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Monday, July 27, 2009

Such a lot of work with a small result

Well everyone. Last week was a absolutely tremendous and fabulous week eating and pointing wise. I eagerly went to my WW meeting at Myer and saw Don on Friday night. Got on the scales and they say lost 200grams. WHAT !!!!! 200 grams !! I asked Don to weigh me a second time because I thought he misread it. Anyway, I did weigh at home on the Thursday and had a 1.5kg loss so I don't know what has happened. Of course I am upset but not to the point of eating or giving up but it really does make me more determined to do exactly what I have done in the past few weeks and am sure it will record on the scales - it has to. I suggest to Don, and he agreed, that I bring in my tracker of what I ate during the week and see what he thinks. I do know with my periods in the past, the week after is the lighter week so it perhaps could be this, but I doubt it. When I got home I was so damn angry but I saw a fierce determination set in and I am absolutely 100% committed to another good week and I will show those damn scales. I can't believe I am saying this, but I am quite ready to start my gym work. I am contemplating hiring for the next few months a treadmill for home so that I can work at a good pace on that. Will depend on the price etc but will go and investigate on the weekend. The weekend was busy but my food pointed and tracked. I normally catch up with my friend Michael some weekends and we order take away. This time I actually ate before going over to his place, I was going to address the whole WW thing and got home and forgot, but will address that with him - he is a support in whatever I do. Last night I made my speedy minestrone soup for the freezer, instead of kidney beans I place in chick peas (addicted to them) and at 3 points is a good lunch. On the weekend I cooked a casserole using a continental packet mix, I am trying to use what is in my pantry and with the meat and packet mix it is a relatively low meal - 5.5 points for the casserole and with some vegies it is great. They are all in the freezer with masking tape on them with what is inside the container and the points on them. Tonight I am stir frying some marinated chicken strips and vegies with some Pad Thai Rice Noodles and will put a few serves in the freezer as well. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will not have to cook too much. Anyway everyone, I know you all have been there once before - when the scales don't reflect your good work, I am annoyed but am proud of me, that instead of feeling sorry for myself, or comparing myself to others, I just got down and focused on what I have to do. Track my points, exercise and drink my water - I am sure a good result is awaiting me this Friday. They do say slow and steady wins the race. I just have to focus on the whole picture that my eating and energy is improved and I have scored constant losses. Until next time.............


Tina said...

It is very frustrating when you know you have done so well to have a small loss on the scales. Keep doing what you are doing Martine and you will be rewarded.

I think you are doing a fantastic job.

Trish said...

Glad that this has not thrown you off the wagon.

Did you do a compare from the Myers scale to your own?

The scales will give in soon