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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Reporting in

Yesterday was another superb day with the food, tracking and water. As it was raining in Adelaide last night I rang my friend and borrowed some exercise videos so that I can do them if I can't walk, she also gave me a step (solid foam type substance) and step video (they are quite old) i am worried about breaking the step but will do some of the exercise videos. Drank 2 litres of water and 2 cups of green tea so that gives me a a total of 2.5 litres -and did I spend the entire day in the toilet, hopefully though all this water will give me an edge with my weight loss. My leader Don told me not to weigh in at home - I have gone against his advice and I have weighed in as I want to see how I am going and only for this week. I really hope the effort that I am putting in will reward me on the scales. Made the most fabulous meal last night. Marinated some chicken strips and stir fried them with garlic, ginger, lemongrass and chilli and threw in some rice noodles and coriander and a splash of lemon and soy sauce. Not an over huge portion of food and I could have ate 2 bowls worth but delicious and at 6.5 points rather yummy. The other 3 portions are in the freezer. Tonight am going to make a tomato and bacon risotto which is an old WW recipe of about 10 years ago and relatively low in points, so another 3 portions will go into the freezer. The whole idea is that i have a stock pile of frozen foods, especially when I am going to the gym I want to have some easy meals, and all I have to do is heat it in the microwave and do some vegies. So, another day down and another day closer to Friday which is my weigh in day. I absolutely can't wait as the scales have to reward me with a BIG loss. Although saying that, I can see on my stomach (my worst area) that I have lost and can tell by the rolls on my stomach, better than any tape measure. Anyway ladies must go and have another glass of water, 2 litres is a lot to drink in a day but this is my challenge for this week. I want to get on those scales again and say I was 200% good again, if the result is not what I want - then I know I have tried. I also pray that the weather gods will leave my 45 minutes when I get home to go for a walk, October (when my gym opens) can't come soon enough.

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Tania said...

Martine vs the scales - my money is on you mate ;-)

You're doing a fabulous job and the scales WILL catch up - they can keep us guessing at times but when you look back on your week and know you've done the best you can that's all that matters.

Well done on freezing the meals, it helps heaps doesn't it? As you know I do the same thing whenever I can and it makes life very easy.

Keep up the great work - can't wait to hear from you on Friday night.