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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am time poor

Well this week isn't going to badly but I am time poor. The kitchen is going in next week and Dad is coming down Friday for a week to do stuff, I am so excited to have him to myself and Mum is staying home so she can just chill out. I think I will feel happier once next Friday has arrived and I am back to normal, plus getting insulation installed and trying to fit in with Dad being down - it is annoying when you live by yourself and work 9 to 5 and all tradesman etc work only 9 to 5. AHHHHHHH !! Have probably under eaten this week which I know is a bad thing but just haven't felt like it, plus last night and tonight not going to the gym as I have had things on, I feel slightly guilty but it is all about balance, sometimes I just need to do other things.
I actually feel quite anxious this week, I am hoping that once everything sorts itself out at home etc then I will feel better. St Valentines Day came and as previously posted I thought I would be depressed and was going to the gym, then at 9.15am a box of a dozen red roses was delivered - I nearly passed out ! They are from Michael and are just beautiful, I just wish the man would commit and tell me how he feels. It is so frustrating at times. Work is busy at present and so this has just added to things, but thankfully I love my job so that makes life easier. Must dash but just a quick post to let you know what happening in my world. Martine xxxx

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JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

Everybody has days like this. I'm sorry you're ploughing through one.

I'm so glad that Michael gave you lovely flowers. A dozen is so sweet! and here, the quality ones come in boxes.

Good luck with the house stress, and i hope you get to take your Mum's example to heart and chill out for a bit each day.