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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tomorrow is weigh in day - Yippee !!!!

Well I have put my heart and soul into WW this week with the aim to have the best weight loss I can, after all I did the same last week and lost 200 grams but hoping that this week it will all catch up. The home scales are recording a loss of 1.3 kgs so I am hoping that it keeps continuing. Last night in Adelaide it wasn't raining or windy so my friend Gill and I went down to Glenelg and walked along the beach track at Glenelg for an hour and 15 minutes, it felt so good. Hopefully the weather can continue to give me moments where I can walk. Today looks good outside so I am going to try and go for a 30 minute walk at lunchtime. So otherwise, not a lot to report but I am pleased to say all going well. I think you just concentrate on one day and week at a time, weigh in and hopefully score a good weight loss and start again for another week. I am fortunate that I have a great leader and it does make life so much easier. I will report in probably on Saturday morning to let you know of my results. Even if I am have slower weight losses, they all add up after a while and I am determined to keep that mojo in tact and focus on the road ahead. 71 kilos is my goal with an aim to get down to 68 kgs, this is achievable with patience, perserverence and determination. (Note the positive talk, I think the feeling of actually doing the WW program and sticking to it 100% makes such a difference to my mindset)


LellyJ said...

Good luck Martine with your weigh in, although I agree with your positive talk about it's not about the scales and any loss is a good loss--too true! However, if you are doing the right thing, the scales will reflect that in time--so let's hope this week is your time!

Trish said...

Hey martine

No one said it was a race - as long as we all get there. A loss is a loss is a loss but sometimes it is disappointing that the scales do not reflect the effort we put in.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you


Tania said...

Oh you did so well last week, well done mate, you deserved a fabulous loss!