaders, Julie. Who has previously been aware of me when I previously attended WW. Why is it when we fail before we chringe when we see our leaders? Anyway, Julie (the leader) and I discussed WW Lifestyle Centres and how I had just thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Don. She discussed with me, and she is right, the very importance of bonding with your leader, my friend Tania and Tina have been successful purely because they have bonded with their leader Tina (wife of Don the leader). Julie suggested that I write to the Editor of the WW Magazine about the WW Lifestyle Centres, and I am going to do that. We then went on to discuss last week and my small loss despite great effort, she advised, as we all know the story of the tortoise and the hare and that your body doesn't know what day you weigh in and sometimes takes a while to catch up. Well hoping so. I discussed with her my food intake a couple of Saturday ago when i was out for 3 meals and under points and once you feel that you are in control and empowered that it is like an addiction, an addiction to WW. Today I felt like something sweet as I normally do at lunch and had a cappucino (skim of course) and brought 1 tim tam (2 pts) and carried it back to work. I thought, do I really feel like the Tim Tam - I could have it if I really wanted it. So I decided to drink my coffee and low and behold the Tim Tam is in my drawer at work and not eaten. Yes I cry !!! YES YES YES. My head is purely and simply driven to succeed and I feel so wonderful, yes wonderful and I am only a little way down in my journey. You can either look at life as the cup half full or half empty. I am a half full girl. Anyway, 2 blogs in one day is a bit much considering I have rabbited on a bit but writing and expressing how I feel is good for the soul.
Roll on Friday !!!


Tina said...

Martine it is so fantastic to hear you being so positive about this journey. I couldn't agree more about having a leader you click with. It sure has made all the difference this time. Along with all the wonderful people I have met.

Where your ears burning last night? Don was talking about you. All good of course. He said he really felt for you when you had a small loss last week so I really hope you have a huge result this week. You sure deserve it mate.

Tania said...

Well done mate - that's a fabulous effort, you deserve to be proud of resisting that temptation.